What Can Actually Cause Hair Breakage And Damage?

If you have dry, brittle hair, odds are you've tried all the most-used hair products on the market that promise long, luscious locks. The problem is, very few can actually reverse the damage that's already been done. According to Dyson, your hair is made up of protein bonds and cuticles, and once those have been destroyed, it's impossible for them to return to a healthy state, no matter how hard hair care companies try to tell you it is. When the protein bonds and cuticles are damaged, your best bet is to give your hair the ol' chop and start anew.


Of course, that's a pretty drastic measure — one most people don't want to take — so it's crucial you focus on maintaining the healthy hair you do have. Instead of frying your hair and spending hundreds of dollars on products that aren't going to fix it, why not get to the root of the problem and figure out how to prevent damage and breakage from happening?

Over-coloring and too much heat

One of the main causes of damaged locks is over-coloring your hair. When you're constantly exposing your hair to the harsh chemicals and ingredients in hair dye, it's eventually going to start breaking off, says Pantene. The peroxide is what gives your hair that straw-like texture, and the more you use it, the more susceptible to damage your hair will be. If you typically bleach your hair but want gorgeous, thick locks, take this as a sign to put down the bleach, and don't pick it back up (and we mean it).


If you use a lot of hot tools to style your hair, you're more likely to end up with breakage than those that don't. Flat irons, in particular, cause the most damage (via Mane Addicts), so to combat this, we recommend using a styling brush instead. These hot tools create the least breakage, and the best part is, you can still get that sleek, straight hair you love.

Over-washing and improper hair ties

Believe it or not, washing your hair too often can damage and weaken it as well. When you wash your hair, you strip it of its necessary oils, Healthline explains. By doing it too frequently, you're not giving your hair the oils that it needs to stay healthy and shiny, thereby creating dry, brittle hair. On average, you should be washing your hair no more than twice a week, according to CNN. Doing so will maintain your scalp's natural balance, and you'll start to notice how much healthier your hair looks and feels. 


Additionally, wearing tight elastics can also lead to breakage. These hair ties create friction between your hair and the elastic, which can end up ripping your hair out! Instead, XXL Scrunchie and Co suggests reaching for a scrunchie. There's a layer of fabric between the hair and the elastic band that prevents that friction from forming, which means your hair is less susceptible to being ripped out. As an added bonus, scrunchies don't leave you with that annoying bump you usually get when you take out your ponytail.