What To Know About The Trendy New Cobra Haircut

There are all sorts of trendy haircuts out there, and half the battle is finding which one is right for you. More and more, haircuts are popping up online with creative names, and this can certainly lead to some confusion if you or your stylist aren't up-to-date on the latest hair vocabulary. Case in point: The cobra haircut has received considerable popularity thanks to social media, and it's nowhere near as dangerous as it sounds.


With articles from South Africa's The Citizen to Malaysia's The Star reporting on it, this layered hairstyle is sure to make waves around the globe, giving you the perfect excuse to switch things up with your hair. If you're looking for more information on the cut before hopping on the trend, we've got you covered, from who started the cobra look to how to request it from your stylist the next time you visit the salon.

One stylist came up with the cut

Unlike some other hairstyles, the history of the cobra haircut is relatively short. It is the creation of New York City-based hairstylist Nunzio Saviano, whose salon hailed the style's arrival in an Instagram post in August 2022. As shown in the photos and video posted to Instagram by Nunzio Saviano Salon, the model's hair is long and cut at an angle to create loose, almost beachy waves around the face.


In an article on PopSugar about the style, Saviano shared about how the look was achieved, explaining, "The cobra cut is long hair with layers starting about two inches below the chin and [extending] all around the head. The long layers are cut following the head shape. This technique removes weight at the bottom without making the hair look thin, which creates body and movement."

Saviano added, "I left the top smooth and created snakelike curls at the bottom. Wrapping those larger sections of hair around the barrel, alternating the direction for an entwined effect, winded together for a look similar to a snake."

Others have adopted the look

Although Nunzio Saviano pioneered the cobra haircut, others are adopting it too, as shown in one piece from Stylist. There, London-based hairstylist Kara Thomas was quoted as saying, "The cobra cut is a rejuvenation of a technique hairdressers have used for years, which involves layering sections by pulling them from the apex of the head and softening the ends by cutting layers at a 45-degree angle, keeping the shortest layers roughly two inches below the jawline. The idea is to reduce the weight of a one-length haircut and add movement and shape without compromising on fullness."


In fact, a similar — though shaggier — look called "cobra" appeared on Instagram back in 2020, as posted by hairstylist David Connor. No matter if you're just now looking for a layered cut or want to try a slightly different spin on things, looking to the virality of the cobra haircut for inspiration isn't a bad place to start.