Beauty Tips To Remember If You're A Winter Bride

Winter weddings may go against the grain (only 11% of 2022 weddings took place between December and February, according to The Knot), but they can be especially dreamy when done right. A snowy backdrop, rustic venue, and cozy attire set these weddings apart from the typical warm-weather ceremony.


However, brides may have to put a little extra thought into their beauty routine leading up to the big day. In fact, you may want to start a body, skin, and hair care regimen as early as 12 months before the wedding. This includes steps like visiting a dermatologist, getting a haircut, and doing a round of teeth whitening.

Ultimately, it's up to you how many of these beauty measures you take. But there are a few steps you shouldn't skip if you're a winter bride. Banish staticky hair, chapped lips, and dull skin from your wedding photos with these practical beauty tips.

Lock in moisture from head to toe

While you may be covered in a long-sleeved gown and shawl on your special day, it's still crucial to keep your skin hydrated, especially during the frigid winter. Applying lotion to your body, and especially to exposed areas like your neck and hands, is a good start. Additionally, be sure to keep your lips pillowy soft before your big kiss at the altar. Consider trying a rich ointment-based lip balm during the winter.


Small, every day habits can also go a long way in ensuring your skin is wedding ready. When hanging at home, especially on dry winter days, switch on a humidifier. According to Harvard Health, a humidifier set at 60% is effective at preventing dry skin. When showering, rethink warming up with scorching hot water. Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer told Healthline that hot showers damage the cells on the outer layer of the skin, keeping moisture out. The result? Irritation and eczema flare-ups. Opt for lukewarm water when possible.

Finally, add an exfoliator to your skincare arsenal if you don't have one already. Exfoliators buff away the dry, dead skin that might be lingering on your face in the winter. Exfoliating daily may help to prevent acne, helps prep the skin for makeup and skincare products, and works to maintain a glowing complexion.


Boost hair health

Wedding hair is synonymous with elaborate updos and elegant headpieces, but sometimes, it's all about getting back to basics. "Honestly, my advice is always to go with whatever feels most like 'you,'" hair expert Caitlyn Meyer told Brides. A classic, go-to style elevated with a veil or a little volume can be a winning combination on your big day. But to pull off these looks, you need to start with a healthy mane.


Winter can be hard on hair. The combination of cold temperatures and dry air can zap strands of moisture and may lead to more damage. To create a solid foundation for romantic ringlets or a timeless half-up, half-down style, make sure to protect tresses with conditioner and hair oils, especially after shampooing.

Also, put down the blow dryers and heated styling tools as much as possible. If you can't resist, follow hairstylist Jurgen Meerschaert's advice: "Set your straightener or curling iron to the lowest temperature," he told Newsweek. "Your hair is already low in moisture during the winter, and using heat tools can cause hair breakage."

Finally, if static strikes on your wedding day, quick fixes include rubbing the hair with a dryer sheet, applying hair spray or a moisturizing product to flyaways, and running a metal comb through your hair.


Warm up your complexion

If you want to be the on-trend winter bride, you could try the "I'm cold" makeup look currently taking over TikTok. The trend is all about recreating the natural flush you experience when exposed to icy weather, using pink blush and touches of reflective highlighter.


However, if your goal is to look cozy and warm on your wedding day, ditch the rosy cheeks and try a light bronzer instead. We suggest a sheer one that's no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone. You can also bring life to the eye area by using a bronzer as eyeshadow.

Add a subtle glow to your entire body with a spray tan. Just like bronzer, a not-too-dark shade of fake tan can look more natural during winter months — and be just enough to distract from goosebumps. Start scheduling spray tan trial sessions at least a few weeks before your wedding. Ideally, make your appointment with a salon that's familiar with bridal tanning.

Prepare for watery eyes

Weddings are known to be tear-jerkers, and it's normal to have a happy cry on your special day, no matter the season. But winter weddings may be especially likely to make eyes water, given the dry air and freezing weather. Georgia Center for Sight explains, "When cold air causes more evaporation, our eyes are left with a thinner cushion of tears that protect the sensitive surface cells. This condition can trigger a reflex that tells the lacrimal gland (the eye gland that secretes an aqueous layer of tear film) to produce extra tears."


If part of your ceremony will take place outdoors, expect that your peepers might feel a little sensitive. Choose waterproof mascara that can withstand a few inevitable tears. Your powder eyeshadow might crack in cold weather, so gel, liquid, and smooth crayon types are better.

To keep dry, red eyes at bay, try over-the-counter eye drops. Drops and artificial tears aren't a permanent solution, says Medical News Today, but they can work in a pinch if you notice redness before walking down the aisle.

Beautify from the inside out

The months leading up to a wedding can involve a lot of stress, sleep deprivation, and crash dieting — but none of this is particularly great for your health. And when your body isn't thriving on the inside, it likely won't on the outside either.


Prioritizing physical health is especially important in the winter, when dry skin, viruses, weight gain, and other ailments are common. Start by staying hydrated, which will not only keep your body running but can stave off a "pale and sickly" complexion, as Tammie Umbel, founder of Shea Terra Organics, told Good Housekeeping.

If you've been hibernating on your sofa, try to get moving at least a few times a week before the wedding. Besides keeping you strong and in shape, dermatologist Mona Gohara shared some of the beauty benefits of exercising with Women's Health, including clearer pores, vibrant skin, and less skin sagging.

Finally, boost beauty sleep by regulating your circadian rhythm, especially during dark winter days. Try waking up early to maximize your exposure to sunlight. Clocking between seven and nine hours of sleep each night may help reduce wrinkles, prevent eye puffiness, improve complexion, and strengthen hair, according to the Sleep Foundation.