The Easy Solution To Your Press-On Nails Being Too Wide

Finding just the right pair of press-on nails can be a chore in itself, and then there's the application process. From making sure that the nails you've chosen look real to getting your press-ons to fit your natural nails, you might be tempted to give up and remove your press-ons yourself. If you've found that your natural nails are smaller or narrower than the press-on nails you've purchased, then it's easy to be left wondering what your options are.


Making sure your press-ons fit you properly is important so that they last for as long as possible. A proper fit will also keep you from experiencing pain related to your press-on nails, writes Uptown Girl, which is another major plus.

When buying another set of press-on nails isn't practical, it turns out that there is a workaround to make sure that your nails fit. In even better news, there's a good chance that you have everything you need for it on hand already.

You can adjust the size of your press-on nails

While many press-on nails come in a variety of sizes already, you might find that your own nail beds happen to fall somewhere between two sizes. Fortunately, HuffPost points out that you can use a nail file to get your press-on nails to the right size if they're too large for you. Nail artist Miss Pop elaborated on this to Allure, sharing, "If you size up and it looks ginormous, file along the free edge of your natural nail to suit the shape of your tip."


Nail artist Brittney Boyce advises Ipsy that you should size your press-on nails regardless, saying, "Most of the newer press-ons are thinner than the old school kind, meaning they press down and mold to the curvature of your nails." Here, Boyce actually suggests sizing down with your press-ons. Note, however, that this might require some additional work with a nail file, depending on the size of your natural nails relative to the set of press-ons you have.

Some brands are filling a gap in the market

If you find that your nails are smaller than is practical to drag out the nail file every time you want to wear press-ons, there are beauty brands that are beginning to cater to nails of different sizes. Some larger brands, such as imPRESS, already manufacture nails that are geared toward children, but even more are recognizing that not everyone is seeking out those looks. Brands such as Olive & June and Chillhouse offer their products in a wider range of sizes than most, for example, making it more likely that customers will be able to find press-ons in a size that suits their nails best.


As reported by Woman & Home, there are also mobile applications such as Nailstry that allow people to measure their nails at home and find the press-on nails that are right for them, with Nailstry giving users the ability to order their press-on nails within the app itself.