The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Seek Revenge

Have you ever watched helplessly as a friendship or romantic relationship devolved into enmity over one simple mistake or even seemingly for no reason at all? What makes one person thrive on spite and revenge while others are just as keen to forgive and move on? The answers may be written in the stars. Whether you struggle to move on after you feel someone has wronged you or you're been targeted for someone else's revenge plot, the zodiac signs at play shouldn't be ignored. After all, our star signs can define us in many ways, though we can push through these ordained destinies.


Understanding the deep-seated origins of each vengeful sign's need for righting the wrongs against them can help you see things from their side and piece together the best ways to try to repair the relationship. Here are the zodiac signs most likely to seek out revenge when they've been hurt or slighted and how to get back on their good sides. 


Libra, represented by the scales, is always carefully weighing each interaction you have with them. If there is any perceived unfairness detected, look out. Libra is a quiet, behind-the-scenes force for justice and will stop at nothing to knock you down a peg if that's what it takes to balance the scale. Keep an eye out for sabotage, underhanded compliments, and backstabbing. If you try to force a confrontation, you'll risk awakening an anger so deeply buried that the relationship may never recover.


Instead, own up to your mistake, even if it seems minor to you. Be completely honest, since Libra can spot a lie a mile away, and vow to be more mindful in the future. It's not a guarantee but if Libra feels a true commitment to justice in the future from you, you're probably back in. It also doesn't hurt to appeal to their extravagant side by offering a luxury gift or a gourmet meal. 


Cancers aren't called the crabs of the zodiac for no reason. This sensitive sign is easily offended but its fear of conflict won't allow a simple conversation to take place in order to come to a resolution. Instead, expect a lot of passive aggression as the crustacean retreats into its shell and tosses bombs at you from inside, all the while insisting that there's no problem. Hope you're a mind reader because that's nearly the only way you'll be able to find out the true details of the secret grudge being held against you.


If you want to be forgiven by a crab, you'll need to get in touch with your emotions and vulnerability. Let how much the relationship means to you and how deeply affected you are by the rift you're feeling be known. If you're lucky, they'll end their retreat and join you back in the outside world. 


Leo is represented by the lion, also known as the king of the jungle, and it takes this title quite literally. Bruise the massive ego of a Leo and you will experience the wrath of this ferocious big cat. This is a sign that is not above throwing temper tantrums, lobbing insults, starting rumors, and saying things they definitely don't mean when they're upset. Unlike many other vengeful signs, you'll know exactly where the attack is coming from as Leo forcefully roars in your direction.


If you want to get back on a Leo's good side, start practicing your compliments. A lion can't resist an opportunity to bask in the beauty of its own mane. Offer their ego a chunk of meat on a long stick in the form of apologetic admiration. Count the ways in which Leo is clever, hilarious, beautiful, and smart as you apologize and it will be back to all purrs in no time. 


Scorpio, the scorpion, is a mysterious trove of darkness untold, topped with a lightening fast stinger. Before you even have any idea that you've slighted Scorpio, the scorpion has already plotted out your entire demise, including how to make it look like an accident. Prepare to swim in a deep, dark, murky sea of deceit and misery until you get back on its good side. This is especially true if you make the dire mistake of insinuating that Scorpio is in any way basic, average, or ordinary. These arachnids consider themselves the unique loners of the zodiac, so there is no more serious insult.


Unfortunately, Scorpio can brood and hold a grudge like no other. Your best bet is to give a sincere apology and then back off and let the scorpion decide whether or not to come to you. If you push any further, you are only likely to cause more anger and resentment.