Why You Should Consider Adding Caviar Lime To Your Haircare Routine

While it might sound like it has something to do with fish, caviar lime is actually a fruit that also goes by the name "finger lime," per The Spruce Eats. In addition to being edible, caviar lime is a natural ingredient that has been popping up more and more often in the beauty world, especially in its native Australia, where it has a much longer history. Ross Macdougald, founder of natural skincare brand Biologi told ELLE Australia, "Traditionally finger lime has been used by Aboriginal tribes in Australia for thousands of years as a nutritious food source and for medicinal purposes."


Whether you've noticed it in other beauty products or if you are just hearing about it for the first time, caviar limes are incredibly beneficial for your hair and scalp. After reading about the benefits, we have little doubt that you'll want to find a way to add this fruit to your haircare routine.

Caviar lime is great for your hair

From all indications, caviar lime and its extract are more than just a new gimmick in the beauty world. In fact, there are some real benefits that your hair is likely to see from using this fruit. As board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman told Byrdie, "Pertaining to hair, caviar limes are known to naturally exfoliate the scalp without stripping it of its natural oils and cleanse the scalp of dirt and impurities, thereby supporting an optimal environment for healthy hair growth."


It probably isn't a surprise, then, that the haircare brand Wella lists caviar lime extract as one of the ingredients it uses in its products, with notes on its website about how the fruit is rich in AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids. AHAs themselves are also commonly used in beauty products, although before adding them to your own routine, note that there are some ingredients that shouldn't be mixed with AHAs.

According to haircare brand Sozo Australia, caviar lime can also help to smooth your hair and repair damage to it. As Dr. Engelman noted to Byrdie, "Caviar lime products can be used on all hair types and textures, and it is especially helpful for repairing damaged hair–whether that be from heat damage, over-processing, or environmental factors."


More brands are beginning to use caviar lime

Even if you aren't in Australia, more and more brands are beginning to take notice of the power of caviar limes and caviar lime extract. In addition to Wella, custom haircare brand Prose uses caviar lime in some of its conditioning and styling products. If you're on the hunt for products containing caviar lime, remember to check and see if the labels mention "finger lime" or the plant's scientific name, "Citrus australasica." Knowing the various names of the fruit might help you in finding products that are available to you.


While caviar lime is excellent for smoothing and adding shine to your tresses, it may also help your skin. According to Total Beauty, the AHAs found in caviar lime can do wonders for your skin by sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion. These benefits have been picked up on by brands such as Too Cool for School, which offers an entire skincare product line featuring caviar lime.

Expect to see more and more caviar lime in the future as more brands and consumers latch on to its numerous benefits in the beauty sphere.