The 20 Best Under-Eye Masks To Minimize Dark Circles And Puffiness

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We live in an era of never-ending new skincare trends and viral products. Some are just popular for the aesthetic, while others are simply super-effective. Well, eye patches fall somewhere in between. We can thank the influx of daytime skincare routines for this trend. They have become a staple step necessary in any and all beauty regimes. Your morning just isn't complete without pulling out those eye patches from your fridge and basking in their soothing glory while you sip your coffee and immediately feel more awake.

Of course, they come in countless shapes and sizes and all serve different purposes. As the more skincare-oriented sister of the face ice roller, eye patches come soaked in product that provides a lot more benefits than simply cooling and depuffing your eye area. Under-eye masks exist for every need, but since there are so many to choose from we've rounded up the best patches for your every desire. There is something in here for everyone, and every last pick is guaranteed to help you pretend like you got those eight hours of sleep we are all desperately lacking.

How we selected these products

Eye patches are now synonymous with cute selfies. A lot of the time people simply seek them out for the vibe they provide. While there's nothing wrong with that, getting into the thick of figuring out which item is going to best serve each need is a little trickier than picking the sweetest of the bunch. When selecting these eye patch brands we reviewed the options out there for each category and landed on the ones that have garnered the most attention and have been deemed holy grail by many.

Each of the listed products has hundreds of reviews to back up every brand's claims, and we sorted through them by taking each requirement into consideration to help determine which pick would be the best for each need listed below. We've also taken influencer and TikTok picks into account. After all, that is how most of us select our beauty purchases these days. Here are the 20 best under-eye masks to minimize dark circles and puffiness.

Best overall eye patches

If you're looking for an overall eye patch that's going to do it all, Patchology's FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels are the pick for you. They come in a pack of 15 pairs and are designed to depuff your under eyes while brightening and hydrating them. They are formulated with Patchology's trademark HydraSurge5 Moisture System, along with caffeine, and hydrolyzed collagen to immediately refresh and improve your under eyes in only five minutes.

Fans can't get enough of these popular products. One Ulta reviewer raved, "Love these patches ... my results were almost instant and my under eyes feel very hydrated. The cooling jelly substance feels so nice." 

Purchase Patchology FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels at Ulta for $35.

Best affordable eye patches

The good thing about eye patches is you don't necessarily have to invest to get the full experience. Their purpose is to cool and depuff your under eyes — and of course elevate your morning routine. It's easy to get quality eye masks at an affordable price point. But, you're going to get the most bang for your buck with Petitfée's Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches.

These slippery patches are black with gold glitter specks running through. Formulated with pearl extract — rich in amino acids and minerals — they hydrate and repair your under eyes. One Amazon customer said, "I tried a lot of different eye patches, but keep coming back to these."

Buy Petitfée Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches at Amazon for approximately $10.

Best trendy eye patches

When things are glittery and pink in the beauty market, they often gain their own fan base pretty immediately. Especially in the case of the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches that are the most popular ones to emerge from this whole category. Sure, the beautiful look of them has earned them some fans, but it is how well they work that keeps people buying them.

They are jam-packed full of beneficial ingredients that make them double as a skincare step as well as a simple cooling eye patch. Formulated with Bulgarian rose water, these eye patches also contain niacinamide and adenosine to brighten under the eyes. One Heimish reviewer raved, "I love the scent! It's a very light rose scent and it's not overpowering. These instantly depuff under the eyes."

Purchase Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches at Heimish for $22.

Best cooling eye patches

There's no denying that the number one use for eye patches is how cooling they are. Nothing is going to give your eyes that morning boost quite like a cold gel eye mask. Some soothe the eyes better than others, with Milk Makeup's Cooling Water Eye Patches definitely delivering on the chilling claim.

They come in individually packaged pairs that are easy to store in the fridge each time to maximize the icy effect, but they're cooling enough alone. With energizing caffeine and soothing seawater, these patches are refreshing and rejuvenating. They are also vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Listen, if they're good enough for Jennifer Coolidge (last Instagram slide) they're good enough for us.

Buy Milk Makeup Cooling Water Eye Patches at Milk Makeup for $22.

Best eye patches for selfies

Let's face it, we are all lying to ourselves if we can't admit that one of the big pros of using eye patches is to get that viral wholesome morning routine selfie. No self-care photo is quite complete without a pair. Why fight it, why not embrace it and pick the cutest set to elevate your selfies? It doesn't get much cuter than KNC Beauty All Eyes On Me Retinol-Infused Eye Mask.

The adorable factor isn't all these patches have to offer though. Formulated with all-natural retinol, these skincare-infused under-eye masks double as a treatment. Chemical-free, these retinol eye patches work to help with textural irregularities around the eye area while also stimulating blood flow to help depuff and smooth. They even threw in some aloe vera to help reduce redness.

Purchase KNC Beauty All Eyes On Me Retinol-Infused Eye Mask patches at KNC Beauty starting at $25.

Best firming eye patches

Generally, when it comes to eye care the number one battle everyone is trying to target is aging. Smoothing, anti-aging, and firming tend to be the trigger words you search for when springing for a new eye cream. Why should it be any different in the case of under-eye masks? In terms of firming, Pixi's FortifEYE Firming Eye Patches will give all the anti-aging benefits you need.

Skincare fan-favorite brand Pixi released a trio to cater to different needs, coming in a pack of 30 pairs swimming in a firming eye serum. While they contain caffeine to depuff your under eyes, they are also formulated with acacia collagen to boost circulation and help with fine lines. One Ulta reviewer said, "I have tried many different brands for under-eye gels. These are by far the best that I've tried."

Buy Pixi FortifEYE Firming Eye Patches at Ulta for $24.

Best microneedle eye patches

Microneedling is rarely a word you hear paired with eye care. They have become very popular skincare practices, but we are almost always warned to avoid the eye area when it comes to more extreme skincare tactics. Skyn Iceland has somehow found a way to provide the benefits of microneedling to the under-eye area while specifically treating the delicate skin as it should be. 

The Skyn Iceland Dissolving Microneedle Eye Patches use a thin layer of high-tech microtips that melt into the skin softly to avoid damaging your delicate under eyes. Filled with hyaluronic acid and peptides, the tips help to firm and smooth out the skin as they dissolve. Leave them on for a couple of hours, or even overnight to maximize the benefits. Considering it is such a sensitive area, Skyn Iceland does recommend patch testing for an hour before leaving them on. One Ulta reviewer shared, "These patches are the only thing that works for me! I wear them overnight and my dark circles are gone even though I went days without sleep."

Purchase Skyn Iceland Dissolving Microneedle Eye Patches at Ulta for $16.

Best hydrating eye patches

A common misconception is that the cooling effect of eye patches can be drying. The truth is, they're soaked in products that are there to provide benefits — one of which is often hydration. Of course, some are more hydrating than others, and the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches deliver on the name and leave your under eyes feeling drenched.

These patches provide a cooling effect, depuffing, and soothing. But, where they really excel is in the moisture they give your under eyes. Hyaluronic acid isn't the only hydrating ingredient, it is also formulated with ceramides, collagen, and marshmallow root extract.

The entire line is loved for its plumping effects, and these patches do just that for your under eyes. One Peter Thomas Roth reviewer of the 4.7 star-rated patches shared, "I'm on my second jar of these! I use them every day when I travel, it helps give my tired eyes a boost."

Buy Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches at Dermstore for $55.

Best eye patches for travel

There's really no reason why our entire skincare routine can't make it onto a flight. Travelling can cause serious damage to your skin, between the air cabin pressure and that dreaded excessive oily skin it's a breeding ground for breakouts and congestion. That's why it's best to commit to packing a few in-flight skin treats to keep you in check. Sheet masks are definitely the easiest way to get some quick one-step care for your skin, so why not layer it up with an eye patch?

Skyn Iceland's Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are the perfect travel pack. These easy-to-pack eye gels work their magic in only 10 minutes for a quick fix. One Ulta reviewer raved, "I'm not sure what it is about these eye masks. But they blow all the others away. Immediate results and worth the extra money."

Purchase Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels at Ulta for $33.

Best depuffing eye patches

Puffiness is definitely a big eye struggle that eye patches work to remedy. The cooling gel effect of them immediately takes down the puffiness, but some work a little extra harder at it. Peace Out's Puffy Eyes Patches are specifically designed to depuff the eye area. 

The bio-cellulose masks are less messy than some as they aren't completely soaked in the product. In 15 minutes they work to hydrate and sooth your skin. Soaked with caffeine, they rejuvenate the under eyes and minimize the appearance of bags. Niacinamide works to brighten the area and help with dark circles. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the area and avoids the dehydration that causes puffiness in the first place. One Peace Out Skincare reviewer said, "I have tried so many eye pads/patches in the past and these, by far, are the best! They reduce puffiness and I have noticed that my under eyes are so much brighter!"

Buy Peace Out Puffy Eyes Patches at Peace Out for $25.

Best soothing eye patches

When our skin barrier is compromised or we're exposed to harsh skincare, your under eyes can be the first place to react. Redness, swelling, or even irritation can have a stinging effect that needs the immediate cooling of an eye patch. It definitely helps when they are specifically designed to soothe like Jayjun's Green Tea Eye Gel Patches.

Green tea is a calming ingredient and the star of these masks. One pack contains 60 patches, all soaked in a concentrated green tea serum that has healing and soothing properties. The elastic hydrogel patches are super easy to adhere to your under eyes and you won't have to deal with that frustrating slip-and-slide effect you can often get with eye patches. One Olive Young customer shared, "So great for my morning routine!!! Almost instantly brightens and plumps my under eye area. Doesn't feel sticky, absorbs really quickly."

Purchase Jayjun Green Tea Eye Gel Patches at Olive Young starting at $14.

Best brightening eye patches

Signs of exhaustion on our under eyes are always dark circles, eye bags, and dryness. At this point, we've covered a fair few that tackle the latter, but it's time to get into the best brightening eye patches, and that would be Derma E's Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches. 

Of course, the name immediately suggests how brightening these eye masks are and how they achieve it using brightening vitamin C. The pack of 60 gel patches is soaked in a potent serum that is filled with caffeine, allantoin, and vitamins B3. One Ulta buyer raved, " I put them on for longer than the 10 minutes it suggests and I saw instant results. I noticed my under eyes got noticeably lighter compared to the parts of my under eyes."

Buy Derma E Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches at Ulta for approximately $25.

Best eye patches to refrigerate

The truth is that pretty much every eye patch works best when refrigerated — especially if you're here for the cooling effect. Some patches don't manage to quite soak up the cold from the fridge as powerfully, while others even end up drying out. Well, that's definitely not the case with the Grace & Stella A Dream Come Blue Soothing Eye Masks. 

The individually packaged eye masks are easy to refrigerate without taking up too much fridge space, which is an immediate pro. But it is that blue serum that really thrives in your refrigerator. Formulated with key ingredients like niacinamide, camellia sinensis leaf extract, and glycerin, these patches are extremely soothing and hydrating. One Grace & Stella customer said, "I love these eye masks. I use them almost every morning. They stay on well while drying hair/getting dressed."

Purchase Grace & Stella A Dream Come Blue Soothing Eye Masks at Grace & Stella for $24.

Best reusable eye patches

One of the saddest things about sheet masks and eye masks is how finite they are. You spend that money and only get one use. Well, if you're looking for eye patches you can get your money's worth out of then you should opt for a reusable eye mask that can be popped back in the fridge and be good as new. Our favorite pick has to be the Skin Gym Re-Usable Eye Patches. 

They sadly won't be soaked in a bunch of product, but these reusable eye patches serve the main purpose of cooling and depuffing your under eyes. Storing them in the fridge between uses will help elevate that effect. Made with medical-grade silicone, they adhere to your under eyes and won't slide down your face. They're a quick and dry fix for morning puffiness. One Ulta reviewer shared, "So far, huge difference overnight with smoothness, hydration and appears a lot more youthful!"

Buy Skin Gym Re-Usable Eye Patches at Ulta for $20.

Best Korean beauty eye patches

When it comes to Korean beauty there's no denying that COSRX reigns supreme. The brand has had countless products go completely viral, from the Blackhead Liquid Power toner to the Snail Mucin Essence that people cannot get enough. So it's only right that the brand's snail mucin formula available in eye patch form would make it to this list. 

The COSRX Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patches come in a set of 60 masks that are essentially swimming in that deeply-loved slimy snail formula. The lightweight patches deliver extreme moisture and nourishment to leave your under eyes feeling hydrated, smoother, and visibly plumper. One Soko Glam reviewer shared, "I have super sensitive under eye areas that often burn when applying any product but these are the first that hasn't burned me, they in fact soothe me."

Purchase COSRX Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch at Soko Glam for $28.

Best eye patches for wrinkles

The brand Frownies has inspired quite a movement over the past year. Going viral on TikTok, the brand's variety of patches designed to tackle wrinkles and frown lines have been very popular with many fans showing impressive visible results. So once Frownies ventured into eye masks, it was pretty much guaranteed the brand would deliver.

The Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels are a little different from the rest of the range as they are soaked in product and offer some hydration while smoothing fine lines. The Frownies Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels tackle everything from wrinkles to puffiness and dark circles. Containing collagen and Frownies trademark Rose Water Hydrator, the gels are super hydrating and smoothing. The best part is that each pair can be reused up to five times. One Frownies buyer raved, "I love how these eye gels decrease the fine lines and puffiness in my under eye area. They are super soothing and moisturizing."

Buy Frownies Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels at Frownies for approximately $24.

Best morning eye patches

Most eye patches tend to be used in the morning. That's when we need that jolt of immediate cooling. But most are designed to generally be used at any time of day, even nighttime. Finding the perfect eye mask for mornings is the trick to getting the most out of it, and since coffee is the best way to get your energy going it's only right that you give your eyes their own cup of it. 

Good Molecules' Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches are essentially a shot of espresso for your under eyes. They give an immediate dose of rejuvenation as well as brightening with the caffeine-infused formulation. In only 10 minutes, these eye patches are designed to depuff, brighten, and energize your eye area to fully wake you up. The licorice extract, peptides, and aloe vera soothe and hydrate. "This product is a miracle! I never get enough sleep. 20 minutes on in the morning while I'm sipping my tea and the bags are gone," confirmed a Good Molecules fan.

Purchase Good Molecules Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches at Good Molecules for $18.

Best eye patches for sensitive skin

When it comes to most skincare categories, no one struggles quite as much as those with sensitive skin. With so many exciting new products trending and going viral, it's disheartening to have to sit back and miss out on the hype in fear of your skin reacting badly. Eye patches are generally soothing and cooling, but they can often sting when used on sensitive skin. You need ones designed specifically for sensitive skin, and the Klorane Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches are your safest bet.

Formulated with 99% natural ingredients, these eye patches use gentle cornflower water to soothe and soften the under eyes. A plant-based hyaluronic acid also gently hydrates, while dextran sulfate works to depuff. The gentle formula is even ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested. One Klorane customer raved, "I've tried all sorts of quick fixes for my under-eye fine lines."

Buy Klorane Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches at Klorane starting at $26.

Best clean beauty eye patches

While a fair few of the eye patches listed above are cruelty-free or use clean ingredients, you may be looking for a completely clean and green eye patch alternative. It helps that our top pick for the best clean beauty eye patches could also fall under the category of cutest eye patches to use. Florence by Mills' Swimming Under The Eyes Gel Patches have grown pretty popular due to the adorable whale shape they come in and their beautiful lavender color, but they do a lot more than just look sweet in a selfie. 

They are soaked in a unique sodium hyaluronate which is essentially an accelerated version of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate your under eyes. Niacinamide is also involved to help brighten your under eyes. They are completely clean as they are formulated without parabens, and without animal testing. One Ulta reviewer explained, "These got rid of dark circles, hydrated my under eyes and brightened my eyes 100%. I also have textured skin around my eyes and these got rid of that. I am in love with these!"

Purchase Florence by Mills Swimming Under The Eyes Gel Patches at Ulta for $34.

Best luxury eye patches

Of course, with any skincare category, there are those seeking the best price deal and those seeking the most luxurious experience you can get. Skincare is an experience after all, and sometimes we deserve to indulge and treat ourselves. Well, don't worry, you'll definitely get your money's worth if you decide to invest in the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches.

Something about the novelty of using gold-infused skincare products just never quite wears off. Well, the gold in these eye patches doesn't solely serve the purpose of looking cool, they are actually infused with 24K gold and colloidal gold that works to firm and lift the under eyes almost immediately. The patches also come soaked in hyaluronic acid and caffeine to provide depuffing and hydration. 

At the crazy price point of $75 for 60 eye patches, one Ulta reviewer raved, "I have tried a lot of different under-eye patches for my dehydrated skin and deep crows feet. These are the first ones that I actually saw a visible difference after one or two uses. I use them almost every night with amazing results."

Buy Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches at Ulta for $75.