Noha Abuhadra

Photo of Noha Abuhadra
London, UK
Georgetown University
Beauty, Lifestyle, Celebrity News
  • Noha graduated from Georgetown University with a Major in Culture & Politics which granted her the tools to write analytically.
  • Noha's time working in social media whether being a Social Media Manager or working at an influencer management agency helped her gain a deeper understanding of social media and how the mind of an influencer works.
  • Noha's passion is writing about beauty and lifestyle, and her experience writing for Viva Glam Magazine allowed her to adapt to writing about various topics ranging from food to celebrity news.


Noha has been freelance writing for various online publications such as Viva Glam Magazine on and off for the past 5 years. Her passion for writing began long before that though, dating back to her scribbling down what she thought to be groundbreaking mini-novels as a 10 year old. Noha's passions include beauty and lifestyle. And celebrity news is a huge guilty pleasure of hers. She dreams of making writing her full-time career and looking to fuel this passion at The List writing about the very things she loves. The secret to success is doing what you love after all!


Studying Culture & Politics at Georgetown University allowed Noha the space to exhaustively practice and perfect her writing covering a vast range of topics from history to literature. She pursued this very major because she knew it would involve extensive papers and countless hours spent flexing every button on that keyboard.

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