Does This TikTok Hack For Glycolic Acid Actually Work?

Let's be honest, TikTok has made us try some pretty questionable things. Whether you've fallen for viral product reviews or Amazon recommendations, the odds are if you've spent a good amount of time on TikTok, your bank account reflects that. But it's not just purchasing that it leads to — each corner of TikTok also offers its own variety of life hacks that promise to be life-changing. 

These days it's common to have a friend suggest a solution to any given problem you're going through, citing TikTok as the source. Are chopping vegetables getting daunting? There's a chef-approved TikTok trick for that. Always burning your butter when heating it in the microwave? There's a TikTok hack that involves placing a hot glass on top for that.

The hacks only get more extensive when it comes to beauty TikTok. Truth be told, beauty TikTok has churned out some questionable trends that get debunked as quickly as they go viral. Think: contouring the face with sun damage by strategically skipping out on sunscreen in certain spots. Terrible idea, and an even worse outcome, per TikTok. That being said, sometimes beauty TikTok can really nail it with a makeup or skincare hack that can genuinely improve your routine or fix a concern you've been struggling with for a while. The question is, which category does applying glycolic acid to your feet fall under?

Where the glycolic acid hack began

Generally, TikTok creators spend time honing in on their niche and vibe, eventually positioning themselves as an authority. For TikTok user @Calistatee that niche was glycolic acid. Tee has always shared beauty tips and product reviews on her page, but what sent her into viral-dom was her obsession with glycolic acid. On several posts, Tee raved about a new odd method or area of her body that she loves using glycolic acid on. While many were a little confused, especially when she started using glycolic acid on her underarms, it still seemed like a cheap and easy way to cure stubborn issues like underarm darkness or scalp flakiness. 

One of Tee's most popular TikTok videos is one where she shared that glycolic acid is her go-to cure for cracked feet, per TikTok. Tee broke down her foot care routine in the video as she showed that she applies her beloved glycolic acid with a cotton pad onto the dry and cracked parts of her feet. She noted that the most important step is to follow it up with a deeply hydrating foot cream or lotion and then pop on a pair of socks and allow it to soak in for at least two hours. The before and after photos speak for themselves as Tee shows how her previously white/cracked feet were now smooth and shiny. But does that hack really work or is it just another one of those TikToks inflated for the sole purpose of going viral?

The experts agree with Calista Tee

When trying to crack the code on whether a TikTok video is a fake ploy or genuine, the first thing any true TikToker does is run to the comments sections. While scrolling through Calista Tee's hundreds of comments, you'll immediately realize that many people were backing her up and thanking her for the suggestion. One user was completely sold on the glycolic acid cult as she shared, "OMG Been using all the products that my face doesn't love on my feet and my feet are SO Soft!!" per TikTok

If Tee's fans aren't a valid enough source for you, don't worry, the experts have weighed in as well. Dr. Christina Lee Chung backed Tee up when explaining to Shape, "Glycolic acid products are my go-to to maintain smooth, healthy feet." If you're worried about the active ingredient being too harsh on your feet, Dr. Chung shares her take, "Since it is technically an acid, glycolic acid could result in mild skin irritation, but otherwise, over-the-counter glycolic acid products are generally very safe to use on the feet." 

It looks like this TikTok hack may be as life-changing as it claims to be. The most important thing to keep in mind is that hydrating your feet and wearing a sock to lock in the moisture is key to achieving a soft and shiny result. Otherwise, you could potentially just end up drying your feet out over time.