The 20 Best Dandruff Shampoos For All Hair Types

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We all know that nothing can quite ruin your look for the day like bad hair. When your hair isn't right, everything else feels off. Of course, there are bad hair days and then there's the unrelenting mess of dealing with dandruff. Having white flaky pieces of dead skin visible on your scalp, that then end up adorning your outfit, is a pain that can't quite be described. Fortunately, the beauty market is filled with solutions.


Dandruff can occur due to a number of reasons, but the most common is simply having a dry scalp, per Mayo Clinic. Coupled with the knowledge that washing your hair can dry it out, selecting a shampoo for your dandruff becomes a tricky task. Shampoos that aim to target dandruff are formulated with this in mind, providing ingredients that target and treat your dandruff while still maintaining your scalp's moisture balance. In fact, there is an overwhelming number of solid options to choose from. We've put together a roundup of the best dandruff shampoos on the market that cater to your every hair type and need.

How we selected the shampoos

Dandruff is not a struggle to be toyed with. Using the wrong shampoo could exacerbate the situation by drying out your scalp and leading to even more flaking and itchiness. You need to find shampoos that are equipped with the tools to treat your dandruff while still being gentle on your already troubled scalp. With such an intricate set of needs, we made sure to do our due diligence when it came to selecting these dandruff shampoos.


Each and every dandruff shampoo listed below were selected by considering reviews written specifically by those struggling with dandruff themselves. Factoring in different hair types and needs, each of these options has passed the test of countless shoppers to confirm their efficacy. That, paired with choosing trusted brands that have delivered fan-favorite products time and time again, allowed us to put together this compilation of dandruff shampoos that are guaranteed to treat your scalp, as well as having a few added bonuses to leave your hair in great shape.

Best overall dandruff shampoo

Every dandruff shampoo targets a specific type of dandruff concern and a certain hair type, but if you're looking for an overall dandruff fix that does it all then the best pick is Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo.


The gentle shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It deeply cleanses your hair without stripping it and causing further flaking by using coconut oil to hydrate it. The amino acids add fullness and body to your hair to give it shape and retain moisture. Hydrolyzed wheat protein is also used to condition and moisturize your scalp to help clear up any dryness. One Kiehl's reviewer shares, "This has helped to rebalance my scalp and natural oils, and I no longer deal with flakes and waxy build-up!!! Plus my hair in general has never felt so clean." 

Purchase Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo at Kiehl's for $38.

Best budget dandruff shampoo

Curing your flaky scalp doesn't mean you have to drop big bucks. The drugstore is filled with excellent budget dandruff shampoos that are just as effective as those more expensive brands and at a fraction of the price. The most affordable option also happens to be one of the best in the game: Dove Beauty's Dermacare Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. 


This shampoo promises to leave your hair with zero visible flakes after regular use. Smelling deliciously of coconut and shea butter, it features both ingredients to hydrate and nourish your scalp. It is also pH-balanced to help maintain your scalp's natural moisture balance. One Target reviewer has officially been won over, "I won't use any other shampoo. I have tried almost everything and this is the only product that actually helps my scalp. For the price, you can not beat it." 

Purchase Dove Beauty's Dermacare Anti Dandruff Shampoo at Target for $5.79.

Best luxury dandruff shampoo

Of course, if you prefer to invest in your beauty routine and would rather opt for a more luxurious shampoo to treat your hair, you can't go wrong with Oribe's Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

As the name would suggest, this clarifying shampoo is designed to leave you with a completely serene scalp by alleviating irritation using a combination of salicylic acid and caffeine. The salicylic acid gently exfoliates your scalp and minimizes flaking, while the caffeine rejuvenates your hair follicles to help encourage healthy regrowth. The stunning pink bottle will look great sitting in your shower, but your hair will be left looking even better. One Dermstore reviewer confirms it's worth the price, "As someone who deals with dandruff and itchy dry scalp, this has been one of the only products that actually worked. It relieves the itch, gets rid of the flakes, and smells amazing!"


Purchase Oribe's Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo at Dermstore for $52.

Best heavy-duty dandruff shampoo

Suppose you're not looking for a delicious-smelling aesthetically pleasing shampoo and are more concerned with trying something that's going to work as a deep treatment for your dandruff. In that case, Nizoral's Anti Dandruff Shampoo is the heavy-duty stuff that's going to get the job done. 


The clinical strength shampoo uses a potent 1% ketoconazole to relieve dandruff. It is a powerful shampoo that helps eradicate any itchiness or dryness, while still being gentle enough to be used on color-treated hair. It has a fresh smell, and should only be used twice weekly in conjunction with your regular shampoos. One Target reviewer was impressed with just how fast it cleared up her dandruff, "I strongly recommend this shampoo! It worked wonders for me, dandruff disappeared after ONE use, of course, I'm still using it after that and I haven't seen a single piece of dandruff!!" 

Purchase Nizoral's Anti Dandruff Shampoo at Target for $18.99.

Best dandruff shampoo for color-treated hair

Finding the right dandruff shampoo can be made all the more difficult when you have color-treated hair as you don't want to cause more damage than good. First Aid Beauty's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is completely safe for color-treated hair, and it's a miracle worker on dandruff as well.


Its key ingredient is 1% Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) which soothes irritated scalps and minimizes flaking. The shampoo is also formulated with calendula which is known for its calming benefits, as well as silk peptides that strengthen your hair and leave you with moisturized and smooth strands. One Ulta Beauty reviewer said, "My flakes were uncontrollable when it came to shampoos as none ever could get rid of them. This always put it under control and stopped the itching. "

Purchase First Aid Beauty's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo at Ulta Beauty for $30.

Best dandruff shampoo for weekly washers

Dandruff is caused by scalp dryness, so it's understandable why many assume that minimizing hair washes will help the issue. Well, that's only the case if you're using the right shampoo that can get your scalp in check that one time a week. Bumble & Bumble's Sunday Clarifying Shampoo is designed for that exact approach. 


This deep clarifying shampoo rebalances your scalp and removes any oil or product buildup in just one wash per week. It contains Panax ginseng root to cleanse your scalp and Rosmarinus Officinalis, which works to stimulate blood flow and encourage healthy hair growth. It is worth noting however that this is not safe for use on color-treated hair. One Sephora reviewer raves, "I love this shampoo! My scalp definitely feels less dry when I use this and my dandruff is subsided since using."

Purchase Bumble & Bumble's Sunday Clarifying Shampoo at Sephora for $30.

Best chemically exfoliating dandruff shampoo

Chemical exfoliation is a fan favorite of the skincare community, but not many realize that it's also an option for hair care. Chemically exfoliating your scalp is especially helpful when it comes to dandruff, and Ouai's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo capitalizes on that. 


The shampoo has potent 2% salicylic acid — a star ingredient — which gently exfoliates your scalp to eliminate any flakiness and itching. It also works to remove any product buildup, as well as counteract any heavy metals, chlorine, and minerals that are in the water you're washing your hair with. 

Ouai claims that 100% of users visibly noticed less flaking after 28 days of use, and one reviewer definitely agrees, "I've had issues with really bad dandruff build-up. I've tried so many things and this has been the only stuff that has worked! This is the first time my scalp has been almost completely clear in a decade!"

Purchase Ouai's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo at Ouai for $36.

Best customizable dandruff shampoo

Different shampoos can target different areas of concern. The customizable beauty market is a fun way to create a product to cater entirely to your needs. Function of Beauty has one specifically designed for flaky scalps: Custom Flaky Scalp Shampoo.


This shampoo offers a deep clean and uses a combination of ingredients to combat dandruff, such as glycerin to retain and lock in moisture, and quinoa protein, which works to smooth your hair out. The formula also contains provitamin B5 which conditions your hair and eliminates frizz. But after that, it's all you. By filling out a questionnaire Function of Beauty will design a shampoo perfectly catered to your specific hair type, concerns, and wants. You can even choose your preferred scent and scent intensity! One reviewer shares, "With FOB I have been using the same one with scalp care for over a year, and no more itchy flakes!"

Purchase Custom Flaky Scalp Shampoo at Function of Beauty for $27.


Best vegan dandruff shampoo

Transitioning over to a completely green and clean beauty routine is a commendable effort we should all be making. Especially considering how much the vegan beauty market has expanded. Even when it comes to a specific concern like having dandruff, you can find a clean pick that works phenomenally, such as Jupiter's Balancing Shampoo. 


100% vegan and cruelty-free, as well as also being paraben-free, dye-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free, the super clean formula of this shampoo also leaves your hair feeling just as clean. Containing 1% zinc pyrithione, an active ingredient that is proven to treat dandruff, it is also formulated with coconut oil and squalane which both work to deeply moisturize your scalp and soften your hair. One Jupiter reviewer raves, "This shampoo has taken care of the dandruff problem without creating another problem (oily hair)!" 

Purchase Jupiter's Balancing Shampoo at Jupiter for $24.

Best dandruff shampoo for men

While each one of these picks is suitable for everyone's hair, Harry's has formulated a dandruff shampoo and conditioner combo designed to specifically target men's hair: the Extra Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.


This shampoo is 100% clean and formulated without parabens, dyes, and sulfates. It uses the active ingredient of 2% pyrithione zinc, which you may now recognize to be a dandruff-fighting superhero. It is a very heavy-duty product that is designed to combat dandruff in full force and work to relieve severe itchiness and flaking. One Target reviewer shares how well it worked for her partner, "This stuff is amazing!!!! I got it for my boyfriend who had major dandruff and within 3 days it was COMPLETELY GONE It is a miracle worker I highly, highly recommend."

Purchase Harry's Men's Extra Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo at Target for $7.99.

Best exfoliating dandruff shampoo

When it comes to tackling dandruff or flaky scalps in general, a known solution is exfoliation. Using a scalp scrub can be the best way to invigorate your scalp and physically slough any dryness away, and the best pick for that is Briogeo's fan-favorite Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo. 


This product is a shampoo/scrub hybrid that uses Binchotan charcoal to draw impurities out of your scalp and give it a full reboot. The shampoo contains micro-exfoliators that invigorate your scalp and help physically scrub away any flaking, while also removing any product buildup that could be blocking your scalp. It is also formulated with coconut oil and super-vitamins to deeply hydrate your scalp and moisturize it. One Briogeo reviewer raves, "My scalp has been flaky and oily for the past 2 months and in just 2 applications my scalp feels refreshed smooth, and balanced + no excess oil and No more flaking."

Purchase Briogeo's Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo at Briogeo for $42.

Best AHA/BHA dandruff shampoo

Luckily for anyone suffering from dandruff, Briogeo didn't stop there. The Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo was so well-loved that the brand also released a fully liquid version.

The Scalp Revival Dandruff Relief Shampoo works similarly to the previous pick, only without the micro-exfoliators. This shampoo focuses on using AHAs and BHAs alongside charcoal. A potent dose of 3% salicylic and lactic acid works to gently exfoliate your scalp while hydrating it. Together they work to relieve and prevent any future itching, flaking, and redness. But the best part is the soothing cooling sensation this gives your head which is great for itch relief, and that's thanks to the peppermint and tea tree oil. One Briogeo reviewer shares, "It leaves my scalp flake free and I finally have a healthy-looking scalp. It even makes my hair look healthier and not dry like other shampoos."


Purchase Briogeo's Scalp Revival Dandruff Relief Shampoo at Briogeo for $42.

Best dandruff shampoo with a cooling sensation

When picking a dandruff shampoo for more extreme redness, irritation, and itchiness, it helps to find something that feels soothing while it treats your dandruff. Nothing beats the cooling sensation of Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Special Shampoo. 


This shampoo is a professional salon favorite and a #1 best-seller. While the tea tree oil cleanses away any impurities, the best part of using this shampoo, aside from the long-term dandruff treatment, is the tingling cooling sensation it gives your scalp to soothe any irritation. One Ulta Beauty reviewer raves, "My hair felt squeaky clean and I love the tingling sensation. My dandruff was noticeably better after only one use."

Purchase Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Special Shampoo at Ulta Beauty for $25.50.

Best co-wash dandruff shampoo

When you suffer from a dry scalp and dandruff, shampoo is the most important step of your haircare routine. Using the wrong one can easily dry out your scalp and worsen things. This is why it's often suggested to use a co-wash, which is a conditioner-based shampoo that washes your hair without drying it out. The best co-wash option for dandruff has to be As I Am's Dry and Itchy CoWash. 


Using the popular zinc pyrithione, this co-wash prevents bacteria growth and treats your scalp. It is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo that is perfect if you're suffering from seborrheic dermatitis. It deeply cleanses your hair while deeply conditioning it to prevent stripping it. One Target reviewer shares, "This is a game changer I never have dandruff anymore and it has a nice tingly feeling from the tea tree oil!"

Purchase As I Am's Dry and Itchy CoWash at Target for $12.99.

Best dry shampoo for dandruff

Just because you have a dry scalp, it doesn't mean you don't also need a dry shampoo to help extend your wash in a pinch. The only problem is that using dry shampoos can cause more product buildup and irritate your scalp further. Well, Briogeo is back yet again with the Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo to finally give us a dry shampoo that works on dry scalps. 


Infused with the range's popular Binchotan Charcoal, this dry shampoo detoxifies your scalp and cleanses it without using water. It also contains biotin which helps keep your scalp and hair nourished, while witch hazel oil balances your scalp's oil production. One Sephora reviewer shares, "I get dandruff dry itchy scalp super easily and most dry shampoo tend to make it worse. Not this dry shampoo! It's easy to use and gives my in-between wash hair a revive!"

Purchase Briogeo's Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo at Sephora for $25.

Best dandruff shampoo to target flaking

A list of dandruff shampoos simply wouldn't be complete without mentioning Head & Shoulders. The brand is infamous for its ability to treat dandruff, but it went above and beyond with this potent Clinical Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.


Targeting severely dry scalps, this heavy-duty shampoo contains prescription-strength 1% Selenium Sulfide. It also contains honey which is used to soothe your irritated scalp and hydrate it. This dandruff shampoo is especially perfect for anyone suffering from seborrheic dermatitis or severe dandruff. One Target reviewer loved how hydrating it was as well as treating her dandruff, "Not only does it help dandruff, it makes my usually dry hair look shiny and moisturized. Don't even have to use a conditioner anymore." 

Purchase Head & Shoulders' Clinical Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo at Target for $12.19.

Best dandruff shampoo with a built-in tool

When washing our hair, our fingers tend to get the job done. But scalp massagers are always welcome to get even more thorough, especially when it comes to dandruff and a flaky scalp. For this, Tph's Taraji Master Cleanse Scalp Shampoo is perfect.


The shampoo is formulated with witch hazel water, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil which all work to deeply cleanse your hair and soothe your scalp to help prevent flaking. But it goes above and beyond with a built-in scalp massager which features three tips to add an extra level of exfoliation, allowing the shampoo to penetrate deeply. It also massages your scalp to help invigorate it and encourage healthy hair growth. One Target reviewer especially loved the tool component, "The applicator allows the product to hit the scalp exactly and not get lost in my hair so no product is wasted." 

Purchase Tph's Taraji Master Cleanse Scalp Shampoo at Target for $18.29.

Best dandruff shampoo for dry hair

Dandruff shampoos are often also clarifying shampoos, and while that is necessary for dandruff, it can become an issue if you have dry hair as well. If this predicament sounds familiar to you, you'll want to try Philip Kingsley's Flaky Scalp Cleansing Shampoo. 


Philip Kingsley is a fan-favorite haircare brand, and the Flaky Scalp Cleansing Shampoo is yet another hit product. The gentle shampoo is developed by trichologists and is designed to cleanse and clarify your hair without stripping it. It uses Cocamidopropyl Betaine to treat your dandruff as well as anti-microbial Piroctone Olamine to maintain your hair's health. It is formulated to be as gentle as possible, making it great for dry hair types or color-treated hair. One Philip Kingsley reviewer raves, "Calms and soothes my scalp within one wash, a little goes a long way. I also like that it leaves hair feeling squeaky clean."

Purchase Philip Kingsley's Flaky Scalp Cleansing Shampoo at Phillip Kingsley for $40.


Best plant-based dandruff shampoo

Klorane is known for providing gentle, simple, and clean beauty products. The Balancing Shampoo offers a gentle alternative to dandruff treatment. With an all-natural plant-based formula, this shampoo focuses on using galangal to eliminate any flakiness, as well as gently exfoliating your scalp with lactic acid. 


The shampoo works to promote a healthier scalp biome by gently cleansing your hair without stripping it of its natural moisture balance. The gel formula is gentle and doesn't lather too much to avoid drying out your scalp. The shampoo is biodegradable, vegan, hypoallergenic, and even dermatologist-tested. One Ulta Beauty reviewer shares, "My itchy, flaky, oily scalp is gone. Finally, I have a happy healthy scalp that doesn't itch and my hair isn't falling out like it was. I noticed in just 1 wash!!"

Purchase Klorane's Balancing Shampoo at Ulta Beauty for $24.

Best fast-working dandruff shampoo

Each and every pick in this roundup is effective at treating dandruff, but if you're looking for something that's going to do it super quickly then Neutrogena's T/Gel Extra Strength Therapeutic Shampoo is the pick for you.


This one has always been a popular pick for dandruff shampoos, and it's because of how powerful it is, as it uses 1% of coal tar to effectively treat your scalp. The alcohol-free shampoo is gentle enough for daily use, and contains added conditioners to avoid drying out your strands. One Target reviewer confirms just how effective it is, "This product works within the first use, I had dandruff and after using this shampoo with a scalp massager, all the flakes were gone."

Purchase Neutrogena's T/Gel Extra Strength Therapeutic Shampoo at Target for $11.49.