12 Dress Trends That Will Define Your 2023 Style

A lot of people are afraid of dresses and tend to opt for the jeans and top combo even though a dress is often the easiest thing they could put on. If you tend to feel intimated by wearing a dress and usually only put one on for a special occasion, let us show you just how easy rocking a dress on an everyday basis can be.

Yes, dresses can look ultra-glam and sophisticated, but the right style of dress can also be rocked with a pair of sneakers and a hoodie — not to mention that some dresses are so comfy you will want to ditch pants forever. And once you realize that wearing a dress often means you only put one piece of clothing on and you're ready, there's no turning back. If you don't know where to start, here are the styles of dresses that will be big in 2023!

Slip dresses

Slip dresses have been trending for a couple of years now, and 2023 will be no different. From simple classic ones to intricate lacey pieces, a slip dress is one of those staple pieces that can be dressed up or down, as well as worn year-round. When it comes to this undergarment-like dress, layering is key. In the colder months, you can rock a slip dress with a chunky knit or a casual sweatshirt. To transition to spring, pair it with t-shirts or turtlenecks layered underneath. In the warmer months, you can wear a slip dress on its own, as it's one of those easy breezy pieces you can put on and immediately look dressed up.

Tube dresses

Early aughts fashion is still going strong in 2023, and when it comes to dresses, nothing screams Y2K like a tube dress. If you're wondering how to style it, tube dresses are not much different from slips. Layering is a great way to add some texture and intricacy to your outfit, and thrift stores are your best friend when it comes to finding this '90s and 2000s classic. If you're worried about the dress slipping, make sure you look for one with a silicon rubber strip alongside the inside of the top, which will make it stick to your skin better.

Tassel/fringe dresses

Tassels and fringe are one of the most exciting fashion trends we got to see on runways for 2023. Brands like Proenza Schouler, Jonathan Simkhai, and Chloé incorporated tassels in numerous clothing pieces, but the most memorable ones are definitely dresses. Of course, this look isn't everyone's cup of tea — only the brave ones amongst us dare to wear a dress fully covered in tassels. Luckily, there are also toned-down versions of this look that include a subtle fringe at the hemline of a dress, giving everyone a chance to dip their toes into this trend.

Sheer dresses

Sheer dresses are perhaps the most intimidating trend when it comes to this year, but fear not — rocking them is actually pretty easy. For a night out, you can wear a bodysuit or your prettiest lingerie under a sheer dress, but if you're planning to rock a sheer dress during the day, the best way to style it is underneath another dress. Make sure you play around with what you already have in your closet; even wearing a simple skintight tank top and leggings underneath a see-through maxi dress can work. Again, layering is key with this trend too!

Knitted dresses

Knitted dresses are the perfect thing to throw on if you want to be comfy, but you can't leave your house in sweatpants. Seriously, an oversized knitted dress feels like a warm blanket is hugging you, but it still looks like you put plenty of time and effort into your outfit. Styling one is also super easy as you don't need much: a pair of sneakers, boots, or heels, as well as some jewelry, and you're ready to go out the door!

Denim dresses

Denim has been a massive trend on runways for 2023, with designers dressing their models in head-to-toe denim looks. If you feel intimidated by rocking a pair of jeans with a denim top and a denim jacket — this is undoubtedly a tough look to pull off — opting for a denim dress is an easy way to rock the trend without being overwhelmed. This isn't even to mention that denim dresses are incredibly durable, meaning that if you invest in one, you will have it for years (or even decades).

Sequin dresses

Sequin dresses were a huge trend in the early aughts, but in the late 2000s and early 2010s, they were taken down from the thrown by bodycon dresses, which became immensely popular thanks to the Kardashians and Insta baddies. However, sequin dresses are having a comeback, so check the back of your older sister's or mother's (or even your own) closet. While sequin dresses are mostly worn on nights out, they can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers and an oversized denim jacket.

Slit dresses

When someone mentions a slit dress, most of us immediately think of the black Versace gown Angelina Jolie wore to the 2012 Academy Awards. This year, expect slit dresses to be everywhere, and while we will see them on red carpets, we will also see casual versions in everyday life. Because a dress that shows off your leg is already eye-catching, it doesn't need much accessorizing, which makes it the perfect piece to throw on when you don't have too much time to get ready.

Drop waist dresses

Drop waist dresses were all the rage in the 1920s, and this year you can expect the vintage trend to come back — but in a modernized version. Drop waist dresses are perfect for a day of running errands as they tend to be a bit oversized, which makes them ultra comfortable. While anyone can rock a drop waist dress, those with a shorter torso will particularly benefit from this trend, as it visually elongates the upper half of your body.

Metallic dresses

This year, everyone deserves to be at the center of attention, and nothing is more showstopping than a metallic dress. Frankly, there are so many versions of metallic dresses out there that there is no excuse, everyone should own one. If you're going to a party, wear a metallic dress with booties and a leather jacket; if you're going to lunch, wear a metallic dress with a knit sweater and some sneakers; if you're going to a wedding, wear a metallic dress with strappy heels and a classy blazer. No matter the occasion, you will look your best, and people will remember you!

Bubble dresses

Bubble dresses are known for their voluminous skirts, which have a folded hem that creates the "bubbly" effect. Most commonly, bubble dresses are short, as long ones would quickly look too princessy. Rocking a bubble dress doesn't require much accessorizing, as its unusual shape is already eye-catching enough. Even though they can be worn year-round because of their puffiness, bubble dresses are best worn in the warmer months without any layers (as those would just cover the style up).

Midi dresses

If you bought any midi dresses in the mid-2010s when they were all the rage, congrats — go look for them in your closet. This year, midi dresses will be dressed up and down as more and more people realize just how timeless this trend is. If you're wondering what length suits you, make sure the dress doesn't cut you off at the widest part of your calf since that can make you look shorter than you are. Instead, opt for dresses that cut right under your knee or 2 to 3 inches above your ankle.