The Fashion Resolutions You Should Make In The New Year

Happy New Year! With another 365 days done and dusted, new exciting possibilities full of hope and optimism are on the way. At the risk of sounding cliché (too late, right?), there really is no better time than the new year to welcome a fresh start and new opportunities into your life. There's a reason New Year's resolutions have become so popular. In fact, according to YouGovAmerica, 2023 is a time of resolution for one-third of the American population who set goals for themselves heading into the new year.


Whether you have a long list of resolutions each year or don't believe in them whatsoever, the new year is the perfect time to reflect on where you're at in life and readjust with intention if necessary. And while making goals to grow your savings account or hit the gym are excellent choices, you may want to look toward your closet for inspiration as well. If you're interested in upping your fashion game this year, then setting fashion resolutions will be the best place to start. Here are some of the best ones you should make in the new year. 

Clean out and declutter your closet

When was the last time you decluttered and organized your closet? We know it's a dreaded task that's worthy of a million eye rolls, but decluttering your closet lays the groundwork so that you can reach the rest of your fashion goals. If you have no idea where to begin, rest assured there are numerous techniques you can follow, one of which is the tried-and-true four-box method. With this method, you want to label four boxes: sell, donate, keep, and throw away. Go through each article of clothing, placing each in its respective bin, and hopefully -– fingers crossed -– you have a healthy amount in the other containers not labeled "keep."


Victoria Bance, creator of Declutter & Organize with Victoria, recommends asking yourself these questions when going through your clothing: "Do you wear it?" "When was the last time you wore it?" "Do you love it?" and "does it fit?" (via Homes & Gardens). Be very honest with yourself when answering these questions. Psst — just because you may want to wear it "someday" doesn't mean you should hold onto it. Let someone else give that shirt some love if you haven't worn it in years!

Ditch fast fashion and support small businesses

If you love your trendy and affordable wardrobe full of Shein, Fashion Nova, H&M, and Forever 21, we don't blame you. However, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those fashion retailers are "major players in the fast-fashion market," according to Investopedia. These companies quickly produce garments at an unattainable speed, which eventually end up in landfills within a few years once those fashion staples are no longer deemed trendy.


If you can't stay away from your favorite fast fashion retailers, we recommend at least limiting the amount you purchase and taking a look at small businesses instead. That way, you are supporting your community and putting money in the pockets of those with ethical business practices, especially if they go above and beyond in the realm of environmental friendliness. Or, check out your local thrift shops to give pre-loved garments another chance at life.

Experiment more (while still staying true to yourself)

The new year is the perfect time to branch out and try new styles, patterns, prints, and colors. If you're a fan of the neutral style, try to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Or perhaps you own one too many pairs of leggings (is that even a thing?) and are looking to elevate your pant wear into classier territories. Whatever it may be, experimenting with your style is a fun way to expand your wardrobe and take your fashion sense to new heights.


With experimentation comes the fear that you will lose yourself in the process, but that doesn't have to be the case. Try playing with different lengths, textures, and styles as long as you remain confident in your decisions, no matter how they may look to others. However, try not to step too far out of your comfort zone because mental comfort is most important. If your new outfit makes you shrink in insecurity, don't wear it. When you feel good, you look good.

Get refitted for a bra and find your go-to one

If you're a bra-wearer, chances are, you know how it feels to wear the incorrect size. Not only is it super uncomfortable, with wires poking in unpleasant places and your girls squished a little too tight, but it can also ruin your outfit. A properly fitting bra will not only boost your confidence but elevate your look as well. According to Aboutanos Plastic Surgery, you shouldn't purchase a new bra without getting refitted first since the breasts are always fluctuating throughout different stages of life. 


Getting refitted for a bra is perhaps the easiest New Year's resolution you could achieve. It takes less than five minutes, and the relief you will feel when receiving your correct size will be worth taking into the new year. From there, you can begin to wisely build up your bra collection and find your go-to bra that will be the perfect undergarment for any ensemble. And if you're the braless type, it's never a bad idea to have one on hand for those outfits that may need it.

Wear more of the clothes you already have

Clothes shopping is a hobby that many fashionistas enjoy. Sometimes, you may even find yourself at the mall wondering, "how did I get here?" If you're a shopaholic, your secret is safe with us, but sometimes shopping in your own closet is the best way to produce cute new outfits you didn't even know you had. Plus, it will save you money, which you can put toward other things -– like shoes! The truth is, it is possible to get more out of your wardrobe so that you can resist the urge to hit the mall every time you need a new outfit. 


Try taking the pieces you usually reach for and throwing them toward the back of your closet or dresser. Out of sight, out of mind! That way, the clothing you don't often wear is in plain view, giving you the opportunity to include them in your outfits and wear them more. This process doesn't take much time and can be done once a week to shake up your closet to reveal clothes you forgot you even had.

Give your style a complete 180

If you're bored with your current style and want to revamp your look completely, the new year is an ideal time to do it. The best first place to start is social media, of course. Scroll through TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest for outfit inspiration, and save what resonates with you. Is there an influencer whose style you absolutely love? Take those outfit ideas with you on your next shopping spree, and purchase items that fit your lifestyle and goals.


You'll want to stick to the basics and purchase staple pieces so that you can mix and match your new items to fit various outfits. Avoid breaking the bank by opting for "timeless designs," according to Fashion Mingle. Don't be a victim to fast fashion for the sake of your new style. Reach for pieces that never go out of style, like a good pair of denim jeans and neutral button-downs. Your new wardrobe will certainly have you saying, "new year, new me."