How To Store Your Makeup Brushes So They Don't Become A Jumbled Mess

Makeup brushes are a critical part of many makeup routines. They apply the product to your face, so they must be clean and soft to do their job effectively. If not, they could cause you to develop cosmetic acne from any bacteria and dirt on the brushes. Their bristles could also become damaged and fall apart. To get the most from your makeup brushes, you need to store them properly.


Neat Shop Beauty explains that before deciding how to store your brushes, you should declutter the ones you have. Then you'll be able to save space and won't have to dig through a ton of brushes that you don't use to find the one you need. Finding the perfect storage container is the next step. They will keep everything organized and easily accessible. Depending on the types of brushes you own and where you do your makeup, there is a container that will work best for you.

Brush roll or cosmetic bag

Do you apply your makeup in the bathroom? If so, you should choose a brush roll or cosmetic bag to store your makeup brushes. The bathroom has a lot of bacteria that could land on the brushes' bristles if you leave them out. Then that bacteria gets transferred to your face when you put your makeup on. Brush rolls and cosmetic bags prevent that from happening because they completely cover your brushes. Washable fabric or silicone bags are best, so you can clean them with your brushes when they get dirty.


Stasher explains that these options are best for double-ended brushes because it takes the pressure off the bristles by storing them horizontally. These bags are also good for keeping your counters organized. Instead of having your brushes laid out for everyone to see, you can safely tuck them away in a drawer without damaging them. If you couldn't part with any excess brushes, using multiple bags will help keep everything in order. One bag should be for the ones you use every day, while the other is for the ones you don't use often.

Mason jars, empty candles, thrifted vases

Another way to store your makeup brushes and keep them organized is in a cup. Into The Gloss explains that storing your makeup brushes standing up helps prevent the bristles from bending or breaking. You should always put them into the container with the bristle side facing up. This option allows you to include your brushes in your home's d├ęcor. Instead of hiding them away, they're out on the counter or on a vanity in a decorative container.


Acrylic makeup organizers are available at most retail stores. However, if you need help finding something that fits your style, you can make almost anything work as a makeup brush holder. Items like vases, tins, mason jars, pencil holders, and empty candles will work exactly the same. Many of these containers can be found at thrift stores for a reduced price. Plus, shopping second-hand is good for the environment by keeping those items out of the landfill.