Should You Use Shaving Cream When Shaving Your Bikini Line?

When it's time to hit the pool, lake, or beach, an unkempt bikini line can really get in the way of sunbathing success. While shaving one's legs or armpits becomes pretty close to second nature over time, managing the bikini area takes a little extra finesse that many people struggle with. A lot of this is because the skin in the bikini area is more delicate than other spots since it's naturally thinner and, therefore, easier to compromise. As a result, the bikini skin is prone to irritation, which results in unsightly bumps and even welts when handled too roughly.


Another factor that makes the bikini line tougher to maintain is the simple fact that the hair in the area is thicker and coarser than on the legs, so it's more difficult to get a close, clean shave. These hairs also naturally try to grow back into the skin, causing potentially painful bumps that can even get infected if left to their own devices.

Yes, you should use shaving cream on your bikini line

In a pinch, it's possible to shave the bikini area without any lubricating product, but the end result won't be the smooth skin you're looking for. In fact, it might wind up looking downright angry!

Resist the urge to rush along the bikini line maintenance process. Instead, follow some tried-and-true steps to achieve a bikini line that won't draw the eye or cause unwanted embarrassment. First, make sure the area is nice and damp, dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine tells Stylecaster. This is a critical step because wetting the hair makes it softer and easier to shave, Dr. Levine explains. Using a clean razor (Dr. Levine says to change the cartridge after ten shaves), gently shave the area once it has been lathered up with either shaving gel or cream. The product helps to keep the skin well-hydrated and soothed, ideally preventing any post-shave angriness. It also keeps you from accidentally shaving off the top layer of skin, which is just not a good look on anyone.


Make sure your shaving cream contains these key ingredients

All shaving cream products are not created equally, especially with the bikini area in mind. In fact, dermatologic surgeon Dr. Dendy Engelman told Women's Health that moisturizing components like coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil are must-haves on the shaving cream ingredient list. They'll keep the area hydrated while also protecting it from even the most overzealous razor's edge.


Experts also recommend moisturizing the bikini area after the shave, a step that's often overlooked. This is best done using a product that is fragrance-free, as the area is more sensitive post-grooming. Many dermatologists also recommend that the area be gently exfoliated on the regular to prevent ingrown hairs, clear out dead skin cells, and prevent other ugly irritations. Women's health expert Dr. Leah Millheiser told Healthline that this should be done three times per week, but some dermatologists recommend daily exfoliation for best results. Just like the actual bikini maintenance process, exfoliation frequency is something of a personal choice.