19 Beauty Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere In 2023

A new year always brings new beauty trends, and 2023 certainly has many. To help you be on top of them, we decided to look at makeup, nail, hair, and skincare trends that experts predict will be massive this year. As far as makeup and hair go, the renaissance of trends from the '90s and 2000s will continue. For skincare, less will be more. And nails will look quite different from what we're used to.

Per Beauty Pie, a significant influence on trends continues to be social media, and platforms like TikTok and Instagram allow everyone to express what they like and dislike. Because of that, many of this year's trends have originated on the platforms, and if you spend more time on them than you should, you might even recognize a few! Of course, don't feel pressured to jump on any of these; only explore them if they appeal to you.

Tumblr-inspired coquette makeup

If you spent a lot of time on Tumblr in the early 2010s, you probably remember the coquette aesthetic. In 2023, it's expected to come back in the form of makeup which means that you should stick to pink shades of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick — and plenty of blending. "For that hyperfeminine look, you don't want to see any harsh lines," makeup artist Georgie Eisdell tells Nylon. "Once you think you've finished blending, blend a little bit more."

Messy layered haircuts

Messy layered haircuts were already big in 2022, and the trend isn't going anywhere. Whether you opt for the wolf or the butterfly haircut, make sure your layers are well-blended and face-framing. "Bounce and texture will be prominent next year, with a desire amongst clients for naturally healthy-looking locks," Laura Elliot, the head of education at haircare professionals Salon Promotions, tells Glamour.

Y2K makeup

Another 2022 trend that will continue growing even more this year is Y2K — in particular, the makeup it is known for. This means that the era of matte and neutral eyeshadows is officially over. According to makeup artist Marcelo Gutierrez, the colors you should look for are "metallics, glitter, and an array of pastels you see reflecting off of a CD" (via Vogue).

Short nails

Super-long nails have been trending for years now, but 2023 will be different. This year, experts predict that short nails will be more popular. "2023 will be the year of the shorties," nail expert Juli Russell tells PureWow. "Shorter lengths, sheer nude polishes, and healthy-looking nails will be all the rage in 2023." Those who have rocked long nails for a while should put those on hold and try out something more natural-looking.

Skincare minimalism

The skincare industry flourished during the coronavirus pandemic and we all learned about the difference between retinoids and retinols, what the best chemical exfoliant is, and if skin cycling works. While having an extensive skincare routine worked while stuck at home, it isn't as manageable in everyday life post-pandemic. 

In 2023, it's all about skincare minimalism. "A great skincare routine is not about the quantity but rather the quality of the products you're using. You do not need to use a 10-step regimen daily, as we've grown accustomed to seeing on social media," celebrity facialist Sophie Carbonari tells PureWow.

Gemini Hair

If you're considering dying your hair this year, a massive trend on the horizon is Gemini Hair. "Geminis don't have to choose — your hair shouldn't have to either. In 2023, two-toned tresses will take off more than ever. Gen Z and Millennials are behind this rising trend in hair color that mixes natural hues with bright blues, purples, and pinks," says a press release from Pinterest Business. And if you're not a fan of vibrant hair colors, you can always opt for a brown and blonde combo!

'90s grunge makeup

Many fashion and beauty trends from the '90s and early aughts are back, and one of them is grunge. This is excellent news for those who hate spending too much time on their makeup, as all they have to do is smudge some eyeliner and dab some dark red or magenta lipstick on their lips. "Think Kate Moss or a hint of Courtney Love in the '90s," celebrity makeup artist Sir John reveals to Allure.

Side parts

Gen Z has been making fun of millennials for their deep side parts for a couple of years now — but the joke is on them because the hair trend seems to be having a comeback. "The side-parting's renaissance will be in full swing next year," hair expert Nicole Petty tells Glamour, referring to 2023. Hairstylist Nicholas Taylor notes to PureWow that celebs like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez have been spotted with side parts recently — and there is no doubt that both are tremendous fashion and beauty trendsetters.

Latex lips

A lip trend we will see a lot of this year is latex-like lips. "We are going to see lip color that's more in your face — really bold, super opaque reds, purples, oranges, even browns and grays," makeup artist Melissa Hernandez tells Allure. Latex lips are easily achieved with a lip stain and a lip oil combo, but any products that give you vibrant color and a beautiful shine will achieve the look!

Personalized skincare routines

Since minimalist skincare routines will be trending, picking products that work is important. Celebrity facialist Sophie Carbonari admits that trends like skin cycling and slugging (which were huge in 2022) might work for some, but plenty of people don't see any benefits from them. "Our skin can tell you what it needs — you just have to listen. Do your research and speak with your dermatologist or facialist to determine which ingredients and routines are best for you," Carbonari tells PureWow.

Preppy hair accessories

Hair accessories are another trend that seems to be on the rise, and this year it will be all about the preppy ones. "As seen on fashionistas like Gigi Hadid and Keke Palmer, the secret to the preppy look a la Blair Waldorf is accessories," trend expert at Cliphair, Brenda Lee Intignano, reveals to Glamour. She suggests opting for hair bows, ribbon headbands, and pearl-encrusted hair clips.

Skincare products containing chebula

If you've never heard of chebula, you're definitely not the only one. However, in 2023, many people will get to know about it thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties. Hollywood star Brooke Shields revealed to Glamour that she uses the True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream. "It really does help with the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and dehydrated skin," she says. Chebula is a tree grown in South and Southeast Asia, and it yields small fruits that are used for skincare products.

Bold nail accents

Even though shorter nails will be more popular, that doesn't mean they will be boring. Experts predict that in 2023 accent nails in bold shades will be popular. "Rather than an all-over hue, I predict that brights will be used to outline and accent nails," senior brand ambassador for Mylee, Tinu Bello, reveals to Glamour. Some of the shades she expects to see a lot more of include "blue, purple, yellow, and orange."

Barely any makeup

This year good skincare will be prioritized, which is why natural no-makeup makeup will trend. "I expect to see fresh-faced makeup," makeup artist Mary Phillips tells Allure. "People are using more tinted serums, tinted moisturizers, and tinted SPFs instead of heavy matte foundations." 

Besides using a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, cream products like blush and contour will be popular as they look more natural. To finish the look off, consider opting for brown instead of black mascara.

Body products with active ingredients

Over the past couple of years, active ingredients in facial skincare products have become incredibly popular, and experts predict that this year consumers will want those ingredients in their body products as well. "We'll see more skincare brands taking beneficial actives from their skincare lines and apply it to products for other parts of the body," Nina Zilka, from the skincare brand Alder New York, tells Camille Styles. Using body products with exfoliating acids or vitamin C will make your skin perfectly healthy and glowy for the summer. Just don't forget to always apply SPF!

Copper and auburn hair

In 2022, models like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted rocking copper hair and the trend quickly picked up. "As a continuation of the copper and burnt orange shades we are seeing now, auburn coloring is expected to become increasingly popular in 2023," Laura Elliot, the head of education at haircare professionals Salon Promotions, tells Glamour. While copper hair suits plenty of people, those who don't like how it looks on them can opt for darker shades of red, like auburn or even maroon.

Scalp-care products

Anyone who uses TikTok surely remembers how popular DIY rosemary scalp products were last year. This year, scalp products will only become more popular as people realize how much a healthy scalp affects their hair. "Hair can appear limp and lifeless or become overly greasy due to buildup on the scalp from hair care products, environmental factors, or minerals and chlorine from hard water or pool water," Dr. Conny Wittke tells Camille Styles. Scalp products that exfoliate and nourish your skin can help your hair be less greasy, grow stronger, and appear shinier.

Multi-purpose makeup products

2023 will be all about using as few products in your makeup routine as possible. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to give things up — instead, you should opt for multi-purpose products. "As someone who is always on the go, a single product that works three ways is ideal for speeding up my beauty routine," celebrity makeup artist Jen Tioseco tells Vogue. Think about cream blushes that can be used as lip tints and eyeshadows!

A healthy skin barrier

Using too many active skincare ingredients simultaneously can wreak havoc on your skin barrier. If you're experiencing irritation, acne, and redness, your skin barrier is most likely damaged. Experts predict that products that help heal the barrier will be huge in 2023. "In a post-pandemic world, the interest in health is driving skincare choices from an inside-out perspective," Lisa Payne, head of beauty at forecasting firm Stylus, tells Glamour. "The skin barrier and ingredients like ceramides and probiotics are center stage."