The Jewelry Item That Will Add A Bit Of Edge To Your Looks In 2023

Everyone who has seen Kourtney Kardashian's edgier revamped style or noticed that Avril Lavigne's music has been trendy again in 2022 and 2023 is aware that the emo subculture is having a moment in the fashion and pop culture worlds. Moreover, '90s jewelry trends are making a big comeback, as that era is still influencing fashion in 2023. S&M-inspired looks have also been going more mainstream, as many fashion enthusiasts are wearing and styling a leather harness in and out of the bedroom. So, what bold jewelry item combines aspects of emo style, '90s-inspired influence, and S&M? Leather chokers.

Whether you're about to break out your old leather choker from the '90s or are perhaps buying one for the first time, you should know that these bold accessories are more versatile than you'd initially think. There are many ways to rock a leather choker in 2023, as long as you don't mind embracing your darker side.

A black leather choker can edge up a girly top

Are you looking for a subtle way to add a bit of edge to your favorite pink top? A slim black leather choker could be exactly what you've been hoping to find. The necklace will add a darker twist to the girly pink top for contrast, adding more dimension to the overall look. If you want to keep within the cutesy theme, look for one with a playful detail, such as a heart.

Try a sexy lace option

The combination of sleek leather and delicate lace always provides an enticing appearance for a provocative and contrasting ensemble. Thus, a black choker featuring both leather and lace can instantly become the focal point for any outfit, helping you give off daring alt-girl or chic gothic energy, whether you're wearing a unique top or a plain black T-shirt.

Go luxurious with diamonds or gems

Of course, "luxurious" probably isn't the first word that comes to mind when you think of leather chokers, but these accessories can be shockingly glamorous and even elegant. Investing in a choker with diamond or jewel details can help you add a stylish, trendy finishing touch to your favorite work or special occasion outfits.

Spikes are so punk

Elegant and classy may not be what immediately comes to mind, but "punk" probably is one of the first words you think of when you hear about the leather choker trend. The look is undeniably daring, so why not lean into that punk-inspired boldness and opt for a necklace with some spikes? It's the perfect accessory to a classic '90s look, or it can be updated by pairing it with something more modern and chic.

Chains add more drama

Whether you plan on wearing a leather choker to a concert or a punk-themed party, there's no denying that chain details elevate the accessory from sleek and cool to dramatic and ultra-edgy. Leather chokers with chain embellishments may not be practical for everyday wear, depending on your profession and where you work, but they're perfect for those nights when you want to make a statement.

Have fun with asymmetry

Asymmetrical tops and dresses are effortlessly unique and chic, so if you like that style, why not experiment with asymmetrical accessories, too? Chokers that appear to be made of leather on one side and another material, such as gold, beads, velvet, or pearls on the other are effortlessly intriguing and can instantly elevate minimalistic outfits. It also softens the potential harshness of the leather, making this a shockingly wearable and easy-to-style option.