Astrology Expert Outlines What You Should And Shouldn't Do During A New Moon

Much like the moon's gravitational pull can affect ocean tides, many people feel that the moon exerts its influence over our lives, from our energy levels to our spiritual awareness. In recent years, this has led to a resurgence of full moon rituals like moon bathing, tarot reading, and charging moon water.

But this rhythm isn't just about the peak of the full moon. Many proponents of astrology and spiritual work believe that the moon's waxing and waning may impact your life all throughout the lunar cycle. For instance, there's a big difference between full moon and new moon energy. Whereas the full moon represents completion and endings, the new moon brings a sense of potential, self-reflection, and fresh beginnings.

As such, some tasks and rituals are well-suited to the period of darkness around the new moon, while others are decidedly not. To find out more about navigating this enigmatic lunar phase, we spoke to celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman about dos and don'ts during the new moon. Here's what she revealed.

Do say goodbye

In contrast with the finality of the full moon, new moons embody the kickoff of fresh projects and ideas. However, it's tough to give your full energy to new endeavors when old habits or obligations are taking up your time. This is why Honigman suggests using the new moon as a chance to release anything that may be holding you back.

"The new moon is the perfect chance for a fresh start," says Honigman. "As the new moon is reborn, so are our opportunities to start something new. There's no point in dragging old projects, friendships, or relationships that no longer serve us. Use the time of the dark moon as a full stop. Delete or throw away the old, and this will help bring in the new."

It can be tough to let go, but holding onto everything will only spread your energy thin and prevent you from devoting yourself fully to your current priorities. If you feel guilty about saying goodbye to hobbies, habits, or even people, let yourself instead feel gratitude for the value they brought to your life in the past. Then acknowledge that their era has ended, and now it's time to move forward on the swell of potential that grows from new moon to full.

Do set goals

Once your slate has been well and truly cleared, that gives you plenty of space to start setting intentions for the coming month. The constant rotation of the lunar cycle means you have endless opportunities to define and redefine your goals, no matter what time of year it is.

"New Year's resolutions are nice and all, but if they're unsuccessful, do we have to wait a whole year for the next chance?" Honigman questions. "Jump on every new moon to reaffirm old goals and add to them new goals. As the moon grows, you'll have a visual representation in the sky of your success growing."

As Honigman points out, tying your progress to the waxing and waning of the moon can give you a constant feeling of movement in your goals, neatly sidestepping the feelings of failure or discouragement that can sometimes accompany lapsed resolutions. Didn't accomplish everything on your list this month? No problem. Let the new moon refresh your energy to start again.

Do sleep tight

During the darkness of the new moon, think of yourself as a seedling taking root underground. Your energy may feel low, but that's simply because you're gathering strength that will build on itself as the moon gets larger. This means that the new moon is a perfect time to let yourself rest and prepare, both mentally and physically.

"The benefits of a good night's sleep can't be overstated. Whereas the full moon period is a time to stay up and make our wishes and charge our moon water, the new moon period is the exact opposite. Shut your eyes and let sleep take over," Honigman suggests.

She also encourages attentiveness to the new ideas and inspiration that may appear through unconsciousness. "In sleep, we find our mental nourishment, and in sleep, we find physical freshness. But most importantly, in sleep, the dreams come. And in dreams come messages. Don't forget to leave pen and paper by the bedside for your dream journal."

Don't be lazy

There is an important caveat to the restfulness of the new moon. During this lunar lull, allow yourself to seek calm and recentering, but don't let laziness sneak in and undermine your goals. Lethargy, sloppiness, and procrastination will create a poor springboard for any fresh intentions that you're hoping to initiate during the new moon period.

As Honigman explains, "The new moon is the perfect time to set the scene in readiness for the month ahead. The neater your environment is, the easier it will be for you to think clearly, use empowering language with yourself and others, and focus your intent for the month ahead without distractions. A mess around us equals a mess inside us."

To set your new moon goals up for success, try putting a literal spin on the clean slate concept. Tidy up your home, organize notes and mood boards, update your calendar, and create a solid foundation for the coming weeks. It may take a little effort to get going, but your future self will thank you when it comes time to complete projects at the full moon.

Don't overshare

If you tend to reach out for a social recharge when your energy gets low, it can be tempting to say too much during the new moon. But don't let that low energy trick you into oversharing in search of a connection. You are a complex, multifaceted being, and some of those hidden facets are just for you.

"The dark moon is a time for secrets and mysteries," Honigman shares. "It's alright to write up your to-do list and not post it to social media. It's alright to be secretive about your desires. It's even absolutely fine to date someone without anyone else getting involved! In our oversharing society, it may be unusual to keep some things under your hat, but it benefits your sense of autonomy when you keep some things away from public eyes."

If your mouth or social media accounts tend to run away with you, the new moon may be a good time to get a little distance. Consider taking a social media break to preserve your privacy and mental clarity, or try spending more time meditating and less time texting. Broadcasting your whole life isn't necessary for personal fulfillment, and having a vibrant, private inner world can be a reward of its own. So take advantage of the new moon's self-reflective energy to turn your attention inward and cultivate the thoughtful, secret parts of your personality.