We Already Know What Engagement Ring Trends Are Going To Be Hot With 2023 Brides-To-Be

Brides in 2023 are continuing to stray from cookie-cutter style engagement rings and standard white diamonds, favoring designs with more character and personality. "We're continuing to see our clientele favor the mood and design over size," jewelry brand Catbird representative Sriya Karumanchi tells Bustle. "Unique, unexpected settings and deep sapphires, emeralds, and black diamonds are a few of the non-traditional options we've seen continue to rise in popularity." 

While some classic styles, such as minimalist solitaire sparklers, will always be popular choices with brides, modern ring designs are trending toward the unconventional. This year's brides are all about asymmetry, dazzling stones arranged in unique shapes, and multiple stone settings that are symbolic of the couple. Sustainability and environmentally-friendly stones are also on trend, from lab-grown diamonds and gorgeous antique cut stones to sentimental heirloom pieces finding new life in modern settings. If you plan to get engaged this year, the following guide highlights the engagement ring trends that will be hot with 2023 brides. 

Single-oval diamond

Round-cut center stone engagement rings have historically been a bridal favorite, offering a timeless shape and plenty of sparkle. However, single-oval diamonds are rapidly growing in popularity and are on trend to be one of the top engagement ring styles in 2023. "There has been a huge jump in requests for an oval-shaped diamond Halo ring, whether they are regular or hidden halo rings, they are definitely a lot more fashionable right now," diamond expert Tony French tells Woman & Home. "I think the halo oval rings will be in the ascendancy and are our second most popular choice after the round brilliant shape right now. 2023 will only get better for [the] oval."

Both minimalist and maximalist brides love the beautiful shape of a single oval diamond and its stunning simplicity. Oval-shaped diamonds are also flattering, creating an elongating effect on the fingers. "The oval shape is timeless, and the curves allow for endless stacking options," fine jewelry store founder Jillian Sassone tells The Knot. "They also tend to face up larger than they actually weigh."

Solitaire oval diamonds are suitable for pragmatic brides who want something classic that will hold its value. Solitaire diamonds are naturally larger stones that are generally of higher quality and have higher carat weight. They are also versatile pieces of jewelry that look beautiful with any kind of outfit and can be worn on any occasion.

Black diamond

Black diamonds are having a huge moment. Equal parts edgy, dramatic, and elegant, these gorgeous gemstones are associated with passion, power, and creativity. They are the perfect choice for 2023 brides who value fashion and creative expression. Hollywood and its trendsetting inhabitants are largely responsible for this opaque stone's surge in popularity. From Carrie Bradshaw to Shenae Grimes, black diamonds have been showing up on celebrity fingers in recent years in a variety of styles, cuts, and colored bands.

"There is a strong resurgence for black diamonds used in ceremonial styles, along with deep blues and other moody tones like gray spinel," fine jewelry designer Anna Sheffield tells The Zoe Report. In addition to their lovely color and bold statement, black diamonds are an ideal, everyday-wear stone. Diamond Wish notes that black diamonds are incredibly durable stones with a rank of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. They don't require much cleaning and can withstand exposure to different temperatures, chemicals, and cosmetic products. Although they are one of the rarest diamond colors, they aren't as popular as white or colorless diamonds, which makes them less expensive. Because of this, 2023 brides who want a bigger stone for less money may find their perfect match in a black diamond.

Three-stone settings

Three-stone engagement rings, also known as trilogy rings, may not be a new style but they are one with enduring popularity. Traditionally, this timeless setting includes a large center stone in a round or princess cut, flanked by two smaller stones (via Diamond Buzz). Modern jewelers also offer equal-sized trilogy rings with stones that have the same weight for a more modern take on the classic style.

Three-stone settings have a sweet symbolism that resonates with modern couples. Each stone represents a time in the couple's relationship, with the center stone symbolizing their present. "I think that the three stone, where it's kind of the past, present, future representation, is always going to be a timeless style," private jeweler Anna P. Jay tells Insider. "It's a way for people to get a larger look on their hand without having to make the investment in a larger stone." This style of ring also allows couples to get creative. While diamonds are a popular choice for all three stones, it is easy to swap in different gemstones that are more meaningful to the bride or the couple.

Toi et moi

Nothing says creative freedom quite like the uber-popular Toi et Moi engagement ring. French for "you and me," these two-stone rings combine unique cuts, shapes, and sizes together on one band. Although the style has been made popular in recent years thanks to celebrities like Megan Fox and Emily Ratajowski, its use dates back to the 1700s. According to the New York Times, French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte reportedly gave the ring its romantic name when he proposed to his wife with an engraved ring. The ring featured two pear-cut stones set side by side, one a sapphire and the other a diamond.

Toi et Moi engagement rings are perfect for capturing the unique essence of the person wearing them. Jeweler Taylor & Hart explains that most Toi et Moi rings feature two stones of a similar shape and size to maintain a sense of symmetry. However, couples can experiment with different shapes, cuts, and colored gemstones that reflect their individual tastes and preferences. Toi et Moi rings are also a lovely way to incorporate some sentimentality. If you have a family member you'd love to honor, taking a stone from their engagement ring or another piece of beloved jewelry is a sweet way to remember them. Ariana Grande famously did this with her Toi et Moi ring, pairing a pearl from her grandfather's tie pin alongside a tilted diamond sparkler (via The Knot). Regardless of the final design, Toi et Moi rings are a beautiful, modern style of which 2023 brides can't get enough.

Cluster stones

Next up, 2023 brides are big believers in blingy rings that make a statement, which is why cluster engagement rings are crazy popular. Cluster rings contain many small diamonds or gemstones placed close together to create an intense sparkle. Traditionally, cluster engagement rings featured smaller stones grouped around one large, central stone for a gorgeous framing effect. However, more and more brides are choosing to incorporate different colors and shapes into one design, creating hundreds of unique and meaningful arrangements.

Couples who love color and symbolism tend to be drawn to the stunning arrangements cluster rings allow. After all, a single ring can contain more than a dozen stones of varying sizes, shapes, and colors for maximum visual interest. "A lot of people are drawn to cluster rings because they want something non-traditional, and it allows them to create something totally unique," jeweler Sarah Ortega tells Brides. "Also, it's a nice way to incorporate sentimental stones, like birthstones or heirloom stones." The only limits are your imagination and budget. 

Bezel setting

This year's brides love a bold, modern, and sleek engagement ring, and the bezel setting delivers. One of the oldest stone settings, a bezel setting surrounds the ring's solitary stone with a thin, continuous band of metal. This beautiful frame provides protection for the stone, which is ideal if you want to swap out a diamond for a more delicate gemstone. People with active lifestyles and hands-on jobs may find the protective element of this engagement ring style particularly useful. Furthermore, the thin metal layer hides inclusions and blemishes in the stone while simultaneously making it look larger. It also prevents it from accidentally snagging on clothing.

Olivia Landau tells The Zoe Report that more and more couples are opting for this unique setting. "The bezel setting offers a sleek and modern twist to a traditional solitaire ring. We see bezel settings on mostly geometric shapes like emerald cuts, Asscher cuts, and radiant cut diamonds. However, we are also increasingly seeing more cushion cuts and ovals being set in bezels." There are two different kinds of bezel settings: a partial bezel and a full bezel. Partial bezels have metal that doesn't fully surround the stone, creating a more unique or modern look, and a full bezel setting completely covers the center stone.

Lab-grown diamonds

More and more brides are opting for lab-grown diamonds in lieu of traditional mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are engineered in a lab using advanced processes that duplicate natural conditions under which diamonds are formed (via Brilliant Earth). They are made from the same carbon material as natural diamonds and therefore have the same chemical and physical properties as a real diamond. However, lab-grown diamonds have fewer defects and are therefore brighter and more sparkly. They are easy to source and cut out the irresponsible and unethical mining practices many natural diamonds come from. These stunning, environmentally-friendly gemstones are also much more affordable than natural diamonds, which is a major plus for the budget-conscious bride.

The International Gem Society explains that although gem-quality lab-grown diamonds have been around since the 1970s, the presence of inclusions, price, and public misunderstanding of what the diamonds were made of kept them from being a true competitor with natural diamonds. However, demand is steadily increasing. An Allied Market Research report estimates that the market demand for lab-grown diamonds, which is currently valued at $19.3 billion, will reach $49.9 billion by 2030. "Consumer confidence in the product has been growing on a consistent basis, leading to where the industry is today," ALTR Created Diamonds president and founder Amish Shah tells Forbes. "This reduction in cost and increased availability to a wider audience is going to increase the width of the consumer base... That is a beautiful thing."

Antique cut diamonds

Antique or old-cut diamonds are stones cut anywhere from the 1300s to the mid-1930s, per The Diamond Pro. These diamonds were hand-cut and lack the meticulous, factory-made precision of modern diamonds. While this makes them less sparkly than modern diamonds, antique cut diamonds have a warmer color that lends each one a soft, romantic quality. They are one-of-a-kind stones that today's brides are placing in custom settings, giving new life to something with a storied history.

According to The Three Graces, antique cut diamonds have evolved over the centuries based on what was fashionable and the technology available to craftsmen. The oldest and most sought-after antique diamond cut is the rose cut. This centuries-old style features a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown and can have anywhere from three to 24 facets cut into it. The resulting shape is said to resemble a blooming rose. Other cuts like the old mine cut or the old European cut have similarities with modern cushion and round cut diamonds but are more organic in shape.

Antique cuts are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. As repurposed stones, they are socially responsible, conflict-free, and environmentally-friendly options that have a much smaller impact on the planet than a naturally mined diamond does. They also have a unique look that cannot be replicated. It can be quite difficult to find an antique cut diamond, but they create gorgeous rings for those that can locate one.

Vintage-inspired rings

The intricate details, unique personality, and overwhelming character of vintage-inspired rings are trending hard in 2023. Not only do these rings have a very distinctive look but they are also made with a diverse range of stones, cuts, and gorgeous band styles that make them easy to match with a bride's personality. "Approximately 10 to 15 years ago, we saw a real boom in women looking at Edwardian and Art Deco engagement rings," Michael Khordipour tells Forbes. "There is such diversity in these early 20th century staples and it began to appeal to women who wanted to stand out rather than blend in and who desired one-of-a-kind pieces. Since then, they have branched out and also favor styles that range from Victorian all the way through Retro '40s styles."

Vintage-inspired rings are not necessarily "vintage." According to Diamond Nexus, vintage-inspired rings are more likely to be modern rings crafted in a vintage-looking design. They capture the stylistic, old-world essence brides want but with modern materials that aren't as fragile and don't require the upkeep a true vintage ring does.

Emeralds and sapphires

Diamonds have reigned supreme ever since the diamond company De Beers launched its "A Diamond is Forever" campaign in the late 1940s (via The Atlantic). However, colored gemstones have actually been used for hundreds of years. In recent years celebrities like Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez, not to mention royals like Princess Catherine Middleton, have opted for brightly colored engagement rings, furthering their popularity amongst the public.

Modern brides love the possibilities for self-expression with colored gemstones present. Thanks to their natural durability and rich colors, stones like emeralds and sapphires are particularly popular. According to Brides, emeralds rank between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, while sapphires rank just under natural diamonds at 9. In addition to being scratch resistant, these stones are coveted for their fashionable prominence and their clarity. "These can either be as the center and main stone or as accents," designer Ashley Zhang tells Refinery29. "Using colored gemstones is a great way to have a unique look... These rings still feel bridal and special but also bold and different."

Target rings

"One style we've noticed growing in popularity is the target ring," Eliza Walter tells Country & Town House. "The craftsmanship involved in creating a target ring with hand-cut colored gemstones alongside beautiful ethical diamonds is so intricate..." According to Berganza, these stunning rings were first made in the Edwardian era and carried plenty of romantic sentiment for the wearer. Featuring concentric circles surrounding a large, central stone, target rings were designed to be a symbolic bullseye for Cupid to shoot his arrows into.

Traditionally, target rings were made with an inner circle of rubies and an outer circle of diamonds. The rubies were meant to symbolize passion while the diamonds represented eternal love. Nowadays, brides choose any colored gemstone that speaks to them, from emeralds and sapphires to amethyst. This style of ring is the perfect blend of a cluster ring and a solitaire with a unique vintage look that is equal parts glamorous and romantic.

One-of-a-kind rings

Bespoke, statement, and unconventional engagement rings are a huge trend for 2023 brides. They are drawn towards contemporary rings that showcase their unique personality and sense of style, wanting their rings to help them express their individuality while making them feel creative and connected to something special. 

One-of-a-kind rings with alternative designs may have special engravings, a unique accent gemstone, or combine several styles into one. Many brides are thinking outside of the box with their gemstones, opting for precious stones like iridescent opals or salt-and-pepper diamonds. Others are embracing edgy geometric cuts, double bands with floating stones, scrollwork, and more. The sky's the limit, which is something 2023 brides are into.

While "custom" often means "more expensive" in the world of fine jewelry, one-of-a-kind engagement rings are actually much more suitable for budget-conscious couples (via The Zebra). If you only have a specific amount to spend, you can create a special, personalized ring with a unique design that fits within your exact budget. The end result is a beautiful ring that reflects the bride and the unique story of the couple.