Learn How To Rock A Dazzling Pink Highlighter Just In Time For Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time to start planning your outfit. Whether you're going out to a romantic dinner with your partner or spending the day with your girlfriends, you should have a cute look to celebrate the day with the ones you love. If you want to stay on theme, then you may want to opt for a pink, red, or white color scheme.

Pink, the color of love and femininity, is the perfect shade to plan your Valentine's Day look around. Pink makeup can help give your complexion warmth and brightness, making you look as if you're glowing from the inside out. That's especially true of highlighter, which can add a little shimmer and color to your face. You can also use a highlighter to draw attention to some of your favorite features. Whether you go with a bold fuchsia or a soft blush pink, a pretty pink highlighter is the perfect addition to a Valentine's Day outfit.

For rosy cheeks

Give your skin that healthy, youthful glow by applying highlighter to your cheeks. A pink highlighter on the apples of your cheeks will make it look like you're just slightly flushing, bringing life to your face. The apples of your cheeks are a high point on your face, so they'll naturally catch the light, and the highlighter will shimmer. You can even take the highlighter up around the eyes in a C shape to help frame your face.

With a natural look

Bring out your inner beauty by allowing the highlighter to take center stage. Keep the rest of your makeup light and natural, especially on your face, and apply highlighter to high points like your cheeks, nose, and brow bones. This method is the perfect way to add a little shimmer, even if you don't like wearing a lot of makeup.

To brighten your eyes

If you consider your eyes your best feature, then you should brighten them up with highlighter. Choose a pink that compliments your eye shade and apply the highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes after you finish your eye makeup. The bit of extra shimmer will go a long way in brightening your eyes and complimenting the shadow you already put there.

Draw attention to your lips

For anyone hoping to end Valentine's Day with a kiss, you'll want all your date's attention to be on your lips. Use a bit of pink highlighter to feature your cupid's bow above your top lip and make them look poutier. Only use a little bit on the V-shape, as too much can look like you haven't wiped away sweat. Finish with a lip color or gloss for perfectly kissable lips.

An all-pink look

Take Valentine's Day to the max by creating an all-pink makeup look for the romantic day. Pink eyeshadow, lips, blush, and highlight will certainly give you the soft and feminine look you're after. You can also choose neon shades of pink to make a bold statement with your look. But remember that balance is key. A bold eye means you can go a little more subtle on the lips.

Paired with blush

Some highlighters can be quite subtle. But if you want a brighter shine, you don't have to pack on layers of highlighter. Instead, use a pink blush as the base and apply a highlighter on top to give your makeup a little extra punch of color. It's great for a more glamorous look but can also be toned down for a more subtle effect.

An all over glow

Applying a pink highlighter to a larger swath of your cheek can give your face the look of glowing all over. Start with the highlighter on your cheeks and brush it up to your temples, so your whole cheekbone can catch the light. Then, try applying it to the tip and bridge of your nose for a cute flushed touch.

With dark, edgy makeup

Going soft with your highlighter doesn't mean you have to go soft with the rest of your makeup. Allow a light pink highlighter to add a softness when the rest of your makeup, like a smokey eye, is bolder and moodier. The juxtaposition creates an interesting edgy and soft look that's sure to catch someone's eye.