What To Expect During Aquarius Season 2023

If you've been feeling a little down and out during Capricorn season and the first Mercury retrograde of 2023, then you'll be thrilled to learn that we have just transitioned fully into the Aquarius season. Starting January 20 and lasting until February 18, Aquarius season is a time of renewal and change. It is also a time for more imagination and creation than we've experienced in quite some time.


The Aquarius sign is credited as being one of great intelligence and wild unpredictability. Although often thought of as being a water sign due to being a water bearer, Aquarius is actually an air sign. According to USA Today, Aquarius is the ultimate air sign because Aquarians usher in progress and inspiration like the wind. This 2023 Aquarius season is said to benefit all signs in these areas. If you've been feeling the urge to try new things, connect with your loved ones on a deeper level, or get more invested in how you spend your time, it could very well be because of the arrival of this Aquarius season.

How Aquarius season affects those you love

Aquarius season is about connecting on a deeper level with those we love. According to Women's Health, it's not a time to reach out to friends on the fringe of your life, but to connect and form deeper bonds with those who truly understand you and where you've been. During this season, consider engaging in deeper conversations with your significant other. Learn to melt away the otherness you both might harbor with one another, and work to see things from a different perspective.


In addition, reach out to your extended family. Those who know us inside and out are exactly the people who need care and attention during this season. By focusing on those who get you and understand your intent, you can learn to let your guard down, relax, and settle into the sweet comfort of loving those closest to you. There is never a better time to focus on love than during this Aquarius season.

How Aquarius season affects your career

In terms of your career, 2023's Aquarius season is about refreshing and renewing your work life. A Venus and Saturn partnership on January 22 launches a new moon, which signifies cleansing, renewal, and a new beginning (via Nylon). As such, the new moon can usher in the birth of a new time in your career. Explore possible promotions, set your sights bigger than last year, and believe you are strong enough to conquer anything that stands in your way. Pursue your goals harder than ever before, and reap the benefits of this energetic phase.


In addition, you may be feeling the urge to try something new to shake yourself out of the norm. Use the energy of the Aquarius season to surprise yourself by attempting new endeavors. Take healthy risks that ensure you are enjoying the beautiful life you've built. Embrace the eccentric, find calm with those who love you, and create memorable experiences during this 2023 Aquarius season.