Tips For Getting Your Loved Ones To Help You With A Move

If you're moving while on a budget, one of the most cost-saving decisions you can make is choosing to solicit the help of your loved ones. According to Angi, saving money is one of the largest benefits of having your friends and family assist you, along with them also being able to help with things a moving company cannot provide, such as assistance during the evenings or to watch pets or children. At the same time, there are some downsides to asking those closest to you to help you move, including that it may end in injuries or broken possessions, and it could take more time. 


However, if you find that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, it's important to ask for assistance in a certain way. Moving is not a small task, and you'll need to be considerate of their time and energy and make sure your appreciation is shown. To do both these things, you'll want to follow the following five tips. 

Ask ahead of time

Because moving is such a large undertaking, make sure you give your friends and family ample time to consider whether or not they can commit to helping you. suggests giving them at least a week, but we would recommend providing even more time. At least a month may be better, as they'll need to check their schedules to make sure they are available.


It's also important to ask the right people. Those who have recently been complaining about how busy they are at work or those with young children may not be the best people to ask, as they probably won't be able to help. Further, it's important to ask in the right way; you should never pressure people to help through guilt, as this could damage your relationship. And, if someone says that they cannot offer a hand, try not to take it personally, as it is a large commitment that will require sacrifice from those who assist you. 

Inform them of the details

It's extremely important to provide those who offer to help with all the details of the move. Make sure they know when they need to be at your house and how long you estimate it will take. You should also let them know how much work they'll need to do and what kinds of tasks you need help with. For instance, maybe they'll be helping you clean and pack up boxes, or just move boxes and furniture. If they'll be moving furniture, tell them how heavy each piece is and how you plan to move it. Or, maybe you need someone to watch your children or pets — if so, let them know this.


When choosing what day to move, the weekend is the best option, as most people work during the week. Further, give them details on what they might want to wear, as you don't want them to ruin their clothing. And, when asking them to do specific tasks, keep the possibility of injuries in mind, as you don't want someone with a bad back bending to pick up heavy boxes or furniture.

Provide everything they'll need

There are quite a few things your loved ones will need when helping you move. Of course, they'll need plenty of refreshing water and snacks to keep their energy up. Also ensure you have all the right packing supplies on hand, including boxes, tape, a marker to label, and blankets or covers to keep furniture from getting damaged. The moving truck should also be parked out the front and ready to be packed. If you don't have these items before your loved ones arrive, they may have to wait as you run out to grab the items, which would waste their time. If they'll be helping you during a certain mealtime, it's also best to provide your helpers with more filling food as well. 


Dolly suggests having most of the work done before your helpers arrive, including organizing your possessions, placing them in boxes, taping up the boxes, and labeling them correctly. That way, when your friends and family arrive, all they'll need to do is carry everything to the moving truck.

Manage your expectations

Remember that your loved ones are not experts and may have never moved some of the items you own before. Because of this, you should have the correct expectations for the amount and the kinds of work they can do. While you may be stressed about the move, it's important to relax and give up some control. If your loved ones want to take a break, permit them to do so, or if they find that one way of packing is easier than your preferred method, allow them to do what they desire.


At the same time, you may want to hire a moving crew to carry out some of your most delicate, heavy, or prized possessions, as these could easily get damaged. According to U-Haul, some moving companies will just move one or a few pieces for a much lower price than if you hired them to do everything. This could be a great option for those items that you're the most concerned about breaking.

Show your appreciation

When deciding how to repay those who help you, there are plenty of options. If your friends or family are traveling a long distance to reach your home, it could be courteous to pay them back for their gas money. You could also provide them with another gift through a gift card, cash, or offering to take them out for a meal.


Since moving can be quite expensive, you may not have much money to give; if so, there are other ways to show your appreciation. It's always great to send a handwritten thank you note sharing how much you value their help. You could also trade them a service, such as offering to babysit their children or helping them move. Something that could benefit both parties is trading them one of your possessions that you no longer need for their services. For instance, if you have a lawn mower but you're downsizing to an apartment, you could give it to your loved one as a thank you.