How To Add Colorful Jewels Into Your Fashion Looks

When it comes to making an outfit stand out, it's all in the details. The same combination of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can look completely different depending on how you accessorize it. Beautiful gemstones not only add color and style, but they can instantly elevate your outfit with luxurious detail. According to Entrepreneur, if a gemstone is two carats or more, it can be considered an investment. But even if a stone isn't that large (or expensive), it can still be a good purchase.

That's because gemstones are timeless pieces that will remain in style from season to season, even as the trends change. Plus, they easily pair with a variety of outfits and can be dressed up and down, so you'll get your money's worth from all the stylish looks you can put together. No matter your vibe or color preferences, you can find the gems and jewels that work for your wardrobe.

Mix and match stones

Pair different stones to maximize the colors in your outfit. Consider creating a color scheme before mixing and matching the stones you wear to ensure they complement each other. But proceed with caution: Those who believe in astrology and gemology claim that certain gems should never be paired together. According to A Fashion Blog, wearing pearls with diamonds or emeralds with topaz can have negative effects. There are also plenty of other combinations that are frowned upon by astrology experts, so make sure to do your research if that kind of thing bothers you.

Wear your birthstone

Of course, the obvious choice for incorporating gemstones into your wardrobe is with your birthstone. Looking for your birthstone is a great place to start if you're new to buying and wearing gemstones. Each month has two birthstones: modern and traditional. So you'll have options for which one you want to wear. You can also use this list as an inspiration point for potential gemstones to wear. Birthstones aren't meant to limit you, so if your birthstone doesn't speak to you, opt for one from a different month.

Bling up a casual look

Gemstones can help make a casual outfit look sleeker and chicer. A laid-back pair of jeans or a simple black dress will look instantly elevated with the addition of gemstones. However, if you're going to have a go-to gemstone for your everyday looks, you have to take care of what you choose. For everyday wear, you want a gemstone that doesn't irritate your skin and is high on the hardness scale like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, advises Days Jewelers. That doesn't mean you can't wear soft gems like opals, pearls, and aquamarine, though. These may be better worn every few days instead.

Accent your fingers

Rings can accent your hands, fingers, and manicure. These are also a subtle way of adding color to your outfit because they're not a main accessory. Play around with styles as well as colors to create unique combinations. With rings, you also want to be careful with the hardness of the gemstone. If you use your hands a lot, you should be cautious as you can accidentally scratch softer gemstones. If you do have a ring with a softer gemstone, you may not want to wear it every day or only wear it on days when you won't be using your hands much.

Play with gem shapes

Different shapes can accentuate the color of the gemstones. For an edgy look, you can choose dark gemstones like onyx or salt-and-pepper diamonds in a kite or triangular shape. Or go light and feminine with an oval or pear-shaped pink sapphire or amethyst. The shape you choose can add plenty of personality to a gemstone and help cement your style. But if you're looking to get the most sparkle out of your gemstone jewelry, opt for a round cut, which tends to have the most shine out of all of the cuts.

Statement jewelry for dressy occasions

Dressing up for a date night or wedding means making a statement with your accessories. These occasions are not the time to wear dainty pieces. Instead, opt for statement pieces that feature bright colors or large cuts. A statement gem on a necklace can be the ideal way to highlight an interesting neckline on a dress. Or pull your hair back to show off a pair of large, statement earrings that frame your face. When wearing a statement piece, however, you want to ensure that other jewelry is toned down so that the statement jewelry can shine.

Stack bracelets and layer necklaces

Elevate your casual look with a stack of bracelets. The trick to stacking bracelets the right way is playing with texture and width. Combine thin bracelets with thick ones. Experiment with chains, twists, and braids to create visual interest. Similarly, with necklaces, you want to vary the length as well as the texture. Bring in one or a few colorful gemstones to draw attention to the jewelry with a pop of color.

Go monochrome

Monochrome outfits look chic, and adding gemstone jewelry can only accentuate the tonal look. Bring in a gemstone that matches the color of the outfit to add a little shine and texture. With a monochrome outfit, the pieces don't have to be exactly the same color. A jewel-toned ruby can be a bright statement piece against more earthy-toned red in the rest of the outfit. But you can also opt for a matching sets and similarly toned gemstones as an accent.