21 Cashmere Sweaters You Can Pick Up On A Budget

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The bags, the shoes, the accessories — whichever fashion pieces we're discussing in regards to 2023 trends, just know they're going to be shiny, bold, and making a statement. But as fun as it is to finally break free of our early-pandemic favorites like lounge sets and sweatpants, there's always going to be room for comfort in our closets. In fact, as far as knitwear goes, there may be no other feeling in the world that's quite as luxurious as the one that comes along with slipping into a well-crafted, quality cashmere sweater.


What exactly is it that makes cashmere such a renowned and "fancy" fabric for scarves, sweaters, and hats? According to cashmere company Quince, cashmere is ethically created from combing out the soft, fine hairs of the cashmere goat, which is a delicate process done once a year in the springtime. The more time and care that goes into the brushing phase, the more breathable, soft, and top-tier the final result will be. So not only are you paying for an investment piece that is meant to last a lifetime, but you're also paying for the effort that goes into the painstaking cultivation process.

Typically, you can expect to pay around $200 to $500 for one of these opulent pieces. Luckily, certain companies like Quince have made it their mission to provide more affordable cashmere options for the everyday consumer — because, really, who doesn't deserve to stay warm and softly covered up all winter long?


How we selected the sweaters

As we mentioned before, the quality of a cashmere sweater can depend heavily on how the goat hairs are harvested. Therefore, the price range will fluctuate based upon factors like the brand, blend, and even size — one sweater can take up to several goats to create! So, naturally, the first aspect we looked at in our list of affordable cashmere sweaters was the quality. We made sure each piece was coming from a reputable source, so you can rest assured that you'll be purchasing items with great company reviews and ratings.


Secondly, we of course looked at the price. We tried to choose pieces that were no more than $100, but no less than $40 because then, you're compromising quality and legitimacy. Accessibility was also an important factor for us to check out, since our roundup is a completely unbiased list simply curated to bring you the best options on the market. With that said, we may receive a commission on any purchases made through our site, at no extra cost to you.

Best overall cashmere sweater

If you're looking for an overall fantastic cashmere sweater with an affordable price, wide color range, and exceptional ratings, then look no further than the Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater from Quince. With over 6,000 5-star ratings, it's clear to see that reviewers are raving about the sweater's fit, fabric quality, and unbeatable cost. In fact, one reviewer even mentions that she "lives in" her Quince sweater all winter long due to its level of comfort.


Purchase the Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater from Quince for $50.

Best turtleneck cashmere sweater

Turtlenecks can feel a bit restricting if not made with the proper fabric. If you're one who hates turtlenecks, your point of view may just change once you've snuggled into M By Magaschoni's cashmere option — a feeling that genuinely reminds us of sliding into a cloud. Moreover, the extra warmth that cashmere provides will have you basking in the embrace of luxury from head to toe.


Purchase the M By Magaschoni Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater from Nordstrom Rack for approximately $70.

Best size-inclusive cashmere sweater

While many brands that sell cashmere goods have yet to embrace size-inclusive options, Soft Surroundings has our backs. The Tatiana Cashmere Sweater sizes range all the way up to 3X, so there's certainly no shortage of options for all body types here. Featuring "a slit cowl neck, raglan sleeves, and fitted knit cuffs," this stunning piece is perfect for anyone looking for a style to compliment leggings and jeans or tuck into a fitted skirt.


Purchase the Tatiana Cashmere Sweater from Soft Surroundings for approximately $70.

Best trendy cashmere sweater

Staying toasty in the winter shouldn't have to cost you your sense of fashion; in fact, there are ways you can amplify your wardrobe even further with trendy knit pieces. The perfect example of this lies with Summersalt's Coziest Cashmere Crew — a stylish cashmere and wool piece with stunning colorblock trims. "Comfortable, classy, and unique," one reviewer raves. "I love this sweater and always look forward to putting it on. Looks great plain or with a necklace, even though it has a decorative neckline."


Purchase the Coziest Cashmere Crew from Summersalt for $63.

Best sustainable cashmere sweater

Many brands are beginning to realize the harsh impact fashion has on the environment, but that doesn't mean everyone has jumped on board to take action. Finding clothing companies that proudly declare what exactly they are doing to stop environmental effects is no easy feat, so it's pretty exciting when we find sustainable options. One such option is the Gobi 3D Crew Neck Sweater, which was designed to remain durable and strong, so it can essentially be used — not wasted — for a lifetime of wear.


Purchase the 3D Crew Neck Sweater from Gobi for $74.50.

Best asymmetrical cashmere sweater

You simply can't go wrong with asymmetrical designs in clothing — they somehow just add a timeless and vintage-chic feel to any ensemble. This is exactly why we love Summersalt's Luxe Cashmere Blend Button Crewneck. Blended with cozy wool to keep things affordable, the added cashmere adds a soft balance to make a perfectly relaxed and non-itchy feel. "First, the color is such a warm brown," a reviewer shares. "Second, the softness is everything. I never want to take this comfortable [sweater] off."


Purchase the Luxe Cashmere Blend Button Crewneck from Summersalt for $69.

Best cotton and cashmere blend

Believe it or not, cashmere blends beautifully with other fabrics in order to add a special touch of softness; plus, this allows you to really cut down on costs. Cashmere and cotton blends are fantastic because they contain all of the soft comfort we're used to from cotton, but with a more luxurious and elevated feel from the cashmere. The L.L. Bean Women's Cotton/Cashmere Crewneck Sweater has great color options, runs in regular, petite, and plus sizes, and sits nicely at 4.1 stars.


Purchase the Women's Cotton/Cashmere Crewneck Sweater from L.L. Bean for approximately $45.

Best cropped cashmere sweater

Admittedly, there's a flock of us who just adore wearing crop tops no matter what the temperature is outside. Maybe it's the fact that they look great on any body type, or because they allow us to show just a sliver of skin without being too revealing — either way, crop tops are a total win. When we found out clothing brand Halara sells a 100% cashmere cropped sweater that was cute and affordable, we were over the moon — just as we know you'll be, too.


Purchase the 100% Cashmere V Neck Cropped Sweater from Halara for approximately $50.

Best button-up cashmere sweater

Button-up sweaters are great essentials to have in your closet because of their functional and endless styling options. You can wear them fully buttoned for a timeless look, or you can opt to leave them open and style them with cami's, bralettes, or even turtlenecks. The Quince Mongolian Cashmere Cardigan Sweater, which comes in at 4.9 stars, is the perfect button-up accent to any outfit with its slim fit and sustainable features.


Purchase the Mongolian Cashmere Cardigan Sweater from Quince for approximately $70.

Best cashmere cardigan

Much like a button-up sweater, cardigans are a wardrobe essential, and Bloomingdale's is no newbie to the world of comfortable staple pieces. C by Bloomingdale's has been crafting garments for over 20 years with Mongolian cashmere created exclusively for the company. In fact, reviewers have wonderful things to say about the line's Cashmere Grandfather Cardigan, with one buyer calling the piece "beautiful, understated elegance."


Purchase the C by Bloomingdale's Cashmere Grandfather Cardigan from Bloomingdale's for approximately $80.

Best double-knit cashmere sweater

When a piece of clothing is double-knitted, it's going to be much thicker than the standard knits we're used to; it's basically like having two layers in one. Because of its thickness, this type of piece will be very structured and sturdy — giving us a much-needed extra layer of protection and warmth. What we love about the double-knit Ikat Cashmere Sweatshirt from Garnet Hill is that it functions like a sweatshirt, which gives us that relaxed, loose look that we all know and love.


Purchase the Garnet Hill Ikat Cashmere Sweatshirt for $89.

Best cashmere sweater with color options

Sure, there are plenty of affordable cashmere sweaters on the market with a variety of colors. But are they the most unique of colors? Not always so much. If you're one who gets bored of the everyday basics like blacks, grays, and beiges, take a look at the Maria Luxe Cashmere Sweater by Wilfred. With shade choices you don't see everyday like pastel baby blue, melon green, vibrant hot pink, and muted coral, you're sure to find a color that stands out from the crowd.


Purchase the Wilfred Maria Luxe Cashmere Sweater from Aritzia for approximately $79.

Best collared cashmere sweater

With '90s fashion making its huge comeback in recent years came the reintroduction of the decade's preppy look. Thanks to pop culture moments like "Clueless," polos and tennis skirts could be seen everywhere from the runway to the streets last summer, and winter looks are still playing around with this effortlessly feminine vibe — this time, with a warmer twist. The Saks Fifth Avenue Polo Collar Cashmere Cardigan is the perfect addition for your cold weather wardrobe because of its gloriously '90s preppy style combined with its cozy and relaxed cashmere construction.


Purchase the Saks Fifth Avenue Polo Collar Cashmere Cardigan from Saks Off 5th for approximately $75.

Best short-sleeved cashmere sweater

In the spring and fall, the weather can be a little, well, all over the place, and finding the perfect balance of warmth and breathability in our clothing can be a juggling act. One way to combat the in-between months is by purchasing outfit pieces that offer both aspects, such as the C by Bloomingdale's Short-Sleeve Cashmere Sweater. What's great about this sweater is that you're getting the lightweight feel of a t-shirt, but also the warmth and softness that cashmere provides.


Purchase the C by Bloomingdale's Short-Sleeve Cashmere Sweater from Bloomingdale's for approximately $70.

Best structured-sleeve cashmere sweater

Everything oversized has been immensely en vogue in recent years, and structured (or "puff") sleeves are still on everyone's super-sized radars. Incorporating these balloon-like sleeves into a cashmere sweater keeps you one step ahead of the fashion and comfort game. To rock this look, we recommend Gobi's Ajour Sleeve Crew Neck because of its 100% cashmere nature, versatility, and accentuated caged sleeves that represent the structured style ever-so well.


Purchase the Ajour Sleeve Crew Neck from Gobi for approximately $69.

Best textured cashmere sweater

Theory is a clothing company that offers sleek and casual pieces at affordable prices for a broad range of consumers. Most pieces are chic and minimalistic, creating perfect wardrobe staples for everyday pairings. The brand's Karenia Cable Knit Wool-Blend Sweater is a cozy dream with its blending of wool and cashmere for a touch of luxury. The cable knit design is ideal for adding even more warmth for maximum comfort.


Purchase the Theory Karenia Cable Knit Wool-Blend Sweater from Saks Fifth Avenue for $99.

Best oversized cashmere sweater

There are very few things in life as comfortable as a classic, soft, oversized sweater; snuggling up in something that feels more like a blanket than clothing seems to just give us a sense of safety and relaxation. The Brixton Reserve Women's Oversized Cashmere Sweater is crafted to hand us exactly that. Brixton's signature cashmere blend, which marries a loose boyfriend fit, allows this piece to defy wrinkles, scratching and itching. Need we say more?


Purchase the Brixton Reserve Women's Oversized Cashmere Sweater for $99.

Best hooded cashmere sweater

Sweaters are not for everyone — some of us tend to prefer the sportier look of a hoodie. For the ladies who would rather lean on the side of dégagé fashion, there's always the fantastic option of a cashmere hoodie. Bella Dahl's Cashmere Sweater Hoodie is ideal for anyone who wants the added warmth of a hood, a youthful but mature look, and/or fashionable comfort for the home.


Purchase the Bella Dahl Cashmere Sweater Hoodie for approximately $95.

Best cashmere hat and sweater set

Accessorizing your wardrobe essentials shouldn't have to be a daunting task. Gobi takes the guesswork out for you by offering its Hat & Sweater Set; each sweater comes with a perfectly matching cashmere hat to complete a whole look that takes warmth to the next level. "I love my new sweater, the color, the way it fits, the quality, the softness!" one 5-star reviewer shares. "It's all as I had hoped it would be! I love that it is from Mongolia."


Purchase the Gobi Hat & Sweater for approximately $79.

Best vintage-inspired cashmere sweater

The classic henley — essentially just a collarless polo — was made famous by Ralph Lauren in the '70s after he saw an original version of the design, which was worn by English rowers in the 1800s (via Tapered). After Lauren added his name to the style and coined the shirt as a designer luxury piece, the rest was history. If you're all about retro looks like the henley, as most of us in 2023 are, the Faherty Mikki Henley Sweater could be the perfect option for you. Made from a cotton and cashmere blend, the shirt embodies the style and color choices of the '70s Ralph Lauren design.


Purchase the Faherty Mikki Henley Sweater for $69.

Best handmade cashmere sweater

Buying from big-name brands is typically fast and easy, so many of us choose to shop this way. However, shopping small can really open a whole new world to unique and top-quality handmade items. If buying from small businesses is on your 2023 resolution list, consider the Comfy Cashmere Knitted Hoodie from ShineWithMeGifts on Etsy. With five out of five stars, reviewers are head over heels for this handcrafted cashmere piece. "I love these hoodies," declares a top-rater. "I've just ordered a second chocolate one, so I can have a 'spare.' These hoodies are luxurious, warm, supersoft, they look really trendy."


Purchase the Comfy Cashmere Knitted Hoodie from Etsy starting at $93.50.