The Best Ways To Style Timeless Cat-Eye Sunglasses

No matter how many fashion trends come and go, certain pieces will always remain timeless. Enter the humble cat-eye sunglass, created in the 1930s and jolted into mainstream fashion after the release of the classic Audrey Hepburn film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" three decades later. While this iconic silhouette might experience a slight change to its shape, a pop of color, or a shimmery new finish from time to time, some iteration of it is basically always in style. This is especially true in 2023, as this classic style soars to even higher levels of popularity — but are we really surprised?

If you're feeling a little nervous about rocking your cat-eye sunnies this year, all you need is a little inspiration. Here are a few looks that embody what it means to embrace a fashion trend while still retaining your own unique personal style. Check them out, and take the plunge.

Minimalist chic

If you're into a more minimalist and less classically glamorous aesthetic, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a cat-eye moment that matches your style. Look for a less rounded and more structured sunglass frame in a modern neutral tone, and pair it with a simple monochrome outfit for maximum minimalism. 

Timeless and Classic

Pair a pair of classic black cat-eye sunglasses with a long bob, a cute bag, and a flowy sundress and you're instantly a casual, modern everyday version of the ultimate 1960s retro pinup icon. The perfect red lipstick for your skin tone isn't required but is always strongly encouraged. 


A pair of statement cat-eye sunglasses is an excellent excuse to go full glam. Find yourself a bold, exaggerated frame, preferably with a bold pattern that may or may not feature animal print. Pair them with an outfit just as bold, a full face of makeup, big hair, and as much jewelry as you can pack on. 

Cute and casual

If you're going for the casual influencer on a coffee run look, add a plain or abstractly shaped pair of black cat-eye sunglasses to your usual comfy black leggings, cropped jacket, and sneakers ensemble. Bonus points for managing to pull off a cool-toned, straightened balayage in or out of a messy bun. 

Boho and carefree

Looking for the perfect accessory for your flowy, carefree, long skirt, cropped top elevated hippie beach goddess look? Try throwing on a pair of cat-eye sunglasses in a light or bold color, and watch it all come together. The final product will have you thanking your lucky crystals. 

Punk and edgy

You might feel like the cat-eye sunglasses look isn't for you because your personal style is a little rougher around the edges. Never fear, edgy babes. Look for a sharply shaped metal frame and pair it with your usual array of body jewelry, eccentric clothes, combat boots, and punk-inspired accessories. Then, marvel at your new go-to.