Your Guide To The Calligraphy Haircut And Who Should Get One

Calligraphy is an incredibly precise, decorative style of handwriting typically produced with a specific tool known as a fountain pen or calligraphy brush. This explains why the latest in trendy haircuts, the calligraphy cut, shares its name. A calligraphy haircut is more of a cutting technique than an identifiable haircut aesthetic. It requires a specialized cutting tool and a very specific angle, much like the writing style. If the hair-cutting technique is done correctly, using a pen knife referred to as a calligraph at a precise 21-degree angle, it will result in hair that appears more voluminous and textured without any harsh or blunt lines.

Cutting hair at an angle maximizes the surface area of the cut, allowing the freshly cut hair to soak in more moisture, leading to healthier, shinier locks. The technique can be applied to any length or texture of hair but fine or thin hair types will benefit the most from the volume boost. Here are a few inspiring examples of what a calligraphy cut can do for your hair. 

Mature hair

Aging doesn't just change the color of your hair. If you've started noticing grays, you've likely also noticed how they present with a different texture than the rest of your hair. Gray hairs are wiry, drier, and more prone to frizz. This makes them perfect for a calligraphy cut, which allows more moisture back in and creates a softer appearance. 

Natural curls

Curly hair presents many of the same challenges as mature hair. It struggles to absorb and retain moisture and often takes on a coarser texture. This can result in frizz, breakage, and a looser, more lackluster curl pattern. Angled cutting has the same effect on each hair as it does on a flower stem, allowing more hydration and nutrients to be absorbed. You'll see softer, springier, and shinier curls.

Natural waves

Waves are considered by many who possess them to be the more difficult cousin of the curl. Wavy hair shares the same tendency towards dryness and frizz, but with none of the benefits of huge volume and show-stopping ringlets. Often, one section of wavy hair will dry into loose curls while another section will appear completely straight. A cut that promotes better hydration can help to restore delicate wave patterns that have succumbed to damage.

Long hair

Having long hair is a goal many women strive for until they finally achieve it. Then, it becomes clear how weighed down, flat, and shapeless length can make your hair. A calligraphy cut is ideal for providing long layers that offer maximum movement, showcasing each highlight and curvature to add visual interest and flow. 

Short hair

The key to a stunning short haircut is seamless blending that prevents any blunt cuts or harsh lines. No one wants to rock a bowl cut in 2023. The softness that an angled calligraphy cut offers is unbeatable when it comes to crafting the most sophisticated layered short haircut you've ever imagined.