Flora & Noor Is The First Halal Skincare Brand To Be Sold At Ulta. Here's Why That Matters

The pandemic and resulting global lockdowns saw a boom in people's interest in and purchase of skincare products. As everyone stayed indoors and prioritized self-care, makeup enthusiasts and beauty newbies alike flooded the industry. In 2019, even before COVID-19 took hold, CNN reported that the skincare market was starting to grow at a faster rate than that of makeup for "the first time in a very long time."


The skincare craze was a fun trend that people could participate in regardless of age or skill level. Unfortunately, the ingredients used in some products meant that they weren't inclusive to some groups, such as Muslims who choose to exclusively use halal items. 

This oversight created a huge opportunity for Jordan Karim, the founder of Flora & Noor skincare. Her beauty products are halal-certified, vegan, and cruelty-free. Best of all, the products have recently become part of Ulta's skincare line-up. Here's what this big news means for skincare enthusiasts and the beauty industry as a whole.  

What is halal skincare?

According to the BBC, the term "halal" comes from the Arabic word for "permissible." It's most commonly used in association with food, as the Qur'an outlines Islamic laws for what foods are acceptable for Muslims to eat. These rules revolve around how any animals involved in the product are treated during their lives.


Some Muslims also choose to observe halal guidelines for other items that often are derived from animal products. Makeup and skincare can fall under this umbrella. Face washes and lipsticks can often accidentally end up in our mouths, leading to accidental ingestion of non-halal animal products. Fashion Magazine notes that, while vegan products are often a good option for Muslim consumers, they may contain forms of alcohol that is not permitted. 

Clearly, Jordan Karim's founding of Flora & Noor addressed a previously neglected niche. In an interview with Allure, she noted that her products will allow Muslim consumers to feel included in the skincare space, as well as save valuable time. "Muslims pray five times per day, and before we pray we need to ... cleanse ourselves in many specific steps," she shared. "In order to do this you must remove fake nails, makeup, and more. But you do not need to remove halal products." 


Flora & Noor is accessible at Ulta

The Flora & Noor brand launched online at Ulta Beauty on January 22, 2023, according to Women's Wear Daily. Ulta Beauty is a major player in the skincare and makeup markets, with Forbes reporting that their sales have only continued to grow since the 2020 boom. Flora & Noor's presence on the site adds lots of legitimacy to the growing brand, and shows other companies that there is a demand for halal goods. 


The fact that Flora & Noor is stocked online by a major beauty retailer also serves to make it more accessible. Consumers can purchase halal skincare from a retailer they know and trust, alongside other products. Prices are also kept reasonable, especially in comparison to other halal skincare brands like Anaaka

The move overall highlights a shift in the industry for producers and distributors to be mindful of who is being excluded by their ingredients list. As Flora & Noor notes, our world is very diverse. Why shouldn't our skincare products reflect that?