The Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture Runways Give A Glimpse Into The Buzziest Beauty Trends

Runway season brings us some of the greatest moments in fashion and beauty history. Whether it be because of a spray-on dress, a Valentino shoe catastrophe, or anything in between — fashion week always has a reason to trend. The spring/summer 2023 haute couture shows in Paris were no different. Haute couture runway shows are unique in that designers have to meet certain qualifications to participate. According to Business of Fashion, to qualify as an haute couture house, the designer must create made-to-order designs with more than one fitting, use an atelier, have at least 15 full-time staff members, and employ 20 technical workers. They also must present their designs in collections of at least 50 original designs twice per year, once in January and once in July.


Buyers, stylists, influencers, top clients, and celebrities attended these shows to get the scoop on the latest fashion trends. Not only was the clothing impeccable, but new trends were also brought about in the beauty world. The looks on the runway gave us a glimpse into six of the buzziest beauty trends for the upcoming season.

Bold lips

Lipstick proved to be a girl's best friend at haute couture week. Models at the Chanel 2023 haute couture show sported almost bare faces besides bold and glossy red lips. The lip color looked chic in contrast to many of the brand's traditional black and white outfits. While bold lips may seemingly be a unique choice, it truly is an easy makeup trend to master and, ultimately, has some big benefits.


Makeup artist Troy Surratt tells Allure that there are major payoffs to wearing bold lips, even if you aren't wearing other makeup. Wearing lipstick is a time-saver compared to doing a full face of makeup, but still leaves you looking fabulous. "Playing up your eyes takes more effort, but bright lips make you look instantly put together," says Surratt when speaking on the effect of bright lipstick. The Chanel runway models had limited makeup on besides their bold lips, but still looked as chic as ever. Other benefits of a bright and bold lip include a boosted smile and ultimate attention grabber.

The no makeup makeup look

The "no makeup" makeup look is nothing new in the beauty world, but it is new to the runway game, especially in haute couture. Haute couture beauty looks have been shocking in the past, but this season has shown that there is just as much beauty in less makeup. Though the pieces in the Schiaparelli 2023 haute couture show were shocking, featuring faux animal heads and sharp points, the models were actually wearing very minimal makeup looks. This could be a strategic tactic to keep the focus on the couture rather than the models.


No matter the reasoning for Shiparelli making the bold choice to create "no makeup" makeup looks on their models, it is a trend that will continue to be popular in everyday style. The look is often re-created using no foundation and instead embracing your features with more natural options. Creamy, neutral eyeshadows, a light blush, and a simple lip tint will highlight your already beautiful features.

Colorful eyes

When in doubt, colorful eyes can create a head-turning makeup look. The Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2023 haute couture show proved this when models were sent down the runway in eye-popping bright eyeshadow. Colorful eyeshadow is a unique way to pair your makeup back with your clothing. With vintage fashion making its way back into the fashion scene, it's no surprise that the '80s makeup staple is coming back as well. The '80s were all about kaleidoscopic color and it showed on the eyes.


Though seemingly dramatic, it accentuates your natural eye features. "Anything too dark or smokey will make the eyes look heavy/smaller," says Steve Kassajikian Urban Decay's global makeup artist when speaking to Ipsy on why bright eyeshadow will make your eyes look wider and brighter. The trend was presented on the runways in the same way it would have been worn in the 1980s — blended all the way up to the eyebrow.

Porcelain skin

Porcelain skin plays off the "no makeup" makeup look, but focuses on having ethereal, glowing skin. Clear, blemish-free, and moisturized skin is known as porcelain skin, no matter the skin color. Skincare has overtaken the beauty world over the past several years, as more people are going out less and they are focusing on their bare skin, rather than the makeup used on top of it. 


Some haute couture designers took the hint and focused on their models looking natural and glowy. One of the haute couture houses that leaned into the trend was ELIE SAAB. Their spring 2023 haute couture show collection was presented as an "indulgent escape from the ordinary, where sheer beauty and magic wed in a never-ending union" according to their website. The pieces themselves were made in neutral colors and all had an element of shine. Models seemed to wear minimal to no makeup in the show, instead having a well-moisturized base and touches of highlighter.

Metallic makeup

Metallic has trended in the fashion world over the past year, often being seen as a popular color for shoes and accessories. For haute couture week, makeup artists took their skills to the next level, creating metallic makeup looks for some shows. With shiny makeup trending, it is no surprise that this is the way edgier high-fashion brands such as Dior and Valentino would take their beauty looks. 


In Dior's spring 2023 haute couture show posted to YouTube, you can see the models walking down the runway in edgy, black pieces with shiny hair and bold metallic eyeshadow. We expect this look to trickle down off the runways into everyday street style in less bold forms. Some ways to get this look without the drama include using a metallic liquid eyeliner, rather than using a full metallic shadow or using a metallic eyeshadow on your inner corners to make your eyes pop.

Dramatic and fierce

Haute couture wouldn't truly be haute couture if the makeup artists didn't add some drama and fierceness to the looks. Valentino was the highlight of haute couture week when it came to their makeup looks. In their collection posted to YouTube and entitled Le Club Couture, edgy looks reigned supreme. 


Luckily, this took some of the negative attention of a model falling and throwing her shoes off the runway. Thick winged liner is seen on one model, dark lips on another, and even a face tattoo on another model all came together to enhance the dramatic clothing. Couture is not always about what's sensible and sometimes instead about what calls attention to the person wearing the clothes. The same can be said for these fierce makeup looks. We imagine this will be a similar case as the trend makes its rounds this season. These bold eye and lip looks are great for someone who wants to show off their dramatic personality through their makeup look.