Does Ashwagandha Really Help With Stress?

As more and more of us turn to the healing herbs of mother nature to be our healthiest selves and experience some relief from the stressors of modern life, a few plants have been circulating the wellness realms rapidly and one of them is ashwagandha. Perhaps you've heard the name and the praises sung along with it. Ashwagandha is classified as an adaptogen – it helps the body process stress and anxiety (via Healthline). Who wouldn't be intrigued?


Typically digested in powder, tea, or capsule form, ashwagandha is also referred to as 'Indian Winter Cherry' or 'Indian Ginseng' and looks a lot like a root when harvested. "Ashwagandha has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to increase energy, improve overall health and reduce inflammation, pain and anxiety," integrative medicine specialist Yufang Lin, MD, told Cleveland Clinic. So, the question is: does ashwagandha really help with stress? Let's take a closer look.

Ashwagandha normalizes cortisol levels

Studies have shown that the Ayurvedic adaptogen does ease stress and anxiety by balancing cortisol levels (via Cleveland Clinic). In addition to several other impactful benefits like the reduction of inflammation and improved memory, ashwagandha has also been shown to ease depression, which is a huge stress relief for those struggling with mental health (via Healthline). "People who are stressed or anxious, or people with chronic conditions might turn to ashwagandha to help ease their conditions," Dr. Lin told Cleveland Clinic. In terms of suggested dosage, 500mg twice a day in your preferred form should do the trick, according to Dr. Lin.


If you struggle with insomnia, you may also find some relief thanks to the small, flowering root. Tribe Organics ashwagandha capsules have a five-star rating and users boast of an increase in overall wellness. If you or someone close to you has yet to find the magic cure for coping with stress and anxiety, ashwagandha may be worth a try – along with other healthy lifestyle changes.

Ashwagandha may also improve attention and focus

As adaptogens can ease stress, some studies have found that they might also be able to help those who have difficulty with executive function (via Healthline). Memory, attention, and information processing could all be improved by a regular dosage of ashwagandha. So, if focusing during the workday, organizing your to-do list, and remembering important appointments often leaves you feeling a bit defeated, this herbal remedy could be an answer you'll be eternally grateful for.


Supplements aren't always the easiest routine to get into, so if you'd rather incorporate powdered ashwagandha into your meals, you can always do so. Soups, salad dressings, and even desserts can be adapted to accommodate the herbal remedy. This Adaptogenic Chocolate Truffles Recipe from Nourished with Tish is a super creative method when it comes to taking your herbs. Creamy, chocolatey, and full of benefits, it doesn't get much better than truffles to ease stress and improve attention.