What Are People Who Are Enneagram Type Five Like In A Relationship?

We are living in a time when many of us are trying to understand ourselves a bit better. Because of this interest, there are countless tests and quizzes we can take to do just that. For example, we could take a Myers-Briggs personality test to learn our strengths and weaknesses, a Love Languages test to find out how we prefer to love and be loved, or a High 5 Strengths Test to discover what makes us stand out. However, one of the most popular personality tests out there is the Enneagram test.


If you've taken the test, you know it can help you to understand yourself inside and out. Your strengths and weaknesses are explained in such a way that it gives you information that can help you improve your relationships at home and at work.

If your significant other has taken the Enneagram test and found out that they are a type five, there are things that are beneficial to know about this wildly independent and fiercely competitive Enneagram type, to make your partnership one that thrives.

The positive side of an Enneagram 5

If your partner is found to be an Enneagram five personality type, they are labeled "The Investigator." Fives enjoy learning as much as they can about the world and about the people in their lives. They are deeply introspective and they crave alone time.


If you are in love with a five, chances are you feel the security and understanding that they provide. Type fives pride themselves on their problem-solving ability and the security they provide the ones they love.

According to Personality Growth, it may be a little difficult to tell if a five is into you. Their flirting style is more information-gathering. You can tell a five wants to know more about you by how much time and energy they invest in getting to know you.

Since fives are natural leaders, they can be a great match for any other number on the Enneagram chart. Fives enjoy people who can challenge them, surprise them, and keep them on their toes. Dating a five can be fulfilling if partners understand their need for space, intellectual stimulation, and new adventures.


Things to consider when dating a five

There are so many positives to being in a relationship with an Enneagram five, but there are some things to understand before falling head over heels for them. Because they are so introverted and investigative, social situations are not always their favorite. They may feel awkward opening up to people. Because fives are constantly working out problems or questions in their heads, they can get lost in their minds, sometimes forgetting that others have needs in the relationship as well (via Psychology Junkie).


To love a five means you need to understand they need enough space to think and process the world. Although you may feel a bit neglected by them, they aren't meaning to leave you alone on purpose.

Fives actually need a partner to pull them out of their own heads every now and then. Allowing them to stay alone or think by themselves for too long can leave them in danger of getting to a dark place. A five is best paired with an intelligent partner who respects their needs, challenges them daily, and embraces their quirkiness.