The Skincare Products You Never Need To Splurge On, According To An Expert

Skincare trends are now moving just as fast as fashion trends. Whether it's the new "it" product or a new application technique to try, there is always some hit way of getting clearer, radiant, and more beautiful skin. Skincare is the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry, increasing 13% in the last year, according to Automat.

In the skincare world, there's often a misconception that pricy, trendy products work better. The truth is, though, you don't have to drop a pretty penny on all of your skincare products. While splurging here and there on something you want to try isn't a bad thing, there are plenty of products you can save your money on. "When it comes to skincare, there are some products that you can get away with buying inexpensively without sacrificing quality," says Dr. Alberto de la Fuente Garcia, a board-certified dermatologist at VIDA Wellness and Beauty with over 15 years of experience.

This is great news for skincare enthusiasts, who may be feeling the pressure to try trendy products because of all the rave. But rest assured that you can have the skin of your dreams at half the price. "All in all, when it comes to skincare, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get quality products," explains de la Fuente Garcia in an exclusive interview with Glam. "With just a little bit of research, you can find affordable items that will keep your skin looking healthy without breaking the bank."

Your daily cleanser

Experts recommend washing your face after waking up in the morning, before bed at night, and after activities that might make you sweaty to prevent blockage in pores. Though it's an essential product, it's not one you should feel like you have to spend a lot of money on.

"One example is facial cleansers. Cleansers are designed to simply remove makeup and dirt from your skin, so you don't have to splurge on expensive brands unless you are looking for something that has special ingredients," Alberto de la Fuente Garcia says. Most cleaners have similar ingredients that remove dirt and oil, so there's no need to splurge. But if you're looking for products that, for example, target acne, you may want to splurge for the sake of the unique ingredients.

However, if you're simply looking for a cleanser that will get your skin clean twice a day, "[a] basic, gentle cleanser that is fragrance-free should do the trick," says de la Fuente Garcia. "Cold creams are also a good option for getting your skin clean without spending too much money." Cold creams are a great gentle way to remove makeup before cleansing.

Your toner

Toners are another product that helps get rid any dirt or oils that cleansers didn't get rid of, according to Neutrogena. And they can also help get dirt that's deep in the pores. Toners can restore pH balance, smooth skin, and reduce the appearance of pores. With a product that seems to do it all, it may seem like you should pay a premium. But Alberto de la Fuente Garcia would disagree. "The same is true for toners. You don't need to buy a pricey product here — any toner with simple ingredients like witch hazel or glycerin will do the job of refreshing your skin without breaking the bank. In this case, the simpler the ingredients list, the better."

Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties, which can be great for stubborn acne. Glycerin helps to protect the skin barrier and keeps the skin hydrated. It's a good idea to do some research about the best ingredients for any skin issues you're looking to resolve and look for an inexpensive toner that features these ingredients.

Your moisturizer

Moisturizer is another daily product that experts say you don't need to splurge on. "Likewise, basic moisturizers are often just as effective as their more expensive counterparts," explains Alberto de la Fuente Garcia. Your moisturizer should help keep your skin soft and hydrated and prevent moisture from escaping the skin. And many moisturizers use similar ingredients regardless of the price point. "Moisturizers come in a wide range of prices and formulations, so it's best to find one that suits your skin without spending too much."

Price isn't always an indication of quality or effectiveness. "Many drugstore brands offer basic moisturizers with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which can be just as effective as pricier products," says Alberto de la Fuente Garcia. Look for hydrating ingredients that will keep your skin and the skin barrier healthy and moisturized. Hyaluronic acid helps increase the moisture on the surface of your skin to keep your skin looking plump. But de la Fuente Garcia has a simple warning when choosing any product. "Just make sure to look for one that is non-irritating and won't clog your pores."