Our Best Tips For Mixing And Matching Different Plaids In Your Outfits

Everyone who enjoyed '90s fashion will be happy to know that plaid is back with a bang. According to Who What Wear, plaid garments will be a significant trend in 2023, making this the perfect year to explore your grunge side. There are already more than three million posts devoted to #plaid on Instagram at the time of writing, as people of all ages, genders, and sizes have fun with this print. Plaid can be edgy, sexy, girly, casual, or chic, depending on how you style it, as there are many ways to flaunt plaid fashion. Some ways to wear this popular pattern include sassy skirts, playful dresses, grunge flannels, comfy pants, quirky shoes, and statement coats or accessories. The options are endless when experimenting with plaid pieces, but what if you want to wear more than one plaid piece in your ensemble?

Of course, you can't go wrong with throwing an oversized plaid flannel over a monochromatic black outfit or wearing a basic crop top with a flirty plaid skirt, but plaid pieces are fun to mix and match, too. Believe it or not, there are various ways to incorporate different plaids into your look.

Wear a colorful plaid accessory with a black-and-white plaid top

Do you want to add a subtle pop of color to your outfit featuring a black-and-white plaid top? A plaid accessory with red, blue, green, pink, or yellow can be the perfect splash of color to elevate your look, whether you rock a plaid tie, hat, scarf, or purse.

Stay within the same color range for a cohesive look

If you want to wear more than one plaid piece in the same outfit but don't want your ensemble to appear too over-the-top, consider wearing different plaids in the same color range. For instance, a gray jacket with a low-key plaid print with a black top and bolder gray plaid trousers will pair well together for a stylish, cohesive plaid outfit.

Explore bold color blocking

On the other hand, intentionally mixing plaid pieces in opposite colors will make a daring fashion statement. For example, a blue plaid top with a yellow plaid skirt exudes exciting cool-girl energy for an unapologetically loud look. This contrasty style technique isn't for everyone, but it's super fun for people looking for something bold.

Layer up your plaids for dimension

Layering different plaids is another fun way to style printed garments for quirky ensembles. Wearing a colorful plaid top or skirt under a playful plaid jacket can be a cute spin on TikTok's frazzled English woman trend if you're going for a unique, somewhat casual vibe.

Have fun with plaid jewelry

Yup, you read that right — plaid jewelry exists. If you can find or happen to stumble across jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets featuring any plaid details, consider purchasing those pieces to wear with your plaid clothing. That combination of plaids will make for a unique and creative ensemble!