The Relaxation Benefits Of An Herby Mugwort Bath

Taking a warm bubble bath after a long, stressful day is what most people who enjoy baths look forward to at the end of the day. Different types of bubble bath aromas help alleviate stress and help calm the mind, such as eucalyptus, lavender, and bergamot. One herb not often discussed is mugwort, which comes from East Asia and is still being used for its many benefits. Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) comes from the daisy family and appears as a weed, some people who don't know about the herb would walk past it, but others might cut a few stems and take them home. While the herb is commonly found in forested areas, you can grow the plant indoors to always have some on standby.


Mugwort is known to have spiritual powers. For example, if you place a small stem of Mugwort under your bed, you'll sleep peacefully without having any nightmares. In addition, keeping a small bag of Mugwort leaves with you or in your home can protect you against negative energy. If you enjoy burning sage or Palo Santo, Mugwort is an excellent substitute for them that helps cleanse your space. On the other hand, Mugwort herbs have been used as herbal medicines to help boost energy and relieve pain through teas, lotions, eating the leaves, and baths. Here are a couple of benefits of an herby Mugwort bath.

Improve the body's circulation

During the winter, your body's circulation decreases due to your blood vessels and arteries constricting, causing blood flow to slow down and your blood pressure to increase. When the blood circulation decreases, your blood pressure is higher since your veins and arteries need more force to pump blood through them, claims Mayo Clinic. In addition, your heart needs to work harder to pump blood throughout your body to prevent any heart problems. Your body can be affected by various temperature changes other than cold weather, such as humidity, wind, and atmospheric pressure that could disrupt circulation.


A great way to improve your body's circulation is by taking an herb Mugwort bath. The herbs in the bath help relax the body and keep it warm enough to allow proper blood circulation. Since Mugwort is a warming herb, it replenishes bad blood, so if you tend to run cold, using the leaves in a bath can keep everything flowing as it should. Riley's House has a Mugwort Bath Soak with five pouches of leaves for $20 that you can use on your next bath night. You can use them multiple times and make great fertilizers for plants when they're done being used.

Alleviate menstrual discomfort

Herb Mugwort baths also help relieve menstrual discomfort. If you tend to have painful periods, especially cramps, adding Mugwort leaves to your tea can help make them go away, along with taking a bath in them. Taking a warm Mugwort bath to help blood circulation opens the uterus, allowing for more effortless blood flow. Cramps occur due to the uterus muscle contracting or too many prostaglandins, a hormone-like compound released from the uterine lining, per Clue. However, depending on your body type and period, cramps can happen for different reasons. For example, you're likely to get painful cramps if you have heavier periods.


Taking an herb Mugwort bath relaxes the body enough to make the cramps disappear along with any tight or sore muscles. In addition, since Mugwort helps with blood circulation, it can help during irregular menstruation cycles and bring delayed menstruation. However, Mugwort was used to induce abortions, so pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid the herb to prevent any potential risks.