The Best Ways To Tell If You Are Truly Happy

There's something beautiful about knowing you're happy and living your life to the fullest. Too many people are existing on autopilot, going through the motions, and experiencing tons of monotonous misery as they function. If you feel like you don't have any direction in life, it feels difficult to get motivated about anything. Without motivation, you end up feeling empty, bored, stuck, and even depressed. 


The happiest people in life have figured out how to overcome such negative hurdles by cultivating a positive mindset in their day to day activities. A lot of truth behind being happy from the inside out starts with the mindset you choose to have when you think about what's going on in the world around you. If you're the type of person who has a victim mentality or believes that things are always going to go wrong, you'll always attract more unluckiness and suffering. These are some of the signs to take a note of if you're on the opposite side of that spectrum with true happiness shining through you.

It's easy for you to celebrate the accomplishments of others

Whenever someone close to you accomplishes something, gauge your immediate reaction. If you instantly feel annoyed at them for doing something you haven't been able to accomplish yourself, then you probably aren't very happy inside. If you feel a slight ping of jealousy when someone in your life is doing well, then you're allowing the darkness of envy to be the thief of your joy. The happiest people in the world naturally know how to celebrate the accomplishments of others. 


It's incredibly easy for you to be excited about someone else's wins if you feel like you're succeeding in your own right. Those who are deeply unhappy or floundering when it comes to their successes will automatically feel threatened by the achievements of others. If you feel like you're praying on the downfall of someone close to you instead of becoming delighted on their behalf when they are doing well, then you have some inner work to do.

You bounce back quickly after setbacks occur

Everyone in life deals with setbacks. It simply comes down to how you respond to those setbacks, and how quickly you're able to bounce back after something negative occurs. If you've been studying for an exam for weeks to see that you've failed once you get your results, for instance, it's your job to stay positive and study harder for your following exam. You might enlist help from a tutor or ask your professor for some additional guidance. 


If you've been dieting to shed some weight for several months to realize that you haven't lost a single pound on the scale, it's your job to stay on track and continue putting forth effort. You might want to hire a personal trainer or invest in a meal prep plan. No matter what goes wrong in your life, your reaction to negative setbacks is what matters the most. The happiest people in the world understand this concept and naturally bounce back quickly.

You're filled with gratitude

Unhappy people have a hard time coming up with lists of all the things they are grateful for. If you are a truly happy person, then you're probably already filled with an abundance of gratitude. A great tip for people who are struggling to become happier is to start writing down gratitude lists on a daily basis because they'll serve as reminders of all the good things you have going on in your life. 


Instead of always focusing on the things you wish you could change, it's important to spend time focusing on all the things that already make you feel proud of yourself, accomplished, and content. Whether you're grateful for the friends in your social circle, your significant other, the clothes in your closet, the car you drive, or the place you live, you can write those things down. Grabbing notebook paper and writing down a list of the things you're grateful for will come easily and effortlessly if you are already deeply satisfied with your life.

You're actively pursuing your passions

People who are actively pursuing their passions tend to be very happy. It's easy to live a wonderful and fulfilling life if you're doing the things you care about most. A lot of people who are stuck at jobs they hate or involved in relationships that aren't healthy for them feel like they're stuck in a vicious cycle. Anyone who has broken free from those shackles to pursue the things they're most passionate about already knows that they're doing the right thing in terms of living a better lifestyle. 


A lot of people refuse to take significant leaps in life out of fear that they will fail. At the end of the day, you'll always fail if you never try! Happy people pursue their passions, even if they don't know how things are going to turn out in the long-haul. In other words, they're willing to take risks that most people would rather avoid. Happy people would rather pursue their passions with unknown results than stay stuck in a boring or unsatisfying cycle.

You love the lifestyle you currently live

When you love the lifestyle you're currently living, it means that you're totally content with your day to day activities. You are at peace with what you do for a living, you adore the people you spend the majority of your time with, and you appreciate where are you live. You are at peace with the lifestyle you've created for yourself, because you're fully aware that it's your job to take the reins and shape your life to look the way you want it to. 


People who prefer to be unbothered and relaxed live the happiest lives with a laid-back schedule that has little to no obligations and an abundance of free time. People who prefer to stay booked and busy live the happiest lives with bustling schedules filled with tasks to do all day long. Depending on what kind of lifestyle you prefer for yourself, if you've been able to create that as your reality, you're undoubtedly a very happy person.

You live authentically and speak your truth

Living authentically and speaking your truth means that nothing gets in your way when it comes to being yourself. A lot of people who are unhappy in life struggle to show their most authentic side to others because they fear rejection and judgment. Unhappy people have a difficult time speaking their truths because they don't want to deal with backlash or repercussions from whoever is on the receiving end. 


When you're in your happiest state of mind, you know that living authentically and speaking your truth should never be absent from your life. You're fully aware that anyone who can't handle you being your most authentic self and speaking candidly about things probably isn't a great addition to your life anyway. Instead of fearing the loss of a social, familial, or romantic connection, being yourself is more of a priority than anything else. Happy people never feel ashamed about being exactly who they are.

You don't feel the need to gossip

One of the most common reasons people gossip is that they're trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. Deeply unhappy people are the most typical gossips because it gives them a chance to feel elevated in comparison to the downfall of someone else. When you're super happy in life, gossiping about others is the last thing on your mind. You feel so content about all of the good things going on around you that you don't feel the need to drag anyone down in the midst of a social conversation. 


When a happy person is approached with gossip, they usually tend to steer clear of the negativity by changing the subject to something better and more high vibrational. People who are unhappy are usually excited to be approached with new gossip because it gives them a chance to briefly become distracted from all the things they're upset about in their own life.

You understand the importance of self-love and self-care

Understanding the importance of self-love and self-care is vital for the happiest individuals in the world. When you truly love yourself and start prioritizing self-care, it becomes obvious to everyone around you that you recognize your own self-worth. Those who haven't acknowledged the importance of self-love and self-care often reveal to others that they don't feel worthy of respect, appreciation, admiration, or civility. The way you love yourself is a prime example to others of how you expect to be loved. 


If you're incapable of showing yourself love and care, it's easy for others to assume they can treat you like you are less than special. As soon as you start prioritizing yourself and treating yourself with warmth, devotion, and endearment, it will be easy for others to do the same. Self-love and self-care can look like taking a day off of work to relax and recuperate. It can look like treating yourself to a shopping spree or spa day. It can also look like someone healing their inner child and improving their mental health.

You prioritize peace of mind

When a happy person prioritizes their peace of mind, they don't feel the need to engage in negative drama or petty arguments with others who aren't on the same page as them. Prioritizing your peace of mind means removing yourself from situations that cause you stress or make you feel angry. An example of this is refraining from back-and-forth dialogue in comment sections on social media. 


If someone drops a comment with the intention to offend or insult, a happy person would simply delete and block the user rather than responding with something fiery or nasty. Happy people don't give angry people the chance to lower them to a gloomy and cynical level. Angry people are always going to have defeatist mentalities and pessimistic views on life. A happy person who's prioritizing their peace of mind avoids engaging with these dreadful individuals at all cost.

You enjoy your own company when you're alone

There's nothing wrong with being alone if you actually enjoy your own company. People who are deeply unhappy struggle with enjoying their own company because they start dwelling on the fact that they're alone and unable to make plans with other people. Those who are truly happy don't need to make plans with anyone else because they understand the difference between being lonely and being alone. A happy person is calm, relaxed, and content when they're by themselves. 


They appreciate the benefits that come along with solitude including watching whatever shows they want to watch, eating whatever foods they want to eat, listening to whatever songs they want to hear, falling asleep at whatever hour they feel drowsy, and more. Instead of focusing on the sad emotions attached to spending an evening by your lonesome, people who are truly happy actually appreciate those quiet moments when they don't have to deal with anyone else's energy.

You don't feel the need to proclaim your happiness

Happy people don't necessarily feel the need to proclaim how happy they are to the world. When someone is genuinely happy, it simply shows. There's no need to make an announcement, post about it on social media, or send out mass text messages to describe your blissful emotions. Anyone who is close enough to a happy person can easily tell how happy that person is from the inside out. 


It's easy to figure out who's truly unhappy when you deal with someone who consistently tries to describe how wonderful their life is. When someone is doing the most to overcompensate in that way, it comes across like they have something to hide. This same rule applies with happy and healthy romantic relationships. The happiest couples don't need to convince the world that they are doing well. All they have to do is love each other and the world is able to see it.

You accept yourself exactly as you are

Self-acceptance is beyond important if you want to be the happiest version of yourself. Anyone who's comfortable criticizing themselves and finding issues with who they are as a person probably isn't the happiest. When you fully accept yourself exactly as you are, it means that you don't see any major flaws when you think about yourself. This goes beyond the physical and dives into the mental and emotional. 


A lot of people struggle to accept themselves because they believe they have too much work to do when it comes to self-improvement and personal change. It's true that happy people are always elevating in life and becoming better versions of themselves as time passes. The difference is that happy people are fully aware they might always be on a journey of self-improvement, but that doesn't mean they can't accept themselves at every stage along the way.

You love what you do for a living

It's important to love what you do for a living since your job tends to take up a huge chunk of your time. After all, we all get 24 hours each day. Eight of those hours are supposed to be spent sleeping, eight hours are supposed to be spent working, and eight hours are supposed to be spent doing whatever we want. If the eight hours you spend working each day ends up draining the life out of you because you feel so miserable, it will impact the way the rest of your day turns out. 


People who hate their jobs might spend their eight hours of free time dwelling on that sad reality and wishing they could find a better job. The eight hours of sleep they're supposed to get might even be interrupted with insomnia or other sleep issues due to work-related stress and trauma. A huge indication that you're a truly happy individual is if you genuinely love what you do for work every day.

Your social connections are solid

Happy people easily attract friendships. If your social connections are totally solid, it likely means that you are one of the happier people on this planet. Making friends isn't always a walk in the park because it requires a lot of energy and effort on your part. You have to spend time getting to know other people on a platonic level, being there for them when they're sad, and hyping them up when they're happy. 


Being a good friend means providing a listening ear when needed and being willing to give without receiving anything in return. Happy people who are surrounded by tons of wonderful friendships understand the importance of solid social connections. If you don't have any friends to spend your free time with, it can leave you feeling super isolated and lonely. A happy person who has a handful of people they can call at the drop of a hat means that they've taken the time to cultivate those friendships.

You've experienced reciprocal, romantic, healthy love

If you've experienced reciprocal, romantic, and healthy love at one point or another in your life, you're probably one of the happiest people on this planet. Too many people struggle with unrequited love, toxic love, and other forms of devastating heartache. If you've had the chance to experience a relationship that left you feeling peaceful, fulfilled, and satisfied across-the-board, then you certainly know what it means to be happy, even if the relationship is no longer still active. 


There's something very blissful and beautiful about falling in love. The entire process is enchanting because it feels like you're escaping reality for a little while as you spend time getting to know someone in the most intimate way possible. Being able to describe exactly what that feels like isn't something everyone can do. If you're currently in a loving relationship that checks all of your boxes, or you've had a relationship like that in the past, it makes sense that you would be a happy human being.

You honor your personal morals and values

One of the more obvious signs of low self-esteem and low self-worth is witnessing someone who's unable to honor their own personal morals and values. Happy people who have a high sense of self-esteem and self-worth prioritize their personal morals and values instead of crumbling to the pressure of what's happening around them. A happy person doesn't feel the need to do something that makes them uncomfortable, just because someone else is egging them on or encouraging it. 


Happy people understand that a sure-fire way to remain on the right track is to follow their own intuition when it comes to what's right and wrong. Having the strength to stand up for yourself when it comes to your morals and values in situations where other people simply don't care or agree requires a lot of courage. Weak-minded individuals who aren't inherently happy with themselves simply can't relate.

You live in the moment without dwelling on the past or future

Constantly dwelling on the past or stressing about the future isn't healthy for anyone, especially when it comes to your mental health and happiness. The problem with dwelling on the past is that nothing we do today can change what's already happened. The issue with dwelling on the future is that anything can change in a split second, which means we don't necessarily have as much control as we might wish for. 


Happy people understand that the past is history and the future is a mystery. They understand that it makes the most sense to live in the present moment and appreciate what's actively happening. There's so much beauty to be noticed when you live in the present. Stopping to smell the flowers, admiring lovely sunsets and sunrises, and listening to the laughter of children as they pass by in public places are just a few of the lovely things happy people pay attention to when they aren't focused on the past or future.

You always seem to be achieving new goals

People who are convinced that they'll never be able to overcome life's most difficult obstacles are people who are stuck exactly where they're at. Happy people are aware that if they put forth the effort, they'll be able to achieve new goals all the time. When a happy person writes down a list of aspirations they have, they don't think of that list as being  daunting, frustrating, or impossible. 


Instead, they look at that list as something they'll be able to accomplish if they set their mind to it. Happy people always seem to be overcoming obstacles and achieving new goals in life because they don't have defeatist mentalities. Anyone can come up with a goal or two that they'd love to achieve. Happy people are the ones who actually end up achieving the goals they create because they're willing to step up and make all the necessary moves without easily giving up.

It's easy for you to make friends

Have you noticed that it's always really easy for you to make new friends? Making friends in elementary school, high school, and college is simple enough because you connect with others in your age range due to proximity. Creating friendships outside of the educational system is a completely different battlefield, though. Not everyone is able to hold their own within a group of strangers, striking up conversations, and maintaining a cheerful disposition. 


If you happen to be the type of person who easily knows how to socialize and connect with other people on a friendly level, it's pretty obvious that you are a happy person. Happy people attract attention and affection from others, even without having to try very hard. In that same token, negative people who always have something to complain about naturally repulse other people around them. Being happy and being friendly aren't exactly synonymous, but they're usually mentioned hand-in-hand when it comes to describing someone who is living their life in high spirits.

People call you an optimist

There's a major difference between optimists and pessimists. Optimists wholeheartedly believe that everything will work out, no matter what the circumstances are. They believe that if something goes wrong, something better is simply on its way and right around the corner. Pessimists, on the other hand, don't see the world through rose-colored glasses in that way. From the mind of a pessimist, it's safer to assume that everything is going to turn out badly because they're scared of being disappointed. 


It's easy to understand why a pessimist would choose to view the world in such a negative light, but that mindset is not something an optimist is willing to adopt. If you've been told by more than one person on more than one occasion that you are a total optimist, you should probably believe them. They're giving you such a lovely compliment because you're the type of person who always sees the glass half full instead of half empty.

You know how to create joy from within

The happiest people on this planet are fully aware that happiness comes from within. You can't sit around waiting on the actions of others or hoping someone will swoop in to save you from your hardships. Happy people don't necessarily have to feel happy 24 hours of each day, but they still understand that their happiness exists as a result of their personal decision to seek joy out in their relationships, work life, hobbies, and more. 


It's not smart to wait around as a damsel in distress for the circumstances of your life to start gradually improving around you. Instead, it's time to take action and make decisions that will benefit you from the inside out. Once you start seeking joy in everything you do, there's no way you'll be able to avoid being a joyous human being. As soon as you realize that happiness comes from within, it becomes much easier to be content. This is something happy people live by.