Italian Charm Bracelets Are The Most Unexpected Retro Trend Making A Comeback

If you were a teen, pre-teen, or young adult in the late 1990s, you probably remember the glory days of displaying your nearest and dearest, painstakingly chosen interests and characters right on your wrist for all to see. You may also recall the pain of having your arm hair pinched and yanked out by spring-loaded stainless-steel bracelet squares. The Italian charm bracelet, also known as a nomination bracelet, rose to fame around the year 2000. Like the plastic choker and butterfly clips before it, this bracelet fell out of style just a few years later.

There is good news for those who never got over the demise of this pinchy jewelry trend. Judging by the appearance of a stack of the charm-adorned accessories on the wrist of "Love Island" Season 9 contestant Anna-May Robey, as well as the trending tag on TikTok, Italian charm bracelets are back. Now, if you're struggling to find the inspiration you need to piece together a look out of these nostalgic bands, look no further. 

Classic stack

If you're an Anna-May Robey fan, you're probably after the look of a simple stack of two or three nomination bracelets with simple charms. Try pairing one bracelet in gold and another in silver to pull off the edgy yet sophisticated mixed-metal aesthetic without looking like you're trying too hard. 

Single statement piece

If you really want to keep your look simple and elegant, opt for wearing a single Italian charm bracelet at a time. Take your time finding charms that really speak to and represent your personal style to make your bracelet into a true statement piece you can wear with pride. 

Mixed stack

One way to mix the Italian charm bracelet trend into your existing aesthetic is to strategically place them into a stack that features some of your other favorite pieces of wristwear. Combine one or more nomination bracelets with other metal bracelets, watches, or beaded bracelets to create your own personalized stack. 

Color blocks

If charms that feature characters, letters, or symbols feel a little too loud for your style, consider choosing solid colors instead. You can find charms in nearly any color and arrange them in any pattern you choose. Go full rainbow or cultivate the perfect personalized display of your favorite colors. 


If you struggle with the idea of opening yourself up to bright or colorful styles, you can still rock the Italian charm bracelet trend. Create a monochrome look by selecting charms that are all the same color. For a stylish fine jewelry aesthetic, pair plain gold charms with a solver bracelet or vice versa.