Key Tips For Buying A Staple Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are effortlessly stylish and edgy. All you need is a leather jacket to elevate a minimalistic outfit from boring to sleek and sexy because these pieces give off intense, no-nonsense vibes. Of course, some iconic TV show characters with bold, unstoppable personalities rock leather jackets, as talented stylists know these garments exude dauntless energy. For instance, the stunning and cunning troublemaker Georgina Sparks in "Gossip Girl" often wore leather jackets as she commanded the room with her humorously blunt remarks and viscous yet provocative attitude (via YouTube).


Another sexy TV character who wears lots of leather garments is Mazikeen or Maze from "Lucifer." This character is wild, dangerous, powerful, and beautiful, and her leather jackets reflect that daring, demonic personality, per YouTube. Since leather jackets are so popular on TV and in real life, there are many to choose from when shopping. All those choices might seem overwhelming, but we have some suggestions to help you choose the right one to add to your wardrobe.

Decide between leather and vegan leather

One of the first choices you'll have to make when shopping for a new staple leather jacket is whether you want genuine leather or faux leather; both options have pros and cons. According to Leather Naturally, some advantages of real leather are that it's more durable flattering your body, it even becomes more comfortable the longer you use it. Plus, there's something that sounds undeniably cool about wearing a jacket made of genuine leather.


On the other hand, some benefits of choosing a faux leather jacket are that these products are often significantly less expensive, can be easier to clean, and can come in more unique looks (via LeatherCult). Furthermore, vegan leather isn't made from animals; that's something to consider if you adore animals.

At the end of the day, both leather and vegan leather jackets have their positive and negative qualities, so think about what's most important to you when making your choice. If you want to invest in something high-quality, super flattering, and made to last, a genuine leather jacket is likely your best bet. However, if you want a more affordable new piece that didn't involve any animals in its making, a vegan leather jacket is probably the better option for you.


Think about what color you want

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic black leather jacket. There are endless ways to style your black leather jacket, as that sleek look is timeless and will never go out of style. Black is arguably the most popular color for leather jackets, as there are over 85,000 posts dedicated to #blackleatherjacket on Instagram at the time of writing. So, if you want a safe yet edgy and versatile option, a black leather jacket will always be a good choice.


If you're looking for something a little more different than a classic black leather jacket but still want a neutral one that will pair well with various outfits, you should consider a brown leather jacket. A style-savvy TikToker with the username @hannahbvoo shared a video showing different ways to dress a brown leather jacket up and down with pieces such as skirts, jeans, crop tops, and boots, proving that brown leather jackets are chic and versatile for many ensembles.

Moreover, anyone looking for something super bold and stylish should consider a red leather jacket. While red options might not pair well with as many ensembles as black and brown leather jackets, that pop of color can elevate many neutral or minimalist outfits into striking, head-turning looks, per TikTok.


Think about your style and when you'll wear it when choosing the silhouette

Choosing the right silhouette is just as important as the material and color. "The classic 'perfecto' or biker style isn't for everyone, but there are a ton of great modern silhouettes on the market now. ... Leather jackets are widely available in blazers, trenches, and cropped styles that offer fun alternatives to more traditional leather jacket varieties," Shea Daspin, a stylist, told Marie Claire. Thus, you'll have many choices to consider regarding silhouette.


When picking your new leather jacket, think about your style and personality. For instance, if you want a classically edgy leather look, consider a biker jacket, but if you want something with a more modern-chic vibe, try looking into a leather blazer instead. Where and when you'll be wearing the jacket are crucial factors to consider, too, so think about your lifestyle as you shop. For example, you might love the sexy look of a cute cropped leather jacket, but remember that those shorter options aren't so suitable for chilly days. On the other hand, a warm, long leather trench coat would be more practical for winter temperatures.

Make sure it fits well

A significant reason why leather jackets are so beloved is that they're so flattering. Or, at least they're supposed to be super flattering. Remember the iconic leather jacket-wearing TV characters we mentioned earlier? Imagine if their leather jackets didn't fit them properly. If that were the case, probably no one would take them seriously as the daring, unstoppable showstoppers we see them as today. No, we're not saying that you need a TV-ready leather jacket, but you should make sure to choose one that fits your body well. If you don't usually shop online, it's probably best to shop in person so you can try the leather jackets on and see how they look on you.


"If you're prioritizing [just] two measurements, the most important are the shoulder width and sleeve length. ... An improper sleeve length is the tell-tale sign of an ill-fitting jacket," Rosa Halpern, designer and the founder of custom leather jacket brand By The Namesake, told The Zoe Report. Therefore, if you try on a leather jacket and the sleeves feel too short and tight or look too big and long, it's probably not the right jacket for you, so keep looking until you find a better fit.

It's okay to shop online at a store you trust

Typically, when you shop for an investment piece like a coat or jacket, it's best to shop in person rather than online to physically try it on and see how the clothing looks on your body, along with how it feels. However, we know that finding an in-person store that has what you're looking for isn't always practical and doesn't fit into everyone's busy schedules. So, if you typically shop online, there's nothing wrong with buying a leather or vegan leather jacket online, as long as you're a careful shopper. You should pay close attention to the sizing, read reviews, and check the return policy before making your purchase.


There are many stylish leather and faux leather jackets available online, so it's lots of fun to shop and explore the options. One edgy leather jacket is the ALLSAINTS Dalby Leather Biker Jacket, made of lamb leather with a polyester lining. You can purchase this sleek black leather jacket from Bloomingdale's for about $500, and this investment piece has 4.7 out of five stars. Meanwhile, the Up on a Tuesday Vegan Leather Jacket is available for less than $60 at Lulus at the time of writing. This vegan leather jacket has between four and five stars with over 1,300 reviews and looks flattering whether it's in burgundy or black.