The Fun Way February's Snow Moon Connects To Valentine's Day

Don't feel like waiting for Valentine's Day to turn up the dial on your love life? You're in luck: This year, the Snow Moon arrives early — on Sunday, February 5 — inviting you to take charge in the romance department. According to NASA, the Snow Moon is the nickname given to February's full moon, which typically appears during the final snowy stretch of winter. It's also sometimes referred to as the Hunger Moon because, historically, Native American tribes struggled to find food in February's brutal snowstorms.

Like other full moons, the Snow Moon can trigger a range of emotions, including some strong gut feelings that you might not catch at other points in the month (per AstroStyle). You may also be driven to take action, though these actions can sometimes have regrettable consequences once the full moon is gone. That's sometimes the case for the Snow Moon, a moon intricately linked to love and passion. Here's what February's full moon brings this year and how to use it to boost — not blow up — your Valentine's Day plans.

What the Snow Moon means for your love life

This year's Snow Moon arrives shortly before Valentine's Day, but that's not its only connection to fiery passion. As New York Post's resident astrologer Reda Wigle explained, February's full moon is in Leo, a sign known for being dramatic, proud, and full of desire. Wigle added that Leo's characteristics exaggerate the Hunger Moon's scarcity vibes, leaving us all feeling hungry for love and affection.

The need to be loved isn't all selfish, though. "Our inner fires will be stoked as the full moon in Leo encourages us to reflect on what has brought us joy, passion, and happiness over the last six months," astrologer Liz Simmons told PopSugar. "Collective positivity will be boosted by this full moon, so we may feel inspired to share the love. Although the winter sky is cool, this fiery full moon will remind us to embrace our inner spark!" In other words, don't be surprised if you suddenly have the courage to shoot your shot with a new love interest.

Get inspired by the Snow Moon just in time for Valentine's Day

The Leo spirit behind February's Snow Moon might bring out your inner ferocious beast, but you may need to tame the lion inside you to get the most out of this lunar event. "Now is not the time to plant or begin anything new. Instead, the snow moon is the time to turn within to reflect," Liz Simmons shared with PopSugar. Look back on past relationship weak spots and determine how these experiences can inform your future relationships (or if you're already coupled up, your future with your current partner).

Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas also says this year's Snow Moon is a great time to tap into your passionate side by journaling your dreams or writing down a list of goals (via GMA). In that vein, use this opportunity to manifest the kind of relationship and partner you want, just before Valentine's Day arrives. AstroStyle says, "Get into the imaginative spirit of Leo and make a vision board for your love life. Sit down with a stack of magazines, scissors and glue and pull together a collage of inspiring images."

If you already have someone special in your orbit, keep an open mind, especially when making Valentine's Day plans. Taking a chance could majorly pay off — and if it doesn't, move on and welcome a new beginning when next month's Worm Moon arrives.