TikTok's Relatable 'Everything Shower' Trend Is An Intimate Look Into Self-Care Culture

If you're a devoted TikTok user, you probably know the many subgenres embedded within its vast, multifaceted space. From BeautyTok to DanceTok, and everything in between, there's a category for every interest, no matter how niche. And one of these categories, which we could classify as an extension of the self-care movement, is the ever-so-popular ShowerTok.

An intimate yet informational genre involving aesthetically-pleasing shower routines, bath product reviews, and overall body care trends, #ShowerTok is taking the trendy video-sharing app by storm, with nearly five billion views on the hashtag alone. These days, showers mean more to the loyal contributors of ShowerTok than just something we should be doing daily — they're a form of self-care.

And one type of shower that's taking TikTok to squeaky-clean new heights is "the everything shower." If you're confused (and slightly concerned) about the many different types of showers that exist, don't worry. We've got all the information you need about the relatable "everything shower" trend and its intimate look into self-care culture.

What is an everything shower?

Let's face it — there are different types of showers depending on the situation. We've got the "I've got stuff to do" shower that demands a quick 5-minute scrub and rinse. The "I don't need to wash my hair today" shower that may or may not involve a shave session. And let's not forget the pre-self-tan shower that requires all-over body exfoliation. Well, for those occasional moments when you need to do it all — from washing the hair to exfoliating the body and shaving the legs — that's where the "everything shower" comes in. 

The #EveryhingShower is such a popular trend, that the hashtag alone has collected over 52 million views. From everything shower routines to silly jokes regarding its time-consuming yet rewarding practice, the hashtag is filled with content creators and TikTok users providing discourse on the hot topic. And while a simple, everyday shower is a wonderful experience, the "everything shower" just hits different.

Content creator @crystalalana90 posted a TikTok video detailing her everything shower routine, and it's quite an extensive process. She explains it takes her four hours in total to complete, from beginning to end. And that doesn't mean she's spending four hours standing under running water. An everything shower routine includes pre-shower steps, such as brushing your hair, to the very last step after the shower, like putting on cozy pajamas.

Benefits of the everything shower

It's no surprise that a daily shower is essential. In fact, daily showers on their own provide many health benefits, like increased mental health and boosted energy and productivity (via Wellness Workdays). Not to mention they're instrumental in cleaning your body properly — which, of course, is very important. But when you take care of everything in one single shower, you'll be left with a deep clean that makes you feel pampered and renewed.

TikTok user @jenna.grwm posted a video showcasing her everything shower routine, explaining that she implements the self-care practice every Sunday night to reset and get ready for the week ahead. From her pre-shower ritual of oiling her hair and enjoying a face mask to her post-shower routine involving leave-in conditioner, an under-eye cream, and cuticle oil, no doubt, it's a lot of work. However, "the work is so worth it in the end 'cause you feel so much better," she said.

This sentiment is also shared by content creator @khaleizanjanipour in a TikTok video captioned, "The 'EVERYTHING' shower is the best." Standing in her bathroom in a soft robe, she says, "I washed my hair. I shaved. I exfoliated. I tanned. I did everything, and I feel like a million bucks now." Her routine only took her one hour to complete, but by the end, it was worthy of a two-minute-long video raving about her five-star experience.

How to get the most out of your everything shower

Since everybody is different, with diverse needs and preferences when it comes to daily hygiene, what one person does during their everyday shower may not make sense to others. This idea is debated heavily in the ShowerTok community, with users discussing the order in which they apply their products in the shower. Some argue that you should tend to your hair first, then your body. Others disagree, claiming that you should wash your face first, then your body and hair last.

This topic was discussed in a viral TikTok video shared by @itsavaminer, who asked the simple question: When you take an "everything shower," what order do you go in? With a lot of dialogue in the comments, there really is no right or wrong answer. So, to get the most out of your everything shower, we recommend doing what feels the most natural to you. This may take a bit of experimenting, but you know yourself best!

For an expert opinion, we can turn to Shower Gem, who spoke with a handful of dermatologists on the topic. And get this — even the experts have varying opinions, proving just how intimate and personally curated the shower experience is. One thing the experts did agree on, though: make sure every nook and cranny is washed. Whether you prefer a bar of soap or a foamy body wash, leaving no body part unwashed is the key to a successful shower routine.

Don't forget your pre-shower and post-shower routines!

While the word "shower" is embedded within the practice, an everything shower doesn't just include the bits you do while standing in the shower. It starts from the moment you walk into the bathroom to prep and the ritual you complete once you dry yourself off. To get the most out of your everything shower, you may want to play your favorite music and light a candle beforehand, like the aesthetically-pleasing content creator @brookelmason did in this video.

When you're done with your shower, there's a handful of things you can incorporate into your routine for continued relaxation. This TikTok video posted by @lucyslavik8 describes a list of cozy post-shower rituals, which includes a face mask, lotion, pajamas, lighting a candle, listening to a podcast, and using self-tanner. The entire experience, from beginning to end, should be nothing short of a pampering self-care ritual, so whatever you choose to integrate into your everything shower should bring you joy, peace, and rejuvenation.