Bright And Bold Brows Are Going Mainstream Like Never Before

If you appreciate how effectively eyebrows can frame your face and help to define both the look and style that you're trying to achieve, then you might also like to keep up with the latest savvy brow trends. Although you're always free to experiment with ideas however and whenever you want, you can also indulge in a certain brow-related craze by going as wild as you dare in a few specific ways that are just as fun as they are fabulously fashionable.

"We're breaking boundaries right now with color and experimenting through beauty in Spring 2023," celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker explained to The Zoe Report. That might mean transforming your brows by adding a range of striking shades using various methods. Or, you might want to add playful and eye-catching accents that will take the effect up a notch. Baker pointed out, "We're being given full permission to dive in because color isn't as 'crazy' as previously received."

If that has piqued your interest, then you might be curious about how you can jump on this particular trend. Whether you love to test the latest social media-worthy makeup techniques or have been keeping an eye out for your next date night look, you might want to try out brows that are bold, bright, and absolutely stunning.

Add a touch of color

Adding color to your eyebrows doesn't have to be a permanent decision. Instead, you can use gel to pop a touch of a vibrant shade on top of your brow. If you like the idea of trying out color on your brows without a heck of a lot of commitment as well as being able change up the shade daily, then this might be the solution for you. This also allows you to add as much or as little of the color as you want to achieve the look that suits you best.

Statement shade eyebrows

Choose your favorite blue, green, or whatever strikes your fancy and works best with your vibe by dyeing your eyebrows a single shade. Since this is a choice that will stick around for quite a while, you might want to opt for a statement shade that will truly stand out and be able to hold its own. For instance, this purple looks incredible when simply paired with a touch of liner, wispy lashes, and gorgeously subtle lips. However, it would also look stunning with makeup in similar or complementary shades.

Single-color ombré eyebrows

Even if you're in the mood to stick with a single color, that doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to one shade. Instead, choose something like a beautiful blue as well as shades that are lighter and darker. Start with the darkest shade at the outside of your eyebrow and work your way in while adding lighter shades to create an ombré effect. If you're skilled when it comes to makeup application or are just feeling brave, then you can use as many versions of the same color as you like to create the look.

Two-tone eyebrows

If you've already decided to embrace colorful eyebrows, then you might be willing to try two colors at one time. Take a pair of shades that work well together and use them both on each brow. Use just a touch of one color on the inner edge and fill out the rest with the second color or evenly divide your brow between the two shades depending on how vibrant they are and what works with the style you prefer. Let yourself be inspired by this perfectly pretty pink and blue combination that's both edgy and adorable.

Different-colored eyebrows

Play around with the color of your eyebrows a little more and take the look a step further by turning them each their own color. Think of Harley Quinn's signature pink and blue-tipped hair and you'll understand what can be captured with this effect. Although a duo of deep bubblegum pink and rich emerald green has been used here, you could become practically giddy at all of the possibilities such as pairing maroon with silver and violet with turquoise. Or, you might be interested in having one fluorescent yellow brow and one that's neon orange.

Alternating lines of color

You can certainly mix things up on your eyebrows by adding lines of alternating colors. While this might seem like it would be tricky to do if your goal is to nail perfectly spaced lines, it could be a rather easy application if you know how to do it. Simply draw your brows on in one solid color like the black used in this look. Next, flick on lines in a second color, such as blue, leaving spaces in between. This will give you the sleek black lines.

Pastel and glitter eyebrows

Colorful eyebrows don't have to rely on dark shades in order to be bold. Instead, you can choose something that's pastel, like a lavender purple, rosy pink, or soft lemony yellow. While that alone would look wonderful, you can make the look even more magical by adding a shimmery glimmering hint on top. Although you should always be careful when using a glitter-based product anywhere around your eyes, you can use a strong gel to seal them in if needed. The extra product, extra effort, and extra touch will definitely be worth it.