The Zodiac Signs That Are Super Stubborn

Having close relationships with stubborn people can be interesting — and challenging. And let's face it, frustrating. Maybe you always go out to eat at your best friend's favorite restaurants because that friend refuses to try other types of food. Or, perhaps you never watch romantic comedies with your partner because they only want to watch serious movies and don't want to give those more lighthearted films a chance. Or, maybe your family spends hours debating endless topics every holiday because some of your relatives will never change their minds on any case and must prove that they're right. Anyone who loves a stubborn person has likely been in a situation like any of those scenarios.

However, being close to a stubborn person has some perks, too. For instance, they'll likely have your back if you're arguing with someone else and get tired; a stubborn bestie or significant other might just jump in and win the argument for you! Oddly enough, some people often don't know how stubborn they are; it's an instinct to be headstrong. You might even be more stubborn than you think, and astrology typically plays a part in determining someone's stubbornness. While there are some super laid-back zodiac signs, we know which zodiac signs are the most stubborn.

Notoriously stubborn Taurus

"Stubborn" is one of the first words that typically come up when describing a Taurus. "Don't waste your time trying to change their mind," Briana Saussy, an astrologer, told BestLife. No one can make a Taurus alter their perspective on any case, as this zodiac sign is as headstrong as possible. It makes sense that Taurus is symbolized by a bull, as they'll stand their ground until the end.

Born between April 20 and May 20, a typical Taurus always stays true to their beliefs, and people belonging to this earth sign can turn that headstrong attitude into devotion and determination, helping them overcome obstacles that might make most other people want to stop trying (via Astrotalk). Have you ever seen a scene in a movie where two kids refuse to give up during a high school debate team match, to the point where even the adults are exhausted? You can expect at least one of those ultra-stubborn teenagers to be a Taurus.

Moreover, people belonging to this grounded fixed sign tend to resist significant changes and choose to stay in their comfort zone, per YourTango. That resistance toward change contributes to the famous Taurus stubbornness, as this sign usually would stick with a routine that they're already comfortable with instead of trying something different. So, don't expect a Taurus to be willing to spontaneously switch jobs or move somewhere new with you, even if they genuinely love you.

Rule-following Capricorn

It's no secret that Capricorns can be uptight at times; we all know that most people belonging to this serious sign are rule enforcers rather than rule breakers. Thus, it's not surprising that most Capricorns typically won't change their strict opinions for anyone else and might even refuse to compromise (via Pinkvilla). Furthermore, if you ever want a Capricorn to do something somewhat rebellious like skip class with you or go out partying on a night when they have work the next morning, you should be prepared to give them an extensive essay or digital presentation explaining why the hardworking zodiac sign would benefit from doing something so out of character — and you should still expect there to be a 99% chance that the Capricorn will say no.

According to YourTango, Capricorns have birthdays between December 20 and January 19 and always try to avoid bad situations, as this sign is excellent at resisting peer pressure at any age. So, do yourself a favor and don't be pushy with someone belonging to this stubborn earth sign if they don't seem comfortable, whether you asked them about smoking a joint at a party or going on a rollercoaster at an amusement park. When a Capricorn seriously says no, they mean no.

Aggressive and unstoppable Aries

They're leaders. They're dreamers. They're unstoppable competitors. They're Aries. And they're super stubborn. Born between March 21 and April 19, a typical Aries has a strong desire to win and always wants to be on top, per Astrotalk. That competitive personality makes people belonging to this daring zodiac sign stubborn in any argument, even if it's not something they're genuinely passionate about at the end of the day. An Aries might keep arguing for hours and refuse to give up only so they can say they won the debate. Plus, people belonging to this sign typically won't care what you think if they say something harsh to prove their point, so get ready for an intense — and potentially offensive — conversation if you dare challenge an Aries.

When you bring up a good, solid, accurate point during an argument or debate with an Aries, they probably won't acknowledge that what you said was correct and will do everything in their power to find something wrong with your point as aggressively as possible (via Pinkvilla). People belonging to this unstoppable sign typically show no mercy, so standing against an Aries isn't for the faint of heart.

Famously intense Scorpios

Since Scorpios are often depicted as sleek, sexy, and mysterious, society is somewhat fascinated — and maybe a bit afraid of — this intriguing zodiac sign. But what many people forget to mention is that Scoprios are often super stubborn. People belonging to this sign are "a close runner up for most stubborn ... a little more flexible than Taurus but not by much," Briana Saussy told BestLife. So, don't let a Scorpio distract you with their seductive charm and alluring demeanor; underneath all that untouchable coolness is often a very stubborn mindset that you won't be able to compete with, even if you give it your best effort.

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios are stubborn fixed signs. "They can feel very dedicated to their thoughts, opinions, and ideas ... They are determined ... However, when Scorpio is in an unhealthy situation, like a dysfunctional relationship or an unsatisfying job, their stubbornness might keep them stuck in a compromised situation," Rachel Lang, a professional astrologer, told Bustle. So, a Scorpio's stubbornness is excellent for making hard-to-reach-ambitions come true, stopping at nothing to make their dreams a reality, whether that be earning a dream position or landing a date with their stunning crush. But if that job or date doesn't end up going so well, a Scorpio's dedicated and headstrong nature might lead to ignoring red flags instead of altering their initial idea.

Headstrong and attention-loving Leos

Leo is another stubborn fixed sign, and people belonging to this zodiac sign have birthdays between July 23 and August 22. "They could drag their feet in making a move, leaving an unhealthy relationship, or even changing up a routine ... their stubborn tendencies can keep them feeling stuck from time to time," Rachel Lang told Bustle. Thus, while Leos might seem bold and daring on the outside, they can be a bit similar to the Taurus sign in the fact that Leos typically resist drastic changes, too.

Furthermore, most Leos adore attention and being in the spotlight, per Vice, and that love for attention can lead to stubbornness. For instance, if you're at a karaoke bar with a Leo, they might keep singing song after song, refusing to let anyone else have their turn on stage or throw a dramatic fit if they don't earn the lead role in a play or film. Therefore, if you have a close relationship with a Leo who feels like they're not getting enough attention, you may never hear the end of it.