The Jewelry Items To Leave In Your Luggage When Traveling

Flying is no longer the simple, convenient means of transportation it used to be. Today, traveling via airway can be quite an ordeal. It's now recommended by most major airlines that you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. This is largely due to the time it can take to get through security, which has become increasingly invasive over the past two decades following 9/11 (via AP News).

In addition to items such as liquids, aerosols, creams, and keys, jewelry can set off alarms when going through airport security, which can lead to additional time spent on safety checks and measures. Avoiding wearing certain types of jewelry to the airport can help save you this additional time and hassle.

Here are the types of jewelry pieces most likely to cause problems when going through airport security. Consider stowing these pieces in your luggage the next time you fly.

Multi-finger rings

Any piece of jewelry that alters the way your body appears in a scan or contains enough metal can set off alarms for airport security. Rings that temporarily fuse two or more fingers together definitely fall under these categories. Stick to regular rings until you've reached your destination and then you can reach for your trendier pieces without consequence. 

Chunky earrings

Studs or dainty dangling earrings aren't usually enough to set off airport security alarms. Large, bulky earrings, on the other hand, contain enough metal to cause you a potential setback. Unless your ears were recently pierced and run the risk of closing mid-flight, it may be safer to skip earrings altogether.

Stacked bracelets

Bracelet stacks are one of those jewelry trends that don't seem to be fading away anytime soon. If you're a devotee to the stacked bracelet lifestyle, you may want to reconsider your choice, at least while you're flying. Stacking creates more bulk and more metal, which increases your chances of setting off a metal detector. 

Belt buckles

A typical belt with a standard buckle isn't usually a problem for getting through airport security unscathed. However, wearing a large decorative belt buckle is a surefire way to set off alarm bells. Pack it away with the rest of your rodeo supplies until you have arrived safe and sound. 

Bulky watches

A small watch that is made of a fine metal like gold or silver is unlikely to set off any alarms at the airport. If you're more of a bulky watch fan, though, you might want to rely on other methods for telling time in order to save some as you try to get through the airport. When in doubt, pack it. Your stash of big beautiful jewelry will be waiting on the other side.