Backcombing Your Brows Is The Easiest Way To Refresh Them On The Go

You can't always be near your cosmetic case, or even a decent mirror for that matter, but this shouldn't stop you from having some tricks up your sleeve to freshen up on the go. Makeup wipes, blotting tissues, and lip gloss are all staples of a gym bag, purse, or any other vestibule you keep on hand, but what about your brows? It might be easy to forget about these luscious locks, especially when you're more concerned about other things, but eyebrows can take a beating during the day in harsh elements. According to the New York Institute of Beauty, overlooking your brows can lead to an unkempt vibe, but if you stay on top of them, you'll look put together and polished regardless of if you got ready that day or not.


So how do you give your eyebrows a little refresh while you're out and about or on the fly? The great news is your tool artillery is minimal for this job, and it only takes a few seconds to achieve an effortless backcomb, which is the key to resetting your appearance. Humid weather, harsh winds, or even baking hot days can cause the hairs in your brows to wither, fly astray, and start looking like they are hitchhiking to calmer shores, so grab these goodies for your bag and then prepare to never worry about feral facial features again!

Backcombing revives flat or unkempt brows

Backcombing isn't just for your locks. In fact, applying this technique to your brows will instantly add a refreshing finish to your look, and it hardly requires any effort. Escentual defines backcombing in this instance as the motion of brushing your eyebrow hairs against their natural growth pattern. Not only does this tactic make them look fuller, it also creates texture and dimension, negating the flat effect caused by weather or daily hustle and bustle.


All you need to accomplish this task is a spoolie or rounded eyebrow brush, but you can also rely on an eyebrow gel if you need a little more hold. If your brows are already quite thick and feathered, you can just add a light spritz of face mist. Rosewater is great for breathing life into your complexion, and can also help revive tired brows. The key to getting this effect is to not only brush against the follicles, but in an upwards motion as well. This provides the lift, while the backcomb introduces the texture.

Why your brows need extra TLC in the heat

Whether you're visiting a new spot or spending a day exploring your own city, it can be easy to feel flat after a few hours outside. Just like when you give your body water and food to perk it up, your complexion, and especially your brows, need a little TLC after a long day in the sun (or any other inclement weather). Interestingly, the hair on your brows actually grows more during the summer season, but this can also mean they get a little wilder in warmer weather. This is why having a kit to backcomb them will help provide the polished look you left the house with in under two minutes.


Using eyebrow serums at night can also encourage hair growth, giving you the full brows you might be aiming for. During the day, Alyaka recommends using tinted brow gel to get a softer, plentiful finish, especially if you do have some sparse areas. For thick brows, clear gel can help with backcombing by keeping stubborn hairs in place without making them look too thick or dark.