Alternative Ways To Pose For Pictures If You Don't Want To Do The Infamous Teapot Anymore

If you're looking for a fun activity with friends, you can't go wrong with a photo shoot. Putting on your favorite outfit or dressing in a specific style for a themed photoshoot is an excellent way to bond and make memories with friends while getting some cute photographs for Instagram. Moreover, getting your pictures taken can be such an empowering confidence booster that you may even want to consider a boudoir photoshoot.

But as enjoyable as it can be to do any type of photo shoot, thinking of flattering, non-awkward, original poses can be a challenge, whether you want to show off a new outfit or take some new pictures for your dating app profiles. When posing for a photo, it's many people's instinct to do the "teapot," mimicking that object by putting one hand on the hip, but TikTok is getting tired of this frequently-used pose. If you're bored of the teapot pose and want to look and feel better in your social media pictures, we have some pose ideas for you to explore.

The walk

This idea is ideal for anyone looking for a candid, non-forced picture; you don't even have to think of it as a pose because all you have to do is walk. People tend to overthink poses to the point where they look awkward and fake, while this suggestion embraces being as natural as possible. All you need to do is ask someone to take pictures as you walk towards or away from them to capture candid, on-the-go energy.

Lean back and relax

Anyone who wants to convey a laid-back, easy-going vibe in their picture should lean back for their pose. You can lean against a counter, bar, wall, or door for this pose, so it's doable in various settings. Consider grabbing a doorknob or rail if possible to avoid awkward hand positions. And try to have a relaxed facial expression, as an overly intense or forced facial expression can clash with the laid-back pose.

The mirror selfie

While the mirror selfie is arguably as cliché as the teapot pose, mirror selfies never seem to go out of style for fun, casual pictures. Whether you want to flaunt a cute outfit, show the results of your work at the gym, catch your crush's attention, or show your ex what they're missing, mirror selfies are cute and convenient ways to take pictures of yourself. Get creative with how you position your body, whether you do something silly like pretending to wave at your reflection or something provocative like grabbing the bottom of your crop top.

Play with your hair

This pose idea is perfect for anyone with long locks! Chances are, you touch your hair more frequently than you think without recognizing the habit each day, so use your tresses to your advantage and keep your hands occupied by running them through your locks or grabbing your ponytail for a candid, playful picture pose. Using your hair as the prominent part of your Instagram picture pose is also an excellent way to draw attention to your hair and see what people think if you recently did anything different such as trying a new hair color.

Flaunt your skirt or dress

If you're wearing a flowy skirt or dress, you should use it to your advantage when posing for a picture to give off girly or flirty vibes. For instance, try grabbing the ends of your skirt and smiling for a playful, princessy theme. Or, take it even further with movement by twirling in circles or moving around the ends of your skirt to add more dimension and excitement to the adorable photo.

Use a prop

Incorporating a prop into your photo is an easy strategy for feeling more comfortable and appearing less stiff in front of the camera since you'll have an object to interact with instead of relying on your body alone to create a captivating pose. Plus, you can use many items as props. Some fun, accessible props include cocktails or wine glasses for glamorous vibes, lollipops for ultra-playful or sexy pictures, books for mastering the academia fashion trend aesthetic, plastic cups for party-girl energy, or even a purse for a style-focused photo. Just have fun with it!