The Chic Layering Look To Try This Winter

For those who live in colder climates, the combination of coats and scarves is no stranger to you. However, like most fashion pieces, this combination got a big upgrade. Glamour & Guide reiterates that one of the most recent winter trends to grow is the oversized scarf. Long gone are your normal-sized scarves. Oversized scarves, also known as blanket scarves, are one of the newest winter must-haves for any wardrobe. Not only are they chic accessories, but they can keep you warm throughout the cold weather.

Along with scarves, the winter coat has also grown in volume. While oversized clothing pieces are nothing new, this winter season saw just how oversized your coat can get. The combination of oversized coats and scarves is a comfortable dream for the cold weather. Although it's easy to get overwhelmed by this pair, there are various ways you can style these two pieces to fit your style. Whether you are a fan of the color or a neutral color palette, this coat and scarf combination is perfect for anyone.

Keep it neutral

As fashion content creator Lydia Jane Tomlinson shares on Instagram, your oversized combination doesn't need to overwhelm you or your style. Pairing your coat and combination with basics like a tee and trousers immediately turns this look from a street-style look into a workwear outfit. Although oversized pieces can look too cozy, a neutral color palette instantly makes it much chicer. When styling your oversized coat and scarf, keep the rest of your outfit minimal for a more put-together and elegant appearance.

Monochrome pairings

Nothing makes an outfit more elegant than a monochrome color. Whether you stick to all-black, all-white, or an entirely different color, using one color throughout will help keep your outfit sleek and chic. Instead of worrying about which color pairs with which, use the voluminous pairing to create a statement. You can also opt for changing your oversized scarf into a color in the same family but with a different tone. This simple difference adds a little something extra to your look without deviating from your monochrome outfit.

The more color the better

If you aren't afraid of some color, use this combination as the perfect way of showcasing your brightest and boldest. Like fashion content creator Lexi Alcala, use your oversized coat and scarf as a way to inject color into your outfit (via Instagram). When using a bold color on your coat and scarf, keep the rest of your outfit neutral if you don't want a bold monochrome look. Reach for some of the popular bold colors of the winter season like pink and green to add another trend to your look.

Inverse pop of color

Another inventive way of bringing fun to your winter outfit is by going with an inverse pop of color. Instead of using your oversized scarf as your pop of color, use your coat as your pop of color while leaving the rest of your pieces neutral. While most use their accessories as a pop of color, use your coat for an unexpected twist. Going for a strong color on your coat will not only help you stand out against the winter weather but will help the rest of your look stand out by contrast.

Bring out the prints

Just because you have a scarf, doesn't mean you have to stick to a solid color. Use your oversized scarf as one way to incorporate logos or prints. Like fashion influencer Nadia Anya via Instagram, a logo scarf is enough to stand out against a minimal look. This striking contrast adds another element of interest and helps make you stand out. To repeat this look, reach for a neutral color in your coat, tee, and bottoms. Use a scarf with a logo, motif, or print of the same color family for the ultimate chic look.

Make it modern and chic

With an oversized scarf and coat combination, it's easy for your outfit to look too casual and cozy. However, you can also use this pair to create the ultimate chic winter look. Simply style these pieces with upscale fabrics like leather or a soft knit, to increase the elegance of your look. Add items like handbags or jewelry to create a look appropriate for your work commute. Use other chic combinations like a mini skirt and tights for the ideal styling pairs.

Pops of color

It wouldn't be winter if you didn't incorporate at least one pop of color. Like fashion content creator Alicia Franzén, use this cozy, oversized duo to keep your outfit a standout piece (via Instagram). While a pop of color is always welcomed, you don't need to go with a bright, bold color to stand out. Like Franzén, use a pastel color to invoke the feeling of spring during the winter weather.

Add something extra

Whether it's print or fringe, your oversized coat and scarf are the perfect opportunity to add a little extra flair to your look. Add some movement and extra length by incorporating scarves with fringe or patterns. Incorporate other factors into your coat as well like embellishments or print for a fun, funky, and retro style look. With so much volume between your coat and scarf, you need to add some extra fun to these pieces if you wish to add more personality to your ensemble.

Give it some texture

When it comes to your scarf, odds are that you will find they usually come in solid wool fabrics. Since you are already making a statement with oversized dimensions, opt for a scarf with a different texture to add another element to your attire. Like style influencer Marine, grab a subtle cable-knit scarf to take your outfit to the next level (via Instagram). This very small change will elevate your look and help you stand out in this trend.