Accessorizing Is The Key To Bring Your Athleisure 'Fits To The Next Level

Most people have transitioned from always wearing a chic outfit to dressing in their favorite well-put cozy outfit through athleisure wear. It's the perfect outfit when you need to run a few quick errands, get coffee with your friends, or go on a walk around your block. Athleisure outfits have made their way into the types of outfits you can wear throughout the week. It's a staple most people love because you can dress it up to make it look chic or simply have a cute fit for the gym.

Athleisure outfits consist of a solid pair of workout leggings or joggers, a sports bra or tank top, and a cozy overside hoodie. Adding quality high-fashion pieces, such as a long overcoat or puffer jacket to layer over your hoodie, is the trick to elevating the look. In addition, incorporating accessories can spruce up the look if you feel your outfit needs an extra special something. Once you figure out how to style an athleisure outfit, you won't want to go back to anything else that involves jeans or dressy tops. It'll consume your entire wardrobe, but since the pandemic, we've learned that comfort over constriction wins whenever picking out an outfit. Here are some ways to take your athleisure fit to the next level with various accessories.

Wear a baseball cap

Basic accessories, like a baseball cap, can transform an athleisure outfit's overall look. You might already wear one to the gym to keep your hair intact, but grabbing a coffee or going on a Target run in a baseball cap can elevate your style. Likewise, add a pop of color with orange to a neutral outfit, or stick with a black hat if you enjoy the monochromatic look of an all-black fit.

Buy a pair of fun-colored sneakers

If you need an excuse to buy a new pair of sneakers, here it is. Fun-colored sneakers will make your outfit stand out, especially if you wear a bright pair. If you're not a fan of bright tones, neutrals or pastels work just as well, such as beige or sage green. New Balances have become popular and offer a variety of styles and colors that can complement any fit. The goal is to avoid old, rundown shoes and keep the look refreshed with clean pieces.

Add some jewelry

Any outfit you wear has to include gold or silver jewelry, whether it's earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. When you add jewelry to your athleisure outfit, it adds a touch of elegance. You don't have to go out and wear every piece you own; instead, keep it simple. For example, wearing big chunky hoops with a baseball cap can enhance the overall outfit. Or, ditch the earrings and wear a few rings and your favorite necklace for a subtly chic look.

Show off your socks

The little things really matter when styling your athleisure outfit. Something as small as showing off your favorite socks can make a difference. You'll be able to let your personality shine through your socks. Buy a couple of crew socks in different colors or patterns for your next outfit. If you prefer something simple, choose plain white socks; they'll still stand out against any colored workout leggings.

Wear your favorite sunglasses

Another small detail that's a must with athleisure wear is sunglasses. They're ideal for wearing on walks or when running errands. There are various styles of sunglasses for you to choose from that can fit the frame of your face and complement any outfit. In addition, you can rotate through different sunglasses for other athleisure fits. Finally, if you're looking for something new to try out, the black chunky rectangular frame has been a hot trend lately.

Accessorize with a bag

You can never go wrong with incorporating a bag into your outfit. Whether it's a cute tote, like a Raffia bag, or your go-to over-the-shoulder bag, any type of bag must take your athleisure outfit to the next level. In addition, you can't expect to hold your belongings in your hands the entire time you're out, so give them a nice place to stay. If you're going to a few places after the gym, find a that can switch from carrying your gym essentials to your laptop. Versatile pieces will prevent you from buying multiple bags.

Change your hairstyle

You might think your hairstyle isn't an accessory, but you can add accessories to your hair that will still change the feel of your outfit. When you have messy hair, it can make an outfit look dull. However, a clean messy bun can be a game changer. Add a scrunchie to your hair or a fun hair clip for a pop of color. You don't have to do anything extravagant, like curl your hair, a simple slicked-back bun is enough to make a lazy outfit turn into an attractive outfit.