The Moisturizer Hack Than Can Help Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

Most dermatologists will tell you that you need to moisturize your skin every day. In fact, every skin type can benefit from a moisturizer. According to Harvard Health Publishing, moisturizers typically contain water, occlusives, humectants, emollients, and other nutrients. Water serves to hydrate the skin and facilitate the absorption of components. Humectants draw moisture into the top layer of skin. Occlusives work to trap moisture inside the skin. Emollients — the key ingredient in a moisturizer — soften and smooth the skin texture. The most ideal time to slather up with moisturizer is after an exfoliation, a shave, or a shower because it helps to replenish the skin with the moisture and natural oils lost during the body wash.


A good moisturizer can keep your skin ever smooth and supple, soothe irritations, prevent acne breakouts, and slow down the manifestations of aging signs, according to St. Ives. If you think that's so much a skincare product can do, hold on to your hats! Another less-known benefit of moisturizing cream or lotion is that it can make your perfume last longer on your skin. Perfume typically lasts four to six hours, but it can wear off much faster on dry skin or in a significantly dry or heated environment. And this is where a moisturizer comes in and turns the tide. Below, check out this hack that helps you get the most out of your moisturizer and grab 'em by the scent all day long.

Moisturize your skin before spritzing perfume

When it comes to extending the longevity of your perfume, a little prepping goes a long way. "Apply an unscented moisturizer where you're going to apply your fragrance," beauty and wellness content creator Anastazia Dupee tells Bustle. In case you don't know where to apply your fragrance, here's the rule of thumb: the best places for your perfume to sit on are the warm spots on your body, such as your inner elbows, below your belly button, behind your ear lobes, your inner wrists, and over your chest. Extra body heat helps amplify the fragrance notes on your skin. When you spray, aim from a distance between 10 to 20 cm from the skin and spritz. Make sure that you spray the perfume — not rub it. Rubbing can alter the dynamics of the fragrance notes on your skin. After that, layer another coat of the unscented moisturizer atop the fragranced areas. 


"Fragrance binds to the oils in your skin, so applying it after your body lotion or oil creates a better surface for the scent molecules to bind to," Melina Polly, CEO and co-founder of the unisex perfume brand Henry Rose tells Byrdie. Hydrated skin is the perfect medium for the perfume oils to attach to the skin, enabling the fragrance to leave a lasting trace on your body. For better results, choose a moisturizer with a scent that matches your perfume. If you don't have moisturizer, Vaseline will do.

Other hacks that help your perfume last longer

Another way to help fragrance stay on your body longer is to spray your perfume over your scarf and your coat too, according to Eisenberg Paris. Perfumes are designed to serve the skin, but they last longer on fabrics than on the body. If you want to smell nice and smell unforgettable for longer than your skin can deliver, spritzing the scent on your outer clothes is a good shout. Beware: some perfumes might leave stains on your clothing, so you might want to do a patch test first or mist the scent over your clothes instead of spraying it directly onto the fabrics.


If you still can't get enough of your amazing scent, comb some into your hair, Smell Stories suggests. The hair is a great place for trapping perfume. Spritzing alcohol-rich perfume into your hair can dehydrate and hurt your scarf, so it's safer to spray the formula on a hairbrush and comb it through your hair. To extend the shelf life of your perfume, make sure you store it in a cool and dark area hidden away from sunlight and put the lid on your perfume after every use. When your perfume is a couple of years old and has started smelling slightly sour, it's time to stash it aside and shop for a new one.