Here's The Perfect Type Of Bra To Pair With Trendy Square Necklines

Choosing the right bra for your outfit is more important than you may realize. If you've ever spent your day trying to hide your bra straps or searched tirelessly for the perfect bra for a thin strap or strapless dress to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, you can relate. The truth is a lot of clothing items don't necessarily work with a typical bra, which forces those with breasts to think outside of the box. When it comes to clothing items with certain necklines, you may not be able to reach for your typical push-up bra without the straps or cups peeking through your garment.

And, unfortunately, the square neckline is one of them. Square necklines are the perfect choice if you want to look alluring without baring much cleavage. No need to show off the girls when the sultry décolletage is on display! Although the style dates back to the late 1870s, according to Fashion History Timeline, square neckline tops and dresses couldn't look any more modern today. When it comes to the proper bra you should pair with a square neckline, that's a whole other story — and one that we are going to dive into.

The balconette bra is the perfect undergarment for square necklines

Perhaps the best bra to pair with a trendy square neckline is a balconette bra, also called a balcony bra. The straps on the balconette bra are wider, and the cups sit lower — providing fantastic lift and support. Check out this TikTok video shared by @miranda.inspo showing different outfit ideas you can pair with what she calls a "cute balcony bra." From long-sleeve knitted tops to flowy dresses and tanks, this bra can be flawlessly paired underneath any square-necked garment.

Strapless bras to the rescue

Whenever you have any issues with the straps or neckline of a garment, the strapless bra is always there to save the day. Since the bra doesn't have straps (obviously), you can wear it with a square neckline and not have to worry about those straps peeking through. YouTuber itsyuyan shared a video titled, "Best bras to wear for different tops," and says that her "go-to" is a strapless bra, which she wears under the lime green tank with a square neckline that she's sporting in the video.

Check out a bandeau bralette

A bandeau bralette is like the sports bra's comfy little sister. With no uncomfortable wires or padding, a bandeau is an excellent choice for those who prefer to go the casual route. Some are strapless, but even if they do have straps, they typically sit wider on the bandeau, providing that square neckline shape that you can pair with your other square tops. You can even wear the bandeau on its own with a trendy oversized blazer and shorts like clothing brand JOJA showcases in an Instagram post shown above. 

The perfect hack if you don't have the right bra for a square neckline

If all else fails, and you only have a typical push-up bra on you, don't panic. You can still use your regular everyday bra and make it work with a square neckline. Thanks to a viral bra hack shared by @stylexfox in a TikTok video, there's a quick fix. All you have to do is loosen the bra strap, twist it to create a small loop, and stick your arm through it. The strap will now sit closer to your arm so it's out of sight and out of mind. If you ever need a quick style hack, turn to TikTok — you'll be surprised how easy it is to fix most wardrobe issues!