What Saturn's Transition From Aquarius To Pisces For The Foreseeable Future Means For You

Planets and luminaries play an integral role in our daily lives. Astrologers help to explain why we feel energized on some days, a little off on others, or more inspired on others. As planets transition, they play specific roles in our lives as well. According to the New York Post, planets have a great impact on our moods, actions, and reactions to what surrounds us. For example, Venus is the planet of beauty, Mercury oversees transportation and technology, and Mars is the planet of action.


Saturn, the planet of structure and commitment, has been moving through Aquarius since December of 2020. It is about to transition to Pisces for the foreseeable future, and this means major changes are about to head our way. There are things to consider as we transition to prepare ourselves for obstacles that may come about very soon. One thing is for sure: things are about to get interesting.

When does Saturn hit Pisces

The best way to prepare for this major, astrological change is to know the day Saturn transitions fully from Aquarius to Pisces. Nylon states that on March 7th, 2023, Saturn will begin its time in Pisces and will stay there until February 2026. When this shift takes place, Saturn has a lot to teach us. From learning to honor our boundaries, to finding the best way to advocate our own needs, it will be a moment for great accountability, responsibility, and purposeful living.


Saturn hasn't been in Pisces since the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020. It has been fully immersed in Aquarius, which is known for rebellion and eccentricity. While it moves into Pisces, it will be transitioning from focusing on what's good for the whole to what's good for each of us individually. Because Pisces is a water sign, it will be a time of more flexibility, vulnerability, and indecisiveness.

What are traits of the Pisces sign

If your birthday falls under the Pisces sign, you are quite aware of the constant battle within yourself. Pisces often show traits of the young and old at once. Deeply intuitive, they are sponges, soaking up the feelings of those around them. They are dreamers, believers, and healers (via My Pandit). Pisces are best left to divine their way through life organically, often finding themselves in creative career paths and empathetic ventures.


This is precisely why the rigid, rule-following Saturn entering Pisces is so difficult. While great things can come from this time of extremes, the collision of these two can be unwieldy to experience. Those who are aware of this shift may experience an increase in mental health issues and an increasing amount of paranoia. While these things can impact our day-to-day, it is also a time for great lovemaking and passionate conversations.

Consider your place on the chart

When determining how to best meet this time of our lives, consider where you fall on the astrological chart. Maressa Brown explains that many of us have one of our big three that falls under the Pisces sign. The big three are your sun, moon, and rising placements. All three are determined by when and where you were born. Many believe that your moon sign explains your emotional self while your rising sign is how people relate to you. Finally, your sun sign is usually the sign people know the best based on when you were born. If none of the big three falls under the sign of Pisces, your natal birth chart will show you a connection.


Madame Clairevoyant, for The Cut, explains that you can find out yours by visiting websites with calculators or downloading a free app for calculation. No matter where you fall in terms of Pisces, Saturn assures that serious things will occur. In relationships, you could begin to get serious with a partner. In your career, it may be time to make some major moves to benefit yourself. Your place on the chart will help you determine the moves to make during this time.

Look for the real and beware of the dubious

Because Pisces is the sign of intense emotion, blurring the lines of reality, and bypassing logical thinking for intuition, it is a time to make your intentions more concrete and logical. Saturn is stern and ushers us into a logical pattern. Because the two will meet, it will be a war between real and fake. Not falling for false advertisements, false promises, and deals that are too good to be true will be important.


Tarot suggests you enjoy the marrying of fantasy and reality during this time. As you feel the emotions of others on a deeper level, tap into your intuition when deciding if a decision is in your best interest. When you notice others falling into a trap of trust when they should have questioned intent, it's a time to help others with action and awareness. These two meeting at this time is powerful. Use this energy to truly connect with those around you who have proven to be loyal and trusted friends.

Strive for solid footing

Because Saturn can be considered unforgiving in many areas of our lives, use this to your advantage. Achieve the goals you set for yourself by taking action instead of dreaming of doing so. Use the intuitive nature Pisces gives us, and follow your gut to get that promotion at work, or solidify your relationship goals with your loved ones (via New York Post). If you sit down to really take a close look at your short and long-term goals, you will have a better handle on how to achieve them. Saturn is realistic, so taking each day as it comes to progress your dreams is a great plan for this next phase.


Although Saturn hitting Pisces may be a rollercoaster of emotions, use the energy and the momentum of this time to really carve out a solid place for dreams in your life. There is so much to embrace about these two opposites meeting each other. Marry their strengths and become the best version of yourself yet.