Doubling Your Outerwear For Extra Warmth Doesn't Mean You Have To Look Bulky

Nothing ruins an outfit quite like cold weather. You can throw on the trendiest ensemble, but once you're forced to cover it up with a heavy jacket to shield yourself from the cold, the entire vibe feels ruined. However, with the right outerwear choices, it is possible to be both stylish and cozy. If that sounds too good to be true, we have exciting news: you don't have to trade your fashion sense in for comfort.

Conversely, you don't have to wear an article of clothing with the word "puffer" in it to be warm on those brisk and breezy days. Sure, you can take that puffer jacket from comfy to chic, but if you're not a fan of the bulky look, why not reach for different pieces sure to give you a flattering silhouette?

If you're looking to double your outerwear for extra warmth, but your idea of a chic look is not that of Randy Parker on "A Christmas Story" (you know, the kid who fell in the snow and couldn't get back up because he was bundled with too many layers), we don't blame you. Fortunately, there are ways you can get that trendy and comfortable layered look without looking bulky.

Drape a soft, oversized coat over your shoulders

If you want to appear stylish while feeling like you have a warm blanket wrapped around your body, we've got a sneaky hack for you. All you have to do is drape a cozy sherpa coat over your shoulders, as seen above. You can pull your arms through for added warmth, but by draping the coat over the shoulders, you get an ultra-polished look. This cream-colored jacket is incredibly stunning when paired with a similar toned two-piece set, giving a monochromatically cohesive vibe.

Pair a heavy blazer over a cozy turtleneck

The bulkier the fabrics, the bulkier the look. However, you can still get added warmth by incorporating heavier materials, even if they have a lightweight look to them. Take this snap above, for example. A heavy blazer is thrown on top of a thick turtleneck sweater, giving extra comfort while still appearing structured. Since the bottom half is not overly dressed, paired with a skirt and stockings, it balances the overall look. 

A structured silhouette

Instead of reaching for a jacket with a broader frame, opt for a longer one. This will elongate your look, giving you a structured silhouette instead of a wide and bulky one. Not to mention, the length it provides down the legs will also help keep the bottom half warm! The pop of white gives a stunning contrast against the all-black look as well, which adds to the polished aesthetic.

Lightweight coat with an oversized scarf

The key to appearing less bulky is wearing lightweight material, but that doesn't mean you have to freeze in thin garments. Layer a coat over a long-sleeve top for added warmth, and complete the ensemble with an oversized scarf, which is the chic layering look to try this winter. The scarf will provide extra comfort without giving bulkiness to the entire ensemble (not to mention large scarves are exceptionally trendy at the moment). Finish the look with chic leather gloves.

Cinched at the waist

If you're looking to add shape to your outerwear, reach for a jacket that cinches or ties at the waist, accentuating your flattering figure. Even if your coat is on the bulkier side, and you have multiple layers underneath, if it has a strap or belt that allows you to bring your waist in, it will lessen that puffy effect. For a sophisticated ensemble, reach for a long and structured jacket.

Thin but cozy fabrics

Since you'll want to reach for lightweight outerwear to dodge that bulky look, opt for velvety, fluffy fabrics to keep you warm. The stunning photo above showcases a thin cotton turtleneck paired with a soft pink coat, which looks oh-so-cozy yet sophisticated at the same time. You can even throw on a lightweight, trendy blazer underneath to get that warm yet structured layered look.