Don't Make These Footwear Mistakes If You're The Mother Of The Bride

For many mothers, their daughter's wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. It's a day full of love, happiness, and celebration, and it's important that you cherish every moment. However, there is something much more crucial to think about before the wedding bells chime: What shoes are you going to wear? It's no secret that footwear can make or break an outfit, especially on your daughter's big day. You're the mother of the bride, and means a lot of people will be looking at you, so you need to look extra chic.

While shopping for shoes, Sole Bliss highly recommends purchasing each pair in two different sizes. Using this strategy saves you a bunch of hassle; instead of repeatedly returning and repurchasing the shoe to find the one that fits, you only need to make one return. But before you can even think about returns, you have to pick the right pair! You may think you've found the one, but take a look at these common footwear mistakes and see if you've made any yourself.

Wearing shoes that are uncomfortable

Remember, you're the mother of the bride, which means you have a ton of responsibilities to take care of on the big day; the last thing you want to do is be stuck in a pair of shoes that leave you practically immobile. This means wearing a pair of shoes you've had time to break in, which lessens your chance of awful blisters (but keep some Band-Aids on hand, just in case).

Wearing something too casual

One of the biggest footwear mistakes you can make as a mother of the bride is choosing a shoe that is too casual. Yes, they should be comfortable, but don't pick something you would wear any other day. Find a pair of shoes with some glitz and glamor to them, even if it's a simple detailing on the heel (you don't need to wear shoes you can see from outer space, either).

Wearing super high heels

Going to a wedding doesn't mean you need to bust out your tallest pair of heels. In fact, now is the time to put those babies away and take out something you can actually walk in. The day is stressful enough as is; you shouldn't be worrying about whether or not you're going to trip or fall over. If you aren't used to walking in really tall heels, your daughter's wedding day is not the time to start.

Matching the shoes to the dress

Despite what you might think, matching your shoes to your dress is not the best idea, especially for the mother of the bride. Instead, the color of the shoes should complement that of your dress. If your dress is one solid color, consider a monochromatic moment by selecting footwear in the same color but a different shade. If it contains multiple colors, pick your favorite to use for the shoes.

Choosing closed-toe shoes with a square toe

When shopping for wedding shoes, steer clear of anything with a square toe. Wearing something like this makes you look less of a bride's mother and more of an HR representative. Instead, look for a rounded- or pointed-toe option — either will make you look both elegant and chic on the big day.