Icy Highlighter: What This Cool Makeup Term Means And How To Pull It Off

Gold highlighter has been a staple in the beauty industry for a long time, but this year, it's being taken over by something more icy. That's right — icy highlighter is the latest beauty trend of 2023. So, what exactly does this cool makeup term mean, and how does it differ from what we're used to seeing? Well it's pretty much what it sounds like ... highlighter that gives your complexion an icy glow! It's typically white, but there are certain products with blue shifts that really amp up the icy factor. 

This type of highlighter is a bit risky, but anyone can pull it off, no matter your skin tone. The whole purpose of this product is to brighten your skin by drawing in light, according to Maybelline. This means you'll shine like a disco ball, even if you live in a place without a ton of sunlight. Whether you prefer subtle or bold looks, you can incorporate icy highlighter into your daytime or nighttime makeup routine.

Start with something subtle

If you're interested in the icy highlighter trend, but aren't ready to take the plunge and apply it where you would normally apply the product, adding some to the inner corners of your eyes is a great place to start. It's subtle enough that you won't feel overwhelmed, but bold enough to catch anyone's attention!

Concentrate on your brow bone

This is another great look if you want to dip your toes into icy highlighter. Apply just a tad to the brown bone using a flat shader brush or your finger, which makes the highlighter super pigmented (this is true for any shimmer eyeshadow or glitter, for your information). It's a gorgeous addition to any eyeshadow look, but we especially love pairing it with bold purples.

Pack on the pigment

If you're not afraid to really go for it, this look is perfect for you. To achieve this bold, icy aesthetic, opt for a white highlighter with a blue tint to it like you see in the photo. It looks amazing on everyone, but absolutely stunning on darker skin tones, as the contrast between the two makes the highlighter really pop.

Opt for the all-over glow

To achieve that all-over glow, the key is to highlight the parts of your cheeks where the sun would naturally hit. This includes your cheekbones, the tip and bridge of your nose, forehead, and for an extra fun touch, apply just a bit to your cupid's bow. Doing this will give you the appearance of a bigger pout (love that for you).

Focus on your cheekbones

Applying this highlighter shade to your cheekbones is a step up from the subtle looks we discussed earlier. It's bold, but not in-your-face bold. This is because you're concentrating it on your cheekbones and not your entire face. Feel free to add it to the tops of your cheeks, which really glistens as you step into the sun.

Enhance your radiant skin

Here is a gorgeous look that proves you can wear icy highlighter all on its own. Keep the look super simple by starting with a bare face (mascara is optional), then go ahead and apply the pigment to your cheekbones, brow bone, and the tip of your nose.